Gut Reaction: Psych 5×09, “One, Maybe Two, Ways Out”   

PSYCH -- "ONE, MAYBE TWO, WAYS OUT" Episode 5009 -- Pictured: James Roday as Shawn Spencer, Dule Hill as Gus Guster -- Photo by: Alan Zenuk/USA Network

You guys, thank god for Psych. I miss the days of being so excited about something in an episode of TV that I just had to share it. Even when I didn’t love, love, love the episode itself. Because that’s how I feel about the last scene in last night’s Psych. The episode itself wasn’t one of my favorites this season. It had lots of funny and naturally I enjoy seeing the final product of the scenes I watched them shooting. But I didn’t really care for the spy movie effect they were going for and felt like the spy case itself was pretty weak. It clearly existed merely as an excuse to have Shawn and Gus interact with a spy and, while that’s OK, it just felt more like a bunch of scenes loosely strung together.

Oh, lord, after I just gushed about how much I love these guys I’m totally being too harsh, right? Damn my raised expectations! I should know better than to read others’ reactions to an episode before I watch it myself.

ANYWAY! I really did enjoy the episode so, you know, take my criticisms with a grain of a salt. And let’s move on to the final scene and why I love, love, LOVED it. It, probably not too shockingly, doesn’t have much to do with Juliet and Shawn kissing. I can actually give or take that pairing. I guess it’s because the show spends so much time not playing it up at all that, when they finally do, it doesn’t have much impact on me. The two definitely have chemistry and I’d have no problem if the show put them together but I also don’t have any burning need for it either.

So, yeah, it’s great that they kissed. And I’m going to ignore that it feels a teensy bit like a retread of the end of “An Evening with Mr. Yang” where Juliet finally comes to Shawn after he’s already made a date with Abigail. I’m hoping it was somewhat purposely done to show that this time it’s Shawn who has realized his deeper feelings for Juliet. Or, more importantly, that he’s the one backing off to let her go off with a person who seems to make her happy.

Except, of course, for the reason I love the scene… The framing of Shawn and Juliet with the huge portrait of Declan right between them:

Shawn and Juliet with the looming portrait of Declan between in a scene from the PSYCH summer finale.

Shawn and Shawn 2.0 in the summer finale of PSYCH.I’m sure there are plenty of ways to read that scene (visually). Like for instance, even though they’ve just kissed, Declan is still a looming presence that stands between them. But, but, BUT! Look at what Shawn is wearing then look at the portrait again. Squint just a bit as you look at that photo and it might as well be a portrait of Shawn on that wall behind them. It’s like a blinking red arrow pointing out the similarities between them! If that’s not a sign that Juliet is dating Declan because he’s Shawn 2.0, then I don’t know what is! But the way Shawn’s outfit so perfectly matches what Declan’s wearing in the portrait has me convinced that shot and that particular framing has been planned all along. AND I LOVE IT!

That is all.

Oh and, ahem, I totally cried when Shawn was telling Juliet to take pictures. But “Wild Horses” does that to me.

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7 Responses to “Gut Reaction: Psych 5×09, “One, Maybe Two, Ways Out””

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    Ali says:

    Psych is the light in my week, I always look forward to it and it’s been my favorite show since it first premiered. I agree with you on most accounts regarding the spy storyline and your likes of the episode. I didn’t notice the framing the first time around, so nice catch. I also really enjoyed how they kept finding the one spy — I don’t know why, but I liked his character and reaction to my fave duo, Shawn & Gus.

    • 1.1
      Rae says:

      I liked that spy too! And I did love how they basically just threatened to keep up the cycle of finding him every time he found a new place to hide if they needed more information. I kinda hope he pops up as a resource of theirs at some later date.

  2. 2
    Mel says:

    Rae, I loved the framing of that shot, too. As the camera panned to the perfect angle, I was thinking, “Are they really…no…YES!” Clever camera angles aside, Shawn’s maturity growth spurt in the last couple of episodes is overdue and very welcome. Looking forward to more of that in the future.

  3. 3
    Polter-Cow says:

    I loved the portrait in the middle, but I didn’t notice the similarities in shirt! Nice!

  4. 4
    Stephanie P. says:

    Nice catch on the framing! I totally didn’t notice that, but I’m sure it was done on purpose.

  5. 5
    Natasha says:

    Interesting take on Declan’s portrait. I agree with you about how perfect that frame shot was, but definitely had not considered the visual similarities to Declan’s image there and Shawn in that moment.

    Speaking of camera angles– I LOVED the peep hole shot. Did anyone think of “The Dog” collection in that scene?

    I know Jon Gries’ presence was all about Real Genius, but The Pretender fan in me had me thinking *Broots!* every time he showed up. Really liked his ridiculous death threats. And him sadly trying to highlight the “pool” in his complex. I guess swimming in circles is something…

    I agree the spy plot wasn’t so tight– the two watches was an obvious device to allow Shawn to figure Fong out later. I kept thinking the whole time, there are watches that tell two time zones simultaneously! And Howell’s character made me miss Agent Ewing– his interactions with Lassiter and O’Hara were hilarious in Psy vs Psy. If only the finale eps were longer, Howell might have gotten more moments.

    Shawn was looking quite Closeau in the trench… but just seemed to be missing something– an ascot, hat, or perhaps a pipe?

    Oh, and don’t forget: Purple Octopus, 12:00.

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