Lost 6×01&02: “I’m seeing it but I’m still not believing it.”   

We find out what happens after Jack drops the bomb in the Lost season six premiere.

I really enjoyed it but I must admit my only expectation going into this season is to sit back and enjoy the ride. I have no burning questions I want answered. I have no couples I particularly care about ending up together. I have no characters that I want to “make it” no matter what. I just want to let them do their thing and hopefully that results in a season full of episodes that keep me on the edge of my seat. So far so good.

Of course it probably helped that my Lost watching party played SCI FI Wire’s Lost Bingo. Occasionally we shushed each other but it kept us laughing and entertained as we watched. And I think it actually kept us more engaged in the show because we were paying close attention to every single thing that was happening. Granted, it was because we were hoping we could convince the others it fit a category listed on our bingo cards. But that meant we were constantly stopping and re-watching scenes.

Boone is back on the season six premiere of Lost.That said, no way I’m gonna bother trying to puzzle out what’s happening. I mean, it clearly smacks of alternate realities but how long can that continue? Or will we just follow our current cast in the alternate 2004? Because it seems unlikely they brought back the old cast members for too many episodes. It was nice to see them all again. Good thing the alternate reality thing lets us hand wave how different some of them look, eh? (Yeah, Boone, I’m looking at you.)

For those of you who also read John Cabrera’s blog, a show of hands for how many of you saw that under water version of Otherton and instantly thought of his “Lost is Atlantis” theory? Greg said it as soon as we went to commercial. If nothing else, that last shot of the temple and the foot under the water certainly invoked that image. Since our brief re-watch of Season 5 brought me back to the idea of the Island being some kind of Mount Olympus location. Although with Smokey’s last words to Ben here, I’m wondering if it’s less of a home of Gods than a home for banished Gods. All the rules about getting on and off the Island and then the idea that these two “friends” are stuck there despite not liking each other. Sure seems like they don’t have much of a choice about being there, no? I’m sure I’m way off but it’s an explanation that would satisfy me.

Which is funny since the one aspect of the show I’ve hated all along is Smokey. Well, I hated their initial claims that there were no supernatural elements at work. I wouldn’t have resisted the idea of a Smoke Monster for so long if I knew it was OK not to have a logical explanation for him. Finding out the Man in Black is Smokey? Works for me. Now my question is… how long was he using Jacob’s cabin? Richard definitely knew who was not!Locke was… but not until he had seen Locke’s body in that box. Is it possible he’s dealt with the Man in Black for much longer than he thinks? Also, who the heck is Richard? I think that’s another reason I like the idea of the Island being tied to Gods. Who else is immortal? Not that I believe Richard is a God. The Man in Black’s reference to him previously being in chains makes me wonder if he was a slave on the Black Rock not the Captain like I postulated last season.

Two hours equals way too much to even touch on in one post. I don’t have a problem buying Juliet’s survival at the bottom of that hole. Mostly because she was alive enough to smash the bomb so naturally she’s still hanging on once they flash. (Hey, what do you want to bet we eventually get an alternate reality version of Sawyer tries to save Juliet on the Lost season six premiere.Sawyer and Juliet meeting in which she repeats those words to him about getting a coffee and going dutch?) If anything, I have a harder time buying Sayid’s ability to hang on until they managed to get him to the temple. (Speaking of that, how rude and stupid is Kate? You have the one source of light in a passage with a huge hole and walk away from the guys who are trying to maneuver themselves AND a stretcher over the hole? STUPID. Greg was happy though since “Kate does something stupid” was one of his bingo items.) I fully expected him to come back to life since we’ve seen multiple people return from dead on the Island but how the hell didn’t he bleed out right there at the van?

Wait, can I go back to the alternate 2004 reality again? Jack thinks he recognizes Desmond which we could take to mean he sorta remembers that something is different. Or is he just remembering when he met Desmond in the stadium? But didn’t he remember Desmond clearly when he met him again on the Island? I wasn’t sure how to read that whole scene. Especially since Desmond appears to disappear into thin air while Jack is saving Charlie’s life. Could those two things be connected?

Ok, remember when I said I was just going to sit back and enjoy the ride? HA. Like I said, there’s so much more that needs to be said but I’m gonna stop for now. Did you enjoy it?

ETA for Greg: The book from the backpack in the temple is Søren Kierkegaard’s “Fear and Trembling” (thanks Lost Books!). I assume it’s in French since it came from Rosseau’s group?

6 Responses to “Lost 6×01&02: “I’m seeing it but I’m still not believing it.””

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    Chris says:

    Re: the “Richard in chains” thought — I’m torn here. I considered that it could be a reference to Richard having been a slave on the Black Rock, or at least chained up and a prisoner for some reason. But the other immediate thought was that it was a reference back to what Not-Locke said to Bram and the other bodyguards: now that Jacob is dead, they’re “free.” Richard, if we assume his position is as Jacob’s go-to guy and intermediary, could be seen to have been trapped in that position — so trapped, in fact, that he didn’t age anymore. So he too would be free now that Jacob is dead, at least as far as the Man in Black sees things.

    Really, following this train of thought and tying it back to something you said earlier? I think it less likely that both of them (Jacob and the Man in Black) had no choice about being on the island; after all, we’ve seen Jacob off-island in multiple times now, and tangibly touching people so not just a vision. Could it be that Jacob was, instead, the Man in Black’s jailer? After all, as he tells Ben, he wants to go home, and home is definitely not on the island. So how did he get here, and why is he stuck there when so many other people have been able to leave from time to time?

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    Polter-Cow says:

    Haaaa, I love those bingo cards!

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    About Sayid, if you are shot in the stomach, it can take hours to bleed out, so this is plausible that he made it to the temple alive.

    And I wouldn’t call Kate stupid per say because The Others, who have been know to kidnap stealthily, could have snatched her without anyone noticing and she didn’t have the only light source, someone had a flashlight.

    Also, I don’t think Jack recognized Desmond from the island (in what you call “alternate 2004 reality”), but from their brief meeting doing steps in the stadium. And I do think they will be following the cast in “alternate 2004 reality” for the rest of the series, we just won’t be see much of those that died on the island because they are no long significant to the story on account they did died (with, of course, the exception of Locke).

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      Chris says:

      Also on the Sayid front: This is the Island, which has been shown repeatedly to heal people miraculously and speed along people’s injuries. Even if Sayid’s wound was clearly bad enough to end up with him dead with no treatment, the general properties of the Island could pretty easily account, even beyond the usual bits of television handwaviness of time when it’s inconvenient, for how long he held on.

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    Jody says:

    You should check out Darlton from Jimmy Kimmel on Tuesday night. They clarified some of the more confusing points of the episode. They stress that the 2004 timeline is not an alternate reality, but that both threads are really going on. (Not sure what that means, but that’s what they said!) They also said Desmond’s disappearance was not related to Charlie. But I suppose they could have been lying.

    I think enough things have changed that I doubt Desmond and Jack actually did meet in the stadium in the 2004 story. Des was training for a sailing race that landed him on the island when the plane was flying, so I’m guessing he never went on the race at all, and therefore wouldn’t have been training for it.

    Also, did you notice that they called Sun Ms. Paik rather than Mrs. Kwon? She didn’t appear to be wearing a ring, so I’m thinking they aren’t married in 2004 anymore. And did anyone see if Claire was actually pregnant in 2004? So far no one can confirm that.

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      Rae says:

      I need to reply to all of these (and will!) but, quickly, Jody that’s really what I mean by alternate realities. Parallel universes I guess? To things going on at the same time. So I’m on board with what they’re saying, I just wasn’t saying it clearly.