Back Tonight: Thursday Traffic Jams   

The BIG BANG THEORY returns tonight in its new timeslot at 8PM on CBS.Big Bang Theory, CBS @ 8 PM – Last season wasn’t my favorite but the gang’s appearance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson reminded me how much fun this cast can be. So I’m happy to have the show back and eager to see where they take the show this year. (And, you know, as much as I hate the traffic jam at this time on Thursdays, I’m kind of excited to have BBT back at earlier time. No more being tired and thinking about my pillow as I watch!)

Bones, FOX @ 8 PM – I actually skipped several episodes at the end of last season and can barely remember the season finale. And yet it’s back on my schedule. Not too surprising since my roommate is a big fan but I’m not convinced I’ll be able to stick with it for an entire season. I have no real issues with the show but am not nearly as attached to these characters as others so I tire of its case of the week formula a lot faster than I do with other shows.

Community, NBC @ 8 PM – I just don’t know what to do about this show. I do not find it nearly as funny as most critics do but do still find something to laugh at in each episode. It gets such high praise that I feel like I have to keep watching, just in case I’ll suddenly understand why everyone loves it.

Grey’s Anatomy, ABC @ 9 PM – Yes I’m still watching this show. And enjoying it. It’s as simple as that. I’m not dying for new episodes but it’ll be nice to have this part of my Thursday routine back.

The Office, NBC @ 9 PM – This one I’m actually kind of dreading. I haven’t managed to cut my ties to these characters but, man, I was let down by last season. Since the writers don’t seem to feel the same way, I’m afraid not much is going to change. So I’m tuning in, albeit somewhat begrudgingly, hoping I’m wrong.

That 8 PM time-slot makes my head spin. Plus I did pick up The Vampire Diaries over the summer and it’s earned a permanent spot on my schedule as well. Oy vey. Something’s gonna have to give.

What’s New?

  • $#*! My Dad Says, CBS @ 8:30 PM – I know, I know, but I read the book and thought it was a perfectly fine template for a TV show. Plus, I don’t actually read the Twitter account so I wouldn’t be comparing it to that. Of course, it’s gotten nothing but bad reviews and the newest promos haven’t been doing much for me so, yeah, it’s not likely to win out over old favorites that crowded time-slot.

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