Don’t Forget: Psych Season Four Finale Tonight!   

Steve Franks and Tim Meltreger Answer Questions About Last Week’s Psych Episode:

You guys. I love these two. I want Franks, Berman, and Meltreger to write an episode together so I can get a commentary with all three of them. Can someone make that happen next season?

Dule Hill as Gus Guster, James Roday as Shawn Spencer -- USA Network Photo: Alan ZenukNext season. Ugh. Even though I haven’t enjoyed this season as much as the others, I’m going to miss new episodes of Psych. This show just makes me happy. Even when I don’t love it, it brings a smile to my face. And I don’t have enough shows that do that anymore.

So, anyway, don’t forget to watch tonight’s Psych season finale at 10/9c on USA. James Roday co-wrote and directed tonight’s episode and it pays tribute to some great Hitchcock films such as Psycho, North by Northwest, Vertigo, Rear Window, and more. Plus, two of my favorite guest stars will be back!

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