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I think most of you know this? Maybe not. Anyway, posts have been sparse around these parts for awhile now but the most recent absence is in part due to my guest gig over at John Cabrera’s place. Given what a lousy job I’ve done keeping up with things here, I was afraid I’d have nothing to say. Turns out I was wrong. With the exception of one post, I didn’t really touch on TV much at all. Still, if you missed ‘em and want to check out my posts, here’re the links*:

* I didn’t write these but you should also check out Amrie’s food post and Vanessa’s Olympics post.

I’ve also been a bit guilty of posting things on Tumblr that belong here. I try to keep most of my TV stuff here but sometimes there’s a weird overlap where all I really want to do is share a video I liked. That it’s TV-related is only tangential. Well that and it always seems like I should do more than just post videos here. Some kind of invisible rule on the blogging whiteboard? Which is silly. It’s what I did when I started, no? Popped in with things I liked around the web.

Anyway, this post is mostly to say… I haven’t fallen off the side of the Earth. I’m still struggling to figure out just how I want to go forward with this blog but hopefully I’ll be around a bit more. Even if it’s to talk about things other than TV.

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