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BSG_Season4_Companion_CVRBattlestar Galactica: The Official Season 4 Companion
by Sharon Gosling

It’s been a looong 8 months since we last saw the crew of Battlestar Galactica, and there’s still another 2 months until Caprica arrives to save us from a world without Cylons or Adama’s. If you’re like me, you’ve been missing the drama, intrigue and action that BSG is so adept at providing.  But, I’m happy to report that Titan Books has released Battlestar Galactica: The Official Season 4 Companion to help bridge the gap between the future (BSG) and the past (Caprica).

The Admiral himself (aka Edward James Olmos) addresses the fans in the foreword – or as he calls it “the final log in the Admiral’s journal”. Here’s one of my favorite quotes from Olmos’ foreword:

“Yes, we gave the show all our heart and soul. Yes, we gave it all our expertise. Everyone who touched it, gave it their ALL! But, the FANS gave us life.” [page 7]

Following the Admiral’s opening words is a section called There Must Be Some Way Out of Here, which examines the various aspects of ending something as big as Battlestar Galactica. In it, Ronald Moore and David Eick share why they felt it was time to bring the series to an end, along with some of the process that went into closing up all those plot threads.

“The nature of the idea had a finite limitation to it. You’re setting out to find Earth — at a certain point, you’re going to find it, or you’re not…” [page 8].

We learn which answers they knew going into season 4, what still had to be figured out, and how they ensured there were no conflicts with the previous back-story. We also get a look at how the WGA strike affected BSG… Did you know that Sometimes a Great Notion could have been the final episode of the series if the strike had continued much longer?!? That would’ve just been sad.  And, find out how they handled one of the show’s stars being in a major car accident!

Next, there’s a brief recap of Razor and we’re taken through the fascinating process of coming up with the story, and deciding which characters would be featured in the film.

“That was the story to tell. The story of another starship, which, under the same circumstances but under a different commander, went in a very different direction.” [page 19]

What season companion would be complete without a comprehensive episode guide?  For each of the 19 episodes in season 4 there’s an episode description, a full-page image along with a few smaller images, as well as thoughts from the cast, directors and writers on what went into creating the episode and how it fits into the season as a whole. You may be able to find episode descriptions online, but you’re not getting inside information like this anywhere else!

One of my favourite aspects of Battlestar Galactica – Downloaded was the Surveillance Additional sidebars. I’m happy to report that the Season 4 Companion is also packed with these juicy little tidbits!  Check out page 75 to read an amazing piece of script that was cut from Sometimes a Great Notion. (Seriously, this gem is not to be missed!)

NUP_111711_1044Along with all this, Battlestar Galactica: The Official Season 4 Companion also offers:

  • Find out what Richard Hatch said to The Watcher Maureen Ryan in defence of his character Tom Zarek!
  • Read Kate Vernon’s thoughts on *SPOILER ALERT* being the final cylon.
  • Learn about the significance of music on BSG.
  • A gorgeous color photo section complete with promo shots, episode captures, and prop and wardrobe images!
  • Character bios with in-depth thoughts from the actors about their characters.
  • A section on the BSG auction; and
  • A look at Battlestar at the United Nations.

It’s hard to imagine they could pack all that happened in the final season of Battlestar Galactica into one book, but they did that and more with the Battlestar Galactica Official Season 4 Companion.  A great gift idea for the BSG lover on your holiday shopping list!

*This book was provided for review by Titan Books.

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