Greek 3×17 & 3×18: Mardi Gras & 80s Movies   

Scott Michael Foster as Cappie and Spencer Grammer as Casey on GREEK. (ABC FAMILY/ADAM LARKEY)

Originally this was part of a different post but it’s one of the few shows that I actually want to talk about these days. I figured that means it deserves a post of its own. But I took so long to write the first part, I now have to add thoughts about this week’s episode too. Short version: I’m liking pretty much every storyline and where they stand right now.

I might be the only person who loves Rusty’s lab assistant, Dana, and loves the idea of them as a couple. They make sense together. You know, Rusty may be one of the luckiest guys on the show really. For a geeky guy, he manages to get a lot of girls who are honestly attracted to the real him. Anyway, I like her. And I like Katherine. I just think Katherine is more enamored with the idea of a guy (and a smart one at that) liking her than she truly likes Rusty. A fact proven by how methodically she approached losing her virginity. I’d rather Katherine find a guy she’s actually into than settling for one she knew she could get. I’m glad the latest episode didn’t have Rusty backpedal on this one. He was a little wish-washy for me and it seems odd that Ashley wouldn’t bother to ask, “Which girl do you actually enjoy spending time with?” I mean, he gets there on his own but couldn’t the show have acknowledged that it was something that should have been asked along with which girl suits him best?

Meanwhile, I’m torn about the Casey/Cappie thing. On the one hand, I get it. On the other, Casey is way too worried about a time when she and Cappie won’t be together given that she’s only recently found a goal for herself and that goal involves staying at CRU. I mean, if she was applying to law schools elsewhere and was concerned that Cappie’s desire to be a perpetual student meant their lives would be too separate, it would be one thing. But she’s not. Very little about her life is going to change immediately. So it annoys me that she can’t just go easy on the topic for now and just see how things go for a few months. In other words, I think the writers failed to sell us on why Casey needs Cappie to change right now. If they had just let it go for a bit and shown us, in small ways, how Casey and Cappie were constantly drifting apart because of their choices, I think we’d buy Casey’s fears more than we do. Show, please show rather than telling us.

That said, I do like that it’s really not about a third party intruding. Yes, Casey almost kisses the other dude (again, too much too soon) but it wasn’t because she’s attracted to him so much as attracted to the idea of someone who has set a goal for himself and making it happen. (Nice parallel to the Rusty/Katherine storyline actually.) I think it’s clear she’s in love with Cappie. That’s not the problem this time. Has never been the problem really. Anyway, if they can keep it up, it’s nice to at least not have the conflict revolve around a love triangle.

Which I think this week’s episode (5×18: “Camp Buy Me Love”) pretty much proves. Gone is the third party and all the focus is on the two of them. And pretty much every story in the episode reflects some aspect of what they’re struggling to overcome. I just wish Casey hadn’t actually taken Cappie’s mom at her word about some love stories being short stories. (Though I do love that phrasing.) I don’t necessarily disagree but I think she heard the wrong thing there. She didn’t even seem to grasp the important facts, the real reason Cappie is clinging to KT and CRU. It’s the first time in his life that he’s had something stable that he could count on… of course he doesn’t want to leave it! (And I love how perfectly that fits with how seriously Cappie takes threats to his house and his brothers and why he was so hurt and mad about what Evan did.) That is the key to changing Cappie’s view of graduation. As Casey learns, she shouldn’t be trying to change him but that doesn’t mean she shouldn’t confront the fears that are holding him back either.

But, uh, that might be a bit unrealistic of me. I’ve had to listen to a co-worker (about Casey’s age) dealing with a break up recently and, man oh man, the drama! Sometimes I forget to factor in how someone Casey’s age would react to these type of things. The show is probably a lot closer to the truth than we give it credit for, ya know?

I’m OK with where things are at right now. Casey may think they’re only a short story (hey, why weren’t TV stories mentioned? or would that have been too meta?) but most movie romances think that until they get to the last scene. Lucky for us, we have the benefit of knowing that until that last scene happens there’s always hope. Plus, at least now we won’t have to listen to her harp on Cappie about picking a major. Though I hope she does prove to him that he can leave CRU and still have a stable life and a family.

Were there other stories mixed in these two episodes? Rebecca and Evan. Was that it? I like that pairing but I’m don’t care all that much about what’s going on with them at the moment. I mean, Evan’s kind of getting his comeuppance but at least he sees that. Rusty’s taunting is the last straw but Evan’s not blinded to his own behavior. It is interesting how the show kind of switched around the roles of Evan and Rebecca from where it seemed headed. Given the way he went in to kiss Casey right before he ended up with Rebecca last season, I was sure she was the one who wanted something more with him and he just didn’t like being single. Of course, maybe she also went in with her eyes open and that’s why she was so thrown by his sudden boyfriend-like behavior? Either way, I don’t think the show is done with them yet so, while I’m enjoying watching it unfold, I’m not riveted by it or anything.

I complain a lot about how Greek tends to rush the endings of storylines so I want to give them props for something I find so few shows are doing right now. Their storylines, even when they don’t connect, are so well interwoven and thematic. As I pointed out, Katherine’s virginity story provided a nice parallel to what was happening with Casey. Then this week the parallels were even more obvious with Evan admitting he was trying to push Rebecca into something she didn’t want and Rusty trying to decide if sharing commonalities was more important than how he actually felt. Interesting that Casey and Rusty pick the same path but one because he wants the movie ending and one because she’s accepted that it’s going to be a short story. Wonder if that’s actually how it’ll work out?

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    Teri says:

    I’m optimistic that now that they’ve got another 10 episodes ordered, they’ll slow the pace down a bit. They probably thought they’d be done with 3×20 and pushed this last chapter to fit as much Cappie/Casey plotting as they could. I’m ok with what’s happening and I’m sure things will work out in the end, but this chapter’s ended up feeling a bit overstuffed with plot and angst.

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    Kyle says:

    You aren’t the only one who loves Dana–I think she’s geeky and great! Would love to see Rusty and Dana together–I think they are a better fit than Rusty and Katherine.

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    Harper47 says:

    Hee! Well we are OBVIOUSLY on a different page re Greek right now but then that’s normal because don’t we always have opposite opinions? In fact, I would worry more about the apocalypse if we were agreeing. I think I’m just tired of Casey/Cappie obstacles. I want to focus on other romantic stories and let them be happy in love at least. The SL is making me dislike Casey a little but you do make good points about it being true to life.

    I do like that we finally see WHY Cappie is clinging to college because I have been wondering that myself.

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    Teri says:

    Harper47 – Agreed but eventually somebody needs to explain to Cappie that your life does not end when you graduate from college. He can build a stable but fun life for himself after he leaves and, you know, get a great job and make his own money to have the aforementioned fun.

    On the other hand, Casey needs to chill out a bit. She knew what she was getting into and already dumped the stable guy with the A+ promising future to be with Cappie.

    (Hi, Rae. I’m spamming your comments section!)