Top 5 Lost Deaths   

lostdeathsIt’s Lost day, and I’m feeling like showing some love to those we’ve lost on Lost. So today’s TV Top 5 is my Top 5 Lost deaths.

Top 5 Lost Deaths

1. Jin – It still breaks my heart just to think about Sun’s reaction to that freighter blowing up, and the scene at the grave site gets me every time too. (And yes, I know he’s not technically dead, but that was still the most powerful death scene.)

2. Daniel - Shot by your own mother, how tragic is that?

3.  Juliet - It’s lost a little bit of power with the constant repeats in the previouslies, but watching Sawyer saying goodbye to Juliet is so sad.

4.  Charlie - I was so sick of all the ‘almost deaths’ they had for Charlie, I was actually wishing they would just kill him already, but when it came down to his last moments as a hero, I really, really didn’t want to see him go.

5.  Mr. Eko – Devastating because of the shock of it. I just didn’t see that one coming.

Now we’ve lost so many people on Lost that I’m sure many of you would have different characters on your list. Who had the most tragic death on Lost? Let us know who makes your list in the comments below.

6 Responses to “Top 5 Lost Deaths”

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    Jenn says:

    My top 4 LOST deaths include 3 of yours.

    1. Charlie – I had stayed away from any spoilers and had no idea it was going to happen. I remember when the episode finished I just sat there and then I went online to see if he was really dead. He was.

    1. Jin – Yes I have two number 1s. Jin’s death had me crying. What a well written episode.

    3. Mr Eko – I feel the same as you Jody. I really liked him.

    4. Juliet – I grew to like her so much. I knew she was probably going to die since Elizabeth Mitchell was on V, but still.

    I should also note I was sad when Libby was killed. I had high hopes for her and Hurley.

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    Kyle says:

    Some of mine:

    1. Charlie – The whole hand on the window thing is a visual that I will always remember
    2. Daniel – as you said, shot by his own mother – how could “Fiona Faraday” do that?!
    3. Nikki and Paulo – loved the way it was done–they deserved it
    4. Ben – (while not dead) seeing young Ben shot and dying was a great surprise
    5. Alex – Was surprised they called Ben’s bluff and actually killed her, Ben’s reaction was powerful

    I would like to add Juliette to the list, but I don’t think her death scene was as powerful as it should have been–she deserved a better death.

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    Eolivet says:

    Have to agree with the above 2 comments — Charlie’s death is #1 in my book. Never has there been a more heroic death on “Lost” — and the music playing as the water filled up…sniff, sniff. :( I actually think it was so effective because we’d been expecting it (if that makes any sense ;)

    Totally agree with Kyle for adding in Nikki and Paulo and Alex — two of the more shocking deaths in the show’s history (#4 and #5, respectively). But Faraday is still #2 in my book, and Juliet is right behind him. :( Just awful, awful deaths — they hurt your heart to watch them.

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    Jenn says:

    Oh NIkki and Paulo. One of my favorite Sawyer lines is when he says something like, “who are you two”. I was wondering the same thing… ha!

  5. 5
    Jody says:

    Ohh. I have to agree with Alex. That was really shocking and so sad.

    And I’d like to add Shannon: while she was a brat, her death right in front of Sayid was heartbreaking.

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    Andi says:

    Ok, I don’t even remember his name but the death that SHOCKED me the most is the Dr. that was carrying nitro glycerine from the Black-whatever ship and then BAM! Blew up. Around season 3 or so. I just did not see that coming…