Forget Chuck Not: Dressing Up for the Holidays   

It’s a little hokey to love fictional characters so much you want to spend the holidays with them and, yet, that’s exactly why I have such love holiday episodes of my favorite shows. Honestly, it’s one of the reasons I was so bummed we had to wait so long for the new season of Chuck. I knew it meant no Christmas episode! Sigh.

Lester hustles the others in a game of dreidel at Buy More.Guess I’ll just have to re-watch “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic” (1×11) and “Chuck Versus Santa Claus” (2×11). Thanks, and Hulu! (Love that both holiday episodes are the 11th of their respective seasons.)

Not that I need an excuse to watch either episode. Love them both. Just look at all the stuff that happens in “Chuck Versus the Crown Vic” alone… Sarah not running off with Bryce. Morgan in the bushes with his iPod and corn beef getting his stalk on because he thinks Anna is cheating on him. Lester insisting Big Mike call it a “holiday” party. Chuck losing a hundred thousand dollars in one spin. Morgan being himself and then being better than himself in front of Anna’s parents. Sarah accuses Chuck of faking flashes. “Put the rocket launcher down.” Chuck blowing up Casey’s precious Crown Vic. Everyone at Buy More “getting down.”

The staff of Buy More gets down at their holiday party.

Finally, Chuck and Sarah kiss and make up…

Jeff tries to give Chuck and Sarah the gift of mistletoe.

Jeff: Mistletoe. You’ll thank me later, dude.
Chuck: How about we just dance?
Sarah: Okay.
Jeff: Lame!

Chuck and Sarah decide to dance instead.

Or make up and dance. Whatever.

See what I mean about a lot of stuff? So much, in fact, that we’ll have to cover “Chuck Versus Santa Claus” next week! But, before I go, how about a present and a sneak peek at the other present I’m working on?

Here’s a little something you can use to dress up your Twitter profile. Click on the image below to view and download the full size version. Once you have it saved to your computer, go to Design tab in your Twitter settings and click on the “Change background image” button to upload it there. (Note: Do not check the “tile background” option.)

And if you want to change your design colors as well here are the colors I used with this background: Background – ffffff, Text – 000000, Links – a30505, Sidebar = 84c28d, and Sidebar Border – 004d09.

Finally, here’s a sneak peek at the other project I’ve been working on FOREVER. Hopefully I can finish it in time to get it up with next Monday’s post. Sorry it’s taking so long, I underestimated the craziness of the holidays this year.

Sneak peek at the cover for the 2010 Chuck calendar I'm making.

I, like many others, kept hoping an official 2010 Chuck would be released this year. When none was forthcoming, I decided I’d just have to make one for myself and I want to share with those who also want to print their own copy.

Alright my Chuckaroos, that’s enough from me this week!

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