Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Parks and Rec” Tonight   

My formerly former LA contributor, Spadada, watched the “Parks and Recreation” finale with the cast and producers last night and she asked me to tell you to please watch. She says casual fans and people who’ve never seen it before but who like to laugh will not be disappointed. You might even get hooked and set your DVR to record Season 3 (which doesn’t return to the airwaves until January 2011, but it’s “Parks and Rec” people, not some serialized high-concept drama, you won’t die while you wait for The Answers to The Cliffhangers–which there are a few).

Anyway, Spadada wants to write up a post about the adorable and hilarious panel hosted by Seth Meyers, but she won’t have time until the weekend, so until then, here are her Top 5 Reasons why you should watch the “Parks and Rec” season finale tonight at 8:30 PM on NBC or tomorrow on

1) There will be movement in one of the Will They or Won’t They storylines. HINT: it’s not Leslie/Ann (though this fan makes a great case for that relationship). During this pivotal scene, the woman behind me says to her husband, “It’s like grade school” to which I responded “Exactly!” She was saying the show is dumb. I was saying it is BRILLIANT.

2) You will see Rob Lowe’s butt in running shorts. If you didn’t know before, you will know for sure now why Rob Lowe is an international mega star. And for those of you wondering, the producers (or was it Aziz Ansari?) assured us that it is actually him running, and yes, the man is 71 years old!

3) Ron Swanson’s utter glee at slashing the city’s budget. Many times during the season finale I found myself cracking up about nothing more than Nick Offerman’s facial expressions. He’s totally in his element in this episode. With the government shut down, he has no co-workers or pesky townspeople to worry about and he gets to eat a turkey leg wrapped in bacon.

4) If you haven’t already thanks to the movie “Step Brothers” or the amazing Starz series “Party Down,” you will fall in love with Adam Scott when Ben does something adorable for Amy Poehler’s character Leslie Knope that involves spaghetti and music. (No, it’s not the scene from “Lady and the Tramp” and no, you are not on the right track, but I would love to see that!)

5) If you used to like “The Office” but it doesn’t really do it for you anymore, this show will fill the void in your heart. Pawnee is the new Scranton, Andy & April are the new Jim & Pam, and Leslie Knope is the adorable mis-manager of a motley crew of underpaid employees just trying to get through an honest work day without doing any actual work.

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    highvoltage11 says:

    If you used to like “The Office” but it doesn’t really do it for you anymore, this show will fill the void in your heart…

    I totally agree with this! Which makes NBC holding eps til Jan ’11 soooo frustrating. The Office is winding down within the next two years with Steve Carell wanting to leave. NBC needs to invest more in this show because they can’t skate by on 30 Rock alone, and I haven’t heard of any brilliant new comedy pilots for the fall.

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    bennet_7 says:

    Nice article! I really enjoyed this finale. I think it’s a big mistake to hold off the new eps until January.