Summer in Miami: Watch Out, You Could Get Burned   

Burn Notice returns tomorrow night (9PM on USA) and, reading other early reviews, it feels as though I’m one of the few people not completely in love with the premiere episode. Then again I’ve consistently been disappointed with how this show resolves its season ending cliffhangers. In this case the episode is juggling a lot of elements which ultimately led to it being a bit uneven and disjointed. Of course, that’s an apt description for Michael Westen’s life at the moment so maybe they just wanted to put us in his shoes? If so, they succeeded.

I did enjoy the episode but I would have liked it more if they had just focused on the set up for this season without also adding in the client of the week. There just wasn’t enough time to do both and, as a result, one felt rushed and the other incomplete. That said, I do like the set up for this season. We all know the show is going to be largely centered on a new client each week but it needs a good background narrative to hold the whole thing together. Last season’s wasn’t so great but already this season’s “glue” seems much stronger.

One of the things I like most about Burn Notice is how the premise keeps evolving. It always comes back to Michael’s burn notice but the question keeps changing. At first it was all about who burned him. Then it was about what it meant to be burned. And now I think it’s become about how Michael lets it control him. The differences are sometimes subtle but they are what keep me invested in Michael and those around him.

And that’s why I’m happy to have the show back. I’ve missed Michael, Fi, Sam, and Madeline. I mean, really, what’s summer without something being blown up in Miami every Thursday night?

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