Is My Cathode Ray Tube Dying?   

In a long ago email from Jody, she said, “Perhaps you need to post an announcement that the whore is changing her style… no more sleeping with anything that has a commercial break, now you’re just going to sleep with a few shows… a lot. More like selective slutiness.” Man, is she right. I’m just not that into most TV these days and I’m tired of pretending I am. Mostly because I suck at it. Obviously. Michel is suffering from ennui. I know how he feels.When I’m not liking a show my desire to write about it dies and, as you can probably tell, I’ve stopped forcing myself to write about the shows anyway.

Even making drastic cuts to my TV schedule hasn’t rid me of my TV ennui. I feel like Michel. And it’s about to show. My metaphysical angst is about to be on full display as I update you on the shows I’m currently watching and how I feel about each of them. I couldn’t dredge up the desire to cover anything too specifically so I don’t think you’re in danger of being spoiled but, uh, I am up-to-date on all of the shows so proceeds carefully if you’re behind?

Much like Jordan is holding her nose at this plate of stinky sauerkraut, I am holding my nose at this stinky season of TAR. ©2010 CBS Broadcasting Inc. All Rights Reserved.The Amazing Race Eh. That’s pretty much my reaction to this season so far. Not rooting for or against anyone but the teams are almost too stupid for me. I have to believe that’s the theme producers went with this year and they are playing up the stupid in the editing room… Mostly because it’s the only way I’m not tempted to reach through the TV screen and smack these people. Sadly, I think it’s also translated to pretty tame challenges. (Ok, that might not be fair because the “challenges” have been on a decline for several seasons now.) Not that I’m going to stop watching. I still mostly enjoy it. Or Phil. I enjoy Phil.

Undercover Boss Just a quick note here to say that I actually really like this show. Lots of TV bloggers and critics rag on it and, while I don’t doubt some if not most of the situations are set up just for the show, I get a real sense of sincerity from most of the people involved. I may just be naive but clearly America is too since it’s already been picked up for a second season.

Chuck Still one of my favorite shows. However, I’m not loving this season as much as the last and I could do without bloggers and critics overselling every single episode. Still, it’s a fun romp on Monday nights. Last week’s episode was easily my favorite of the season until this week’s episode stole that honor. Love Morgan finally knowing what’s going on and really enjoyed having our original Three Musketeers dynamic back. I didn’t think I was bothered by Shaw’s presence but it’s becoming increasingly clear that he’s the one upsetting the balance of the more important aspects of the show (to me). Hope they hurry up and finish his storyline. I just hate not being emotionally connected to the show and this week I actually cared about everything that was happening.

How I Met Your Mother Not loving this season. I laugh… at stuff. I can’t even think of one entire episode that I’ve loved. That’s just wrong. Especially when I used to debate whether I’d watch Chuck or HIMYM first because I couldn’t wait to see either.

Pictured Britt Robertson as Lux in LIFE UNEXPECTED on The CW. Photo: Jack Rowand / The CW ©2009 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights ReservedLife Unexpected I’m in a weird place with this show. I like it. A lot. I just don’t love it like so many others. I keep wondering what’s wrong with me? Have I died inside or something? But, seriously, why don’t I love this show? Theoretically it’s got everything it needs to steal my soul. That said, it’s definitely risen in my esteem with the last few episodes. I actually feel bad that it’s moved to 8PM and I don’t have space to record it. I wish the CW didn’t take so long to get their episodes online because I’d like to get caught up. Also, it amuses me that everyone seems to hate Cate when she’s probably my favorite character (Ryan is my second fave). I like Baze but I have no desire to see those two together. And, surprisingly, Lux is probably my least favorite. I know she’s gotten the raw end of the deal up until now but, damn, sometimes I just want to tell the her to stop being a brat and shut up. (You heard me.)

The Big Bang Theory Overall I think this has had a much more solid season than HIMYM but I’ve actually grown less attached to it this year. It’s funny how people rag on Two and A Half Men when I feel this show is very similar. My biggest issue being the characters never change. And I’ve talked with the creators so I don’t hold out much hope that they will ever change. It doesn’t mean the show is any less funny, just that it starts to lose its novelty after a bit and falls further and further down the Must Watch list. (But right now, it’s still pretty high. No doubt aided by my lack of any other 9PM shows on Mondays.)

Greek I’ve pretty much covered this one but I’m enjoying the second half of this season. Who knew? I mean, I guess it’s not that surprising but I was a little unsure when it first came back. I still don’t love the lack of fallout from them burning down the other house but they’ve managed to make me forget all about that. Kudos to them, I guess? I will admit that I’m kinda excited about the possibility the show may get an end date soon. It’s not that I wouldn’t be happy to hang out with these guys at CRU forever but, as Casey would say, we can’t do this forever! Much like Cappie is going to discover, you can’t stay in the same place forever and I’d rather they have the chance to plan and give us a good ending rather than leaving us hanging.

Nathan Fillion is Richard Castle on CASTLE. (ABC/MICHAEL DESMOND)Castle My enjoyment of this show comes from the joy Nathan Fillion seems to get from playing this character. I could give or take the cases. It has moments where it truly shines but mostly it’s a cookie cutter procedural with an engaging lead. I wish the show could just be about Richard Castle and his family with Beckett as a recurring love interest. Then it’d be a show I couldn’t stand to miss each week. Instead it’s a show I squeeze into the week when I want to have the TV on but don’t want to have to concentrate on it. I’m happy it seems to be doing well but I’m not sure that’s exactly the kind of reaction they’re hoping for, eh?

Lost You know, I’m enjoying this last season. It’s not really the roller coaster ride I was hoping for but it’s interesting and makes me think and I still can’t wait for each new episode. That’s saying something, right? I don’t really think any particular episode has stood out more than any other so far and I’m good with that. I watch other people reacting and, I can’t lie, I do tend to think people favor certain episodes purely for the characters at the focus of the story that week. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, I just wish more people were able to see their own biases. I also understand why some people are frustrated beyond belief with this season so far. I’m confident things will make sense in the end but I can’t blame people who are annoyed by how slowly we seem to be getting to that point. And ABC’s promos don’t help. Stop promising answers week to week, it’s setting up false expectations. ETA: In past seasons, I read a bunch of different blogs and sites the day after an episode aired. This year I pretty much just read John Cabrera’s thoughts on the episodes and another John’s take as someone who has never seen Lost prior to this season.

Eric Stonestreet as Cam on MODERN FAMILY.  (ABC/ADAM LARKEY)Modern Family The only ABC Wednesday comedy I’m still watching and I remain smitten with it. It’s not always a laugh riot but it’s got a heart that I can’t deny. I’ve fallen in love with these families and I love hanging out with them for a half hour each week. I want to marry Cam. Too bad he’s gay. And, ya know, fictional. (Yes, fellow Twitterers, I did just recycle material. Whatever, sue me.)

Community So many of you love this. I wish I did too. I wanted to… I was the show’s biggest champion before the season began. Alas, there’s just something missing for me. It was growing on me until last week’s episode which I found to be mostly awful. And naturally everyone else seemed blown away. I’m sticking with it for the rest of the season but, unless something drastically changes, I suspect it’ll fall off my DVR schedule and will be one of those shows I catch every now and again.

The Office I know NBC won’t pull the plug on this one any time soon but it’s well past its prime. I’m still pretty attached to the characters so I keep watching but it rarely elicits the same kind of laughter it did in its heyday. And don’t even get me started on Dwight tearing up Jim and Pam’s house and how the show completely dropped that the next week. Because, of course! This is the kind of ridiculousness you end up with when you’ve done just about every office type of story out there.

Grey’s Anatomy Am I the only person still liking this show? I know there’s behind the scenes drama again but I tend to ignore that stuff. I don’t rush to watch this show and, in fact, won’t even have the means to record it come next week but it never fails to entertain and I’ll keep watching (online) until it stops. It helps that I like reading their writers’ blogs each week. I tease Amrie about interviewing and liking actors and therefore wanting to watch their shows, but reading those blogs has the same effect on me. I suspect I am less judgy-judge about the show because I like what I read from the people behind it.

Currie Graham as Walter Mashburn, Simon Baker as Jane, and Tim Kang as Cho on THE MENTALIST. Photo: Greg Gayne/Warner Bros. ©2009 Warner Bros.Television. All Rights Reserved.The Mentalist Know what I said about Castle? Imagine I’m saying it about The Mentalist and Patrick Jane and you have my feelings on this show too. The only time I’m more into the show is when the Red John story is involved. If it didn’t have such a heavy humorous bent to it, it’d probably fall off the DVR schedule fairly quickly.

Hmmm, I think that’s everything? At least all the shows I’m watching that are currently airing new episodes. I know I left out Bones or Supernatural but it’s been so long since we’ve had a new episode that I’ve got no strong feelings at the moment. And Parenthood is too new, I’m not prepared to commit to my opinion of it yet. What else? I’m hopelessly behind on Being Erica because of an issue getting my DVR to recognize new episodes vs. repeats. (It repeats too often to have my DVR catch any airing.) If there’s anything else, feel free to inquire in the comments.

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    Jody says:

    Oh I SO agree with you on the Life Unexpected comments. Poor Cate gets crapped on by everyone. And Luxe is a brat. For someone who should be so street smart and tough, she’s awfully spoiled and self-centered. And the whole flipping back and forth between houses depending on who she’s mad at has got to stop!

    I’m actually enjoying Grey’s this year as well. I no longer hear about any of the off-screen drama, so I’m enjoying the on-screen stuff again.

    And I have the exact same thoughts about Castle thoughts as well! I wish it were a drama featuring the Castle family, with a B story about his police muse rather than a procedural.

    Modern Family, Chuck & Lost get all the love in my schedule.