Foodie Steve Franks   

You guys. You have no idea how much I love Steve Franks. I’m headed to the Psych set next week* and I’m kinda secretly hoping he’ll be there. That’s probably not going to happen. Luckily his first Food Vlog has gone live so I can console myself by watching it for the hundredth time and trying to think of a few Orlando restaurants to recommend that he might not have tried yet. If you watch the vlog below, you’ll see what an impossible task that may be…

Love that he goes with Stallone’s as his pick of a pizza joint. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to Stallone’s. I may have to make an effort to get to that side of town to pick up a pizza.

* If you have any questions for the cast and crew of Psych, pass them along and I’ll do my best to get them answered while I’m there.

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    Gwynevere1 says:

    Dear Rae:

    During your set visit, could you ask the cast whether any of them were interested in directing or writing an episode, besides (of course) Roday? Thank you.