Top 5 LOST Episodes   

That’s right folks, tonight’s the BIG night! LOST returns for it’s final (sob) season. In honor of this monumental event, we’re sharing our picks for the Top 5 Lost episodes with you today.

With so many great episodes to choose from, it’s no surprise that everyone’s favorite episodes will vary. And that’s why Rae and I are both offering up our choices!

Jody’s Top 5 Lost Episodes

You’d think it would be a taxing decision, but in all honesty? This was a piece of cake. These 5 eps. stand out as my favorites because they either tell some part of the story I loved or because they just blew me away with a shocking plot twist. (Or both!) There are many other great episodes I’d include on the list if I could go higher than 5, but these are at the top of my list.

Lost-5s1.  Pilot (1-01 & 2) - This would probably be near the top of my favorite TV episodes of all time. I was hooked from the very first minute (second) with the zooming out from Jack’s eyeball as he lay on the jungle floor. And it was 2 hours of sitting on the edge of my seat after that. Amazing!
2.  Through the Looking Glass (3-22) - A fantastic episode overall, but the reveal at the end with Jack & Kate being in the future and off the island BLEW MY MIND.
3.  Something Nice Back Home (4-10) – First there’s the tense appendectomy on the beach. Then Claire up and leaves with dead daddy, abandoning Aaron! But what really makes this episode for me is the sweet taste of what could have been for the Jate fans.
4. The Other 48 Days (2-07) – Everything about this episode was shocking! The Tailies went through so much at the hands of the Others. Learning what happened to the other survivors filled in many some pieces of the Lost puzzle, and was just good storytelling.
5.  A Tale of Two Cities (3-01) - Hello! New Otherton!! If that shot of the village from afar wasn’t enough to get this episode on the list, what about watching the plane crash from the outside? Or learning how Goodwin and Ethan came to be among the survivors? Or Juliet’s book club?? Or…  well, I think you get my point.

Rae’s Top 5 Lost Episodes

OK! This is a hard show to come up with 5 episodes for… I mean, it’s hard to narrow down because there’s so many great ones! To make it easier for me, I limited myself to one top episode from every season.

1. Pilot (1-01 & 2) – The episode that started it all. I love watching it to this day. Even during the lull when I lost interest in the show, this episode had the power to wow me.
2. Orientation (2 -03) – It’s all about the hatch video for me. And maybe Hurley’s reaction to finding out about the hatch. And I think this might be the first time we hear Locke say, “It’s a leap of faith, Jack.”
3.  Through the Looking Glass(3-22) – Come on now. That ending? It kept us enthralled for MONTHS. Not to mention Charlie’s last hurrah. And the Ben and Locke reunion! They packed so much into one episode and good thing as it had to hold us over for months and months.
4. The Constant (4-05) – This one was all about Desmond and Penny for me. That conversation between them on the phone? Tears! Plus we got lots of crazy details and a better understanding (if you can call it that) of the Desmond’s flashes.
5. Jughead (5-03) – This is one of my favorites because a lot of the things we’ve seen set up over the years began to fall into place. Like finding out Widmore had been on the island or where Richard got the compass (and the fact that Richard is the same age as he is in the future). Or what was probably buried under the freaking hatch. All in all, a great episode.

OK, so there you have our choices. Now let’s hear your favorites in the comments below!

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