To Watch or Not To Watch   

How about a quick TV schedule update? There are still a few shows returning/starting this week but the only one I plan to watch is No Ordinary Family and I saw a screener of that pilot during the summer. So here’s a look at the shows that made it onto my tentative schedule and which of those got cut immediately, are on probation, or have a season pass on my DVR.

Didn’t Make the Cut

Hellcats – Hell no. This show is absolute crap.

Nikita – It’s fine. It’s off my regular schedule but will be willing to give it another try if I hear it’s become appointment TV.

The Defenders – Again, a fine show but not for me. It was MUCH tamer than I expected. Not necessarily a bad thing but, since I’m not into lawyer shows anyway, also means there’s not much about it that stands out.

Lux is judging me for giving up on her show, I can feel it. Photo:  Jack Rowand /©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights ReservedLife Unexpected – Last week I realized I was watching this show because I feel like I should like it, not because I actually do. It’s still better than 75% of the dreck the CW airs but it’s time for me to let it go.

Undercovers – I feel a little bad kicking this one to the curb so quickly but apparently even I can overdose on spy shows. I’d rather have the 8 o’clock hour free on Wednesdays than hope this one finds a way to wow me.

Lone Star – I just can’t get past the premise. Why exactly should I care about this guy? Maybe if I’d seen it happen, if we’d watched him change from a con man who kept everyone at a distance to someone who can’t help himself from loving his marks, I’d be more sympathetic but we didn’t and I can’t find it in me to feel sorry someone who has convinced two women to love him with lies and now doesn’t want to give up the great imaginary lives he’s forged for himself. So, yeah, I don’t quite get the love critics are lavishing on this one which is why it’s off my schedule.

Better With You – Not a laugh to be found amongst the tired jokes in this new series. It’s a bit painful to watch actors I love being so unfunny.

Cougar Town – It’s a bit of a cheat to put this one on this list. My roommate loves the show so I inevitably end up watching almost every episode even though I still don’t find it nearly as funny as everyone else. The season premiere was no exception.

On Probation

The Event – Liked it more than I thought I would, giving it a chance.

Despite the beautiful scenery, I am not sure Hawaii Five-0 will stay on my schedule. Photo: Mario Perez/CBS ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.Hawaii Five-0 – I expected to love this one. It sounded like it was everything I love about an action movie shoved into a weekly TV show. Turns out it’s just another cop show. Which is not a bad thing but that means it’s the type of show I can drop in on occasionally but don’t need to see each week. I want to be wrong about this one so I’m going to check it out again next week but I suspect it’s not going to change much.

Raising Hope – Will continue to watch for a few episodes but didn’t elicit many laughs so not sure it’s for me.

Running Wilde – Wasn’t as good as I’d hoped for but I liked it (and the actors) enough to stick around for a bit.

The Office – I may have finally let go of these characters. All the reviews I read declared the first episode back to be solid and a (hopefully) good sign for the season ahead. Me? I thought it was just as unfunny as most of last season. I’m still watching for now but it won’t take long for me to drift away completely.

Bones – This really isn’t a reaction to anything specific on the show. Unlike other fans, I’m not overly attached to the idea of Bones and Booth so I don’t really care about them getting together (though I do think they should find more organic obstacles if they want to continue to keep them apart). But it’s become a show that I don’t feel a burning desire to watch each week and nothing in the first episode back changed that. If anything, it just proved to me that nothing on this show ever really changes so I won’t miss much if I just check in now and again.

No Ordinary Family – Watched this pilot earlier this summer and I like it. It’s the kind of show that’s right up my alley. That said, I’m a little burnt out on the super-hero (special powers) thing so it’ll take a few more episodes to really hook me.

Granted Season Passes

How I Met Your Mother – Enjoyed the first episode back more than I enjoyed most of last season which, yes, says more about last season than it does this new one. Still, I’m taking it as a good sign. I’m too attached to these characters to let go yet so this show stays for at least one more season.

Chuck – Please. As if I’m not watching every single episode of Chuck that NBC is willing to grant us. As a bonus, the season premiere was great!

Beckett and Castle seem unmoved by my decision to stick with them.Castle – How come I end every season feeling uncertain about this show but then it’s one of the show’s I most look forward to at the beginning of the season? I guess because it is a show I always enjoy watching but isn’t a show I can’t stand to miss. The cases aren’t anything amazing but I like hanging out with Rick Castle. For now I’m certain enough of that to keep it around.

Glee – I have plenty of issues with this show and the first episode back was a bit of a disappointment but, at the end of the day, it’s fun and I look forward to it every week.

Modern Family – Love this show. The premiere wasn’t their best work but it still made me laugh quite a bit.

Big Bang Theory – This show was losing me last season but I really enjoyed this season’s opener. Hopefully that continues.

Community – Here’s a shocker, I laughed A LOT during this one! I’m not ready to declare the best thing on TV like everyone else but I’ve made sure there’s a spot for it on the DVR. That’s a start, right?

The Vampire Diaries – I know, I know. I was so against this show last year and now it’s not only on my schedule but has a guaranteed spot! What can I say, it’s good. Not my favorite but definitely a show I look forward to each week.

Grey’s Anatomy – It’s popular to hate on this show but I like it.

Supernatural – I’m torn. On the one hand, I liked it well enough. On the other, everything felt off. I suppose you could argue that was intentional but mostly it left me feeling unsettled. However, it also forced me to acknowledge that I’m not ready to let go of the Winchesters just yet.

The Good Guys – This show cracks me up and it’s the perfect end to my TV week.

The Amazing Race – So happy to have the Race back! Unfortunately for the teams bringing up the rear (but fortuntely for us), the producers seem to have let go for the stupid theme. One episode in and already things are ten times more challenging than anything last season. To which I say… WHEW!

Never Mind

I said I was going to check out $#*! My Dad Says and Blue Bloods but… I didn’t. And my schedule is full enough, so they’ll go on the “check it out later if it’s getting good buzz” list instead.

What about you? Any new shows catch your fancy? Any returning shows not returning to your schedule?

3 Responses to “To Watch or Not To Watch”

  1. 1
    Christina says:

    I have literally recorded The Event twice and deleted it without watching. I decided (twice) that my TV schedule is too full to commit to some long drawn out mystery/conspiracy.

    I was also kind of Eh, for Castle, but after I watched the season Premiere my love has been renewed.

    I was surprised by how much I liked Blue Bloods, I never expected to love Donnie Wahlberg as much as I did.

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    I loved Chuck and Castle, although even though I enjoyed the show last season, I wasn’t sure I’d enjoy the premiere, so I was happy that I did. Glee is still fun, but Rachel’s self-centeredness may turn me off, so I’m glad she was called out on it. I haven’t watched any new shows yet as I haven’t hooked up my DVR yet, so there were only certain shows I actually sought out on Hulu. Still need to watch Supernatural, but that’s on my ‘maybe’ list as I felt like they phoned in the season finale last year and it was completely predictable. I want to catch up with Modern Family, but I still have to finish S1 and I have a feeling I’d enjoy Community if I gave it a chance. I didn’t see Parenthood on your list, but that’s another show I love and enjoy watching. Need to remember to watch Francis’s episode of Blue Bloods though too when it airs!

  3. 3
    shamangrrl says:

    With the exception of a few episodes, last season’s Supernatural did nothing for me. I watched the premiere, and I realized that the whole reason I love the show (brothers/family/hunting/saving people), is no longer present. The brothers are so estranged from each other that I don’t care to watch. I’m planning on DVRing the episodes, and maybe watching them toward the middle of next month, if the reviews pick up. If not, this show is off my schedule, and since I only have two must-view shows (the other is Chuck, which I adore), I’ll halve my viewing time.