SDCC 2010 Photos: USA Network Panels   

So, yeah, my SDCC write up may take longer than expected. Turns out I’ve got De Quervain’s tendonitis in my right hand. Fun stuff. You have no idea what a pain in the arse it is to type and work a mouse while wearing a thumb/wrist brace. More importantly, I’m not really supposed to be doing either of those things since they’re contributing factors as to why I have it in the first place! But I’m gong to try and write a little in each of these photo posts instead so that you don’t have to wait until next year’s Comic-Con for details.

This post, much like Thursday at the Con, is all about the USA Network shows. I spent the entire afternoon in Ballroom 20 listening to folks from Burn Notice, White Collar, and Psych talk about their shows. Much like they do everything else, USA does a great job organizing their panels. They make sure the stage is clearly marked with posters so you know exactly what panel is taking place at any given moment and, in the case of Psych, even decorated the tables accordingly. Plus they had free swag tickets for each of the panels. If you went to all three, you walked away with three t-shirts plus a Pysch Pineapple foam fan hand.

Then there’re the fun videos they record just as a treat for Comic-Con fans. Granted, they aren’t the only ones who do this but their videos are among the best and always draw laughs from the crowd. This year was no exception. My favorite was probably the White Collar video which featured the cast coming up with the costumes they’d need to don to move around Comic-Con incognito in order to liberate the Tron: Legacy trailer. Funny not only for the costumes they came up with but also because it poked a little fun at how they were a weird fit for Comic-Con while acknowledging that most of the cast is actually well-known to Con goers for previous roles.

Chris Vance, who played Gilroy last season on Burn Notice, was the perfect choice of a moderator for that panel. Not only was he charismatic and funny, he knew just enough about the show to ask good questions without making everything seem like an inside joke. The latter being an issue both Willie Garson and Andy Berman ran into a few times during the moderation of the other two panels. Altho I actually liked the use of Andy as a moderator as he was able to get all of the “awkward” questions out of the way but in a good jokey way. (In other words, getting the question about James Roday and Maggie Lawson being a couple out of the way before anyone in the audience could bring it up.) Plus, Andy is a writer on the show so his joking manner very much had the feel of the show to it. It worked.

The Psych panel was definitely my favorite but I love the show so that’s kind of expected, no? I enjoy the banter between the cast members and am generally just more interested in what they have to say. I’m sure it helps that they’ve done this before so they’re a little better at keeping the conversation on the stage going and engaging with the crowd. But, overall, I thought all three panels were well done and I’m glad I was able to see them all.

I did attend the press room for Psych and I’ll have more about what we learned in there later (but no photos sadly!). For now here are the photos I snapped at each of the panels. Enjoy!

Burn Notice Panel:

White Collar Panel:

Psych Panel:

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