Five Days in San Diego, The Abridged Edition   

The Comic-Con banner hanging at the San Diego Convention Center.

I love riding down the escalators at Comic-Con and seeing the view above. It sounds weird but it’s one of my favorite things about the Con. I’m glad I finally snapped a picture of it this year as I’m not sure yet whether I’ll be back next year. It may be time for a break. That sounds more melodramatic than intended. But after attending five years in a row, I can’t deny I felt Con fatigue setting in this year.

On the other hand, I’ve now made lots of Con friends. People I rarely see in person any other time of the year and I love hanging out with them for those five days. I’ve been thinking about taking next year off for a while now but now that I’ve seen everyone again… It’s harder to imagine NOT seeing them again next summer! Which should tell you what I had the most fun doing at this year’s Con. Ha.

Of the panels I attended, the USA shows were the most enjoyable. This is partly because I love those shows and partly because they had the right mix of videos, Q&A, and audience participation. And I’ll admit it’s probably also because it was the only time all weekend I sat (read as: relaxed) in one room for three hours straight and forgot about all the other things on my schedule.

If I had made it into the Joss Whedon Experience, I guarantee you it’d be at the top of my list of panels. Every year the lines get exponentially worse and that felt especially true this year. Joss always draws a crowd and his panel was smack dab in the middle of a day packed with highly anticipated panels. Had I not decided to check out the Scott Pilgrim Experience with P-C, I probably would have made it into the line before they shut it down completely. But I didn’t. And, although P-C later offered me the chance to get into Ballroom 20, I had already committed to something else. So no Joss for me! (Also, no Joss for me anywhere else either despite my hopes that I’d finally win the Joss signing lottery or run into him on the floor. I will be forever haunted by my decision not to speak to him while in that damn Glee line in ’09!)

Bare Naked Ladies perform at the WB cocktail party at SDCC 10.So what was my highlight this year? Most definitely attending a cocktail party at which the Bare Naked Ladies performed. LIVE! Thanks, Warner Brothers! Sure, there were lots of WB stars at the party too and I enjoyed talking to them but I love BNL. I’ve never seen them in concert so I can’t deny attending what basically amounted to a private concert was a slice of heaven for me. So, again, I have to thank everyone at WB. They pulled out all the stops this year and they made the Con for me.

I’d love to regale you all with stories of meeting celebrities but the truth is… I kinda suck at 1) recognizing people and 2) walking up and starting conversations with them. I did meet Maggie Q who, as I mentioned in the Nikita photos post, is awesome. And I had to tell Misha Collins how much I enjoyed his work as Castiel. Mostly because I felt like I’d be disappointing Pixi if I didn’t. And he’s definitely beautiful. And hilarious. He’s got my sarcastic sense of humor. Except I kind of hate how fast he is with the quips. I may have met others as well but those are the two who stand out the most.

Oh! But I did ride the elevator with the cast of Human Target! It’s shameful how long it took to register it was Chi McBride holding the door open and insisting I get in first. Though, to be fair, it was mostly because I was too busy being annoyed at the people blocking the way because they wanted a picture with Mark Valley (he’s hot, I can’t deny). So there you go, the one moment all weekend that I actually recognized a celebrity! (Passing Chris Fedak and his wife on the street doesn’t count, I’ve met and talked to him too many times NOT to recognize him.)

As with every Con, my favorite part is seeing old friends and meeting new ones. Amrie and I were at the Omni Hotel this year and it was heavenly to be so close! Amrie may have been sick of me by the end of the weekend but I love her for putting up with me. On Wednesday night we met Janie (a.k.a. The TV Cricket from Monsters & Critics) and Will Will. My two new favorite people! It helps that they love Joss and Buffy as much as I do. Plus they’re just fun. As is often the case, we continued to run into and hang out with them the rest of the weekend. It was also great to finally meet Kyle (@kyool). Bless him for bringing me the episodes of The Vampire Diaries I missed when The CW skipped ahead in their repeats!

Speaking of finally meeting people, I also met Chad Darnell. (Most of you know him as the guy who does 12 of 12.) I’ve “known” Chad online for what seems like FOREVER. When I saw him at the EW/CBS party, I knew I had to say hi. He’s a great guy and it was nice to actually meet him.

Oh good lord, why did I start this? I saw way too many people and I’m going to inevitably forget someone! Or everyone really. Curt, of course, even if he ditched us for the “good” parties (I’d have ditched us too). I always love seeing Sandie from Daemon’s TV. (This post may be dedicated to her.) Plus this year I got to meet Eric too! And then there’s Mel and BethAnne from NiceGirlsTV who I not only drank with at multiple gatherings but also lunched with at least once this year. I like those ladies, I need to hang out with them more. And Roz! Who got me a rocking seat for the USA Network panels. Sunil goes without saying. Even if I have already mentioned him once or twice. And I still didn’t see him enough. As Seanan pointed out, I need to room with those guys if we plan to see each other. We all have too many things we want to do! (I saw her once, when I dropped off the Feed buttons I had made and some Syfy swag I had snagged for her.) Like spending time with my guys and gals from WB and NMS! Drinks on Saturday night with Chrissy, Meg, and Danny with the later additions of Bags and Sean may have been my favorite late night of the Con. Good times with good people. It’s what Comic-Con is all about…

Ok, maybe I will go next year. But only if I can get a hotel room with this view again:

View from our hotel room at the Omni, SDCC 10. View from our hotel room at the Omni, SDCC 10. View from our hotel room at the Omni, SDCC 10.

For the rest of my photos, check out the SDCC 10 Galleries.

5 Responses to “Five Days in San Diego, The Abridged Edition”

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    Polter-Cow says:

    I wanted to take a picture of the escalator view too! Maybe next year.

    You had better celebrity encounters than I did! Chi McBride! Mark Valley is pretty attractive, and he was pretty nice in the HT panel at WonderCon. Did you know he’s an ex-Marine or something?

    I tell everyone about that time you didn’t talk to Joss. I hope you get to talk to him one day!

    And we totally didn’t see each other enough this year. I am totally up for rooming together next year if you go.

    • 1.1
      Rae says:

      I’ve never taken it before because the camera is never out while I’m on the escalator and then it’s too late to get it out and get the pic before I’m down (or up).

      Aww, not true. You had fun encounters at Boom! and SP. I didn’t know he was ex-military (or did I? I might remember that from a Fringe interview) but I believe it.

      HA. Everyone *should* learn from my cowardness. Never miss your chance to meet Joss!

      I’ll have a better idea in a few months… :)

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  3. 3
    Rae says:

    BTW, in the past few days I’ve been randomly remembering all the people I forgot to mention in this post — Suzie Q Jenny and Jason and many MANY more. I suck.

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