Premiering Tonight: Terriers on FX   

TERRIERS: L-R: Donal Logue as Hank Dolworth and Michael Raymond-James as Britt Pollack in TERRIERS premiering on FX. CR: Mike Muller / FX

There’s a lot of praise out there for FX’s newest series making its bow tonight, Terriers. I’m not nearly as wowed by it. I think it is a solid show and, if you connect with these characters, you’re going to love it. But it took until episodes 4 and 5 before I wanted more. (Not so coincidentally, that’s when a bunch of storylines all come crashing together.)

Here’s the show’s summary from the FX site:

Terriers from Creator/Executive Producer Ted Griffin (Ocean’s Eleven, Matchstick Men) and Executive Producer Shawn Ryan (The Shield), is a comedic drama starring Donal Logue (The Tao of Steve) and Michael Raymond-James (True Blood). It centers on “Hank Dolworth” (Logue), an ex-cop, who partners with his best friend “Britt Pollack” (Raymond-James) in an unlicensed private investigation business.

I did indeed watch all five of the screener episodes FX sent my way but it took me an entire week after watching the pilot to get around to the rest of the episodes. And even then I only watched them back to back because I had exhausted all my other entertainment options and was stuck inside for the entire day. So, yeah, it’s pretty clear the show didn’t click with me like it obviously has with so many others. Although I do believe it is something I’d watch through to the credits if I happened to stumble upon it while flipping channels. And perhaps that combined with the serial element will be enough to draw me in for the rest of the season.

I will say this… The cast is all kinds of awesome. The chemistry between Donal Logue and Michael Raymond-James, playing best friends and partners Hank and Britt, is fantastic. You’d think this show had been on for years for how seamlessly they slide into their roles. Actually that’s true of pretty much every relationship on the show. Usually it takes a few episodes before you buy into how characters in a TV show fit together but I never had that problem here. These characters hit the ground running… Literally, now that I think about the first scene of the show.

And as with every show I’ve ever watched on FX, it’s got its look and style nailed down from day one. There’s none of that transitionary shock you often experience in TV when you move from a pilot episodes filmed months before in different locations to the second episode filmed on standing sets. What you see in tonight’s episode is what you’ll be getting for the duration.

It’s definitely worth checking out. Especially since most of you will then have a desire to slap me around for not seeing how great it is! Ha. Seriously, it’s worth watching to see if it’ll be a show that clicks with you. And, if you like it enough to give it a few more episodes, trust me and stick out until episodes 4 and 5. They’re worth the wait. Terriers starts tonight on FX @ 10PM.

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