Friday the 13th Bits & Pieces   

Outside the Santa Barbara Police Department... the one in Vancouver, that is.We’re two weeks into August. TWO WEEKS! Someone slow the train down, 2010 is going way too freaking fast. Didn’t summer just start yesterday? Yikes. Although I’m totally OK if this day wants to speed by… Somehow I always manage to forget just how exhausting it is to fly back and forth across the country. I got home from Vancouver on Wednesday night and I have been dragging ever since. I can’t wait to sleep forever this weekend. Before that, I do have some bits and pieces to share.

  • Psych Set Visit: Did I promise I’d have my initial write up of this up mid-week? HA. I blame my jetlag for that not happening. However, I’ve got my notes and I’ve started pulling them together so hopefully I’ll get it written this weekend and posted as soon as possible! (Can’t tell you about the Facing Kate set visit until they settle on a premiere date so don’t look for info on that any time soon.)
  • Congratulations Squeemonster! She’s the lucky winner of our White Collar Gift Bag giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered. I wish I had a gift bag for each of you! (Look for a new USA themed giveaway soon. I’ve collected a decent amount of swag that needs a new home!)
  • New Titan Digs: Titan Books has redone their website! I love it. Their old site wasn’t bad, per se, but this new one is so slick and easy to navigate. Plus they keep posting things like Exclusive Firefly Photos, Christina Hendricks’ Firefly Legacy, and Thoughts on Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, making it easy to fall for all their new content. (Actually, my favorite post this month has been the first in their new Anatomy of a Cover series. As a book lover, I enjoy reading about what goes into cover design.) Anyway, Titan is responsible for a lot of the TV-centric books I enjoy and the new site makes it easy to keep up-to-date on what they’re publishing. Check it out if you get the chance.
  • Take yourself to see SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD now!

  • Going to the Movies? Despite my travels, I’ve recently seen multiple movies and I say you should definitely get yourself to the theater to check out Dinner for Schmucks, Salt, and Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The latter was my favorite of the three but the first two are definitely the more mainstream. I’m not a huge fan of uncomfortable humor and I still loved Dinner for Schmucks. As I said on Twitter, Paul Rudd + Steve Carell = Comedy Gold! Meanwhile Salt pushes all the right buttons for me. You know how I love me some kick-ass female centric spy stories! As for Scott Pilgrim, do I even need to explain why I loved it? I’ll be curious how people who have not seen the comic react to it but, as a fan of the books, I thought it was a great adaptation. I can’t wait to own the DVD.
  • Buy Some Tunes: Specifically Jed Whedon’s new album, History of Forgotten Things. I checked out his song previews on SoundCloud right after Comic-Con and I loved them. The album was released this week and I haven’t stopped listening since I bought it. (It’s only available on iTunes right now but he says it’ll be out elsewhere in a few weeks.)
  • Flashback Friday: Every once in awhile I stumble upon this video on my computer and I have to stop and watch it a few times. Aww, The WB, how I miss you!


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