Supernatural 5×10: “Let’s all go back to simpler, better times.”   

The battle begins for Ellen, Dean, Sam, and Jo on SUPERNATURAL.

Oh, show. We’re having words right now and they’re not pleasant ones. Some serious stuff went down in this episode and, if you know me, you know I had a strong reaction to it.

I don’t even know what to say… No, wait, I do: FUCK. FUCKITY FUCK FUCK!

And, please, don’t bother telling me how much Kripke hates women. I don’t want to hear it. I loved Jo, she will always be one of my favorite characters in this Universe, and even I don’t think Kripke’s a woman hating asshole who killed her because no woman is allowed to live. Give me a break.

Sigh. At least she went out the right way. Except for that damn kiss. I am proud of her for not giving in but… FUCK.

I’m a broken record, huh?

Ok, Ellen. I was sobbing during that scene. I just don’t even know… crap, I’m tearing up right now just thinking about it. I should have seen that coming. What mother wouldn’t make that decision? You don’t leave your daughter dying on the floor to set off a bomb all on her own. And then to have Jo die in her arms as she’s surrounded by hell hounds.

Castiel follows a reaper to find answers on SUPERNATURAL.I’m not sure I understood the point of Castiel in this episode. (Though I did love the shot pictured here with Castiel coming down the hall with the light behind him. Nice angel imagery.) Obviously they needed him to see the reapers but his going off to find out what was going on? That seemed stupid. Yes, he gave Lucifer a reason to deliver some exposition but I have never missed Bobby having use of his legs so much.

And now we know the Colt doesn’t work on Lucifer. That sucks. Not that I expected him to be easy to eliminate but tonight’s the first time I wondered if the writers are going to be able to come up with a solution that I’ll buy. How do you solve a problem like Lucifer? (I suspect it involves the only other four things that can’t be killed by the Colt. I was thinking the four Horsemen but where does that leave God?)

Also, did anyone else want Sam to point out that Dean didn’t actually leave him standing alone forever? Michael did a much more convincing job of drawing the parallels. But now both Sam and Dean have been had it thrown in their face and Dean’s reaction had a lot more conviction than Sam’s. Or is it just me? Sam looked like he was being swayed by Lucifer there at the end of that speech.

The worst thing about the episode is that it feels like Jo and Ellen died for nothing. Crowley listening to “Everybody Plays The Fool” had me wondering if it was all a setup That would SUCK. Then they’d have really died for nothing. But they discussed it being a trap so I’m going to let go of that feeling for now (still, the song). Logically I can see that we now know the Colt can’t kill Lucifer and they know they need to find a different way to win this war. And the personal stakes have been raised. I get that. But right now? Nothing has changed except the death of two of my favorite people. It’s not exactly comforting. Hopefully two months will give me time to heal and maybe I’ll even be able to come up with a follow up post that includes praise for the excellent performances in this episode. Maybe.

My last word? The picture at the top of this post was my favorite promotional photo from this season, hands down, and now looking at it is just painful.

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    Laura says:

    Believe me, I was just as upset as you. I weeped throughout that entire scene, especially the moment I realized Jo was ok with dying. I’m upset with Kripke, but am still very proud of Jo & Ellen. I’ve always liked them and can’t wait to see all the obsessive fangirls backtrack about their hatred of Jo.

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      Rae says:

      Ha. If she’d kissed him, I bet they wouldn’t backtrack. Ok, now I’m just being bitter… it’s rough when your preferred couple never get a chance and one of them dies.

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    Sara says:

    Your words echo my own. Particularly the profane ones.

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      Rae says:

      Sigh. Damn these writers for giving me characters I love and then snatching them away from me!! (This sentence could apply to almost every TV show I’ve ever loved over the years.)

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    Spadada says:

    Oh, the contradiction! As much as I hated getting Jo just to lose her (and wouldn’t you know this was Alona Tal’s best episode to date – she finally found a character there, one I believed was a hunter), the Jo and Ellen scenes were the only scenes worth watching in the episode. The rest of it was dull and exposition (and misdirection) heavy. So I hate losing Jo but I loved crying my eyes out with Ellen. And I loved the shot and sound of the photo burning at the end. But yeah, like you said, kind of hollow:

    it feels like Jo and Ellen died for nothing…Nothing has changed except the death of two of my favorite people.

    Would have been nice to give them a little victory. Yes, Cas walking over Meg’s burning body to escape the ring of fire was hilarious and badass but I wish Dean had just shot her in the face with the colt 2.3 seconds into her reveal. It was silly that he didn’t actually. Why hesitate?

    Well, we had a good run there, Rae! Two comic episodes in a row, one of them one of the best of the series IMO. Now we’re in for the final act and the shitstorm of pain.

    TOTAL tone and subject jump here: have you heard about these?

    YOU HAVE TO TRY MAKING THEM! Look at all the fun designs!

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      Rae says:

      Kell… if he shot Meg in the face we couldn’t find out her “Daddy” was close by! Also, did he have multiple rounds in the Colt? Isn’t there something about the Colt where you only have limited shots? There can’t be normal bullets in it, right? That’s really why I wasn’t too upset about him not shooting her. Also, not sure where that would have left the hell hound situation.

      Did Meg tell the hellhounds to leave Sam alone? Because, honestly, we know Lucifer wants him alive and well to be his vessel, logically you’d actually be using Sam as your shield in this situation… but I can forgive them for not thinking of that too since they didn’t know the hell hounds would show up. (Though, maybe there should have been a little more thinking about the situation the night before and a little less Shots with An Angel, ya know?)

      I will say, I was obviously emotional last night but even if nothing came of this confrontation — And I don’t really believe that, I do think you learn things with each new confrontation and I do think they needed someone they cared about to die in order to really raise the stakes — YES, they know what’s happening is really real but the whole “last night on Earth” thing would have been pretty hollow had they all survived this trip and, if the writers want us to believe that Lucifer is serious business, there have to be some real consequences to confronting him. — But, if nothing else, it is a return to the seriousness that is the theme of this season. These kind of battles and needless deaths would happen in this fight so I can even accept in that regard. But I loved Jo so, yeah, I’m gonna bask in my hate for it all at the moment.

      I’m kind of ok with the rest of the episode not living up to the Jo and Ellen scenes. Appropriate in my way of thinking… and also needed for us, the audience, to catch our breaths. Sigh.

      Well, we had a good run there, Rae! Two comic episodes in a row, one of them one of the best of the series IMO. Now we’re in for the final act and the shitstorm of pain.

      Agreed. On both the shitstorm of pain and one being perhaps the best of the series. (Or one of the best.)

      Moving on to the subject change, YES! Haha, I read bakerella’s site daily so, yeah, I know about the cakepops. :) Have instructions printed out so I can try it sometime soon. Thinking about maybe doing some Christmas themed cakepops with my nieces while I’m up in Rochester next week. Could be fun?

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    Karen says:

    Definitely bawled my eyes out. I’ve never been a huge Jo fan, not because she’s a woman or because of Alona’s portrayal, but because I felt the character wasn’t written very well. There was so much potential there and I never felt like the writer’s tapped into it. Last night though, they *finally* wrote the kick ass character I wanted her to be all along. Alona said at the convention this weekend that this ep was her favorite and she was certainly fantastic in it. And Sam Ferris, man, talk about heartbreaking.

    I loved Cas in this episode. He was just the right mix of comic relief, bad ass, and vulnerable. I agree that Cas wandering off by himself was stupid, but I think it makes sense. He still thinks of himself as a full angel and he’s not used to his limitations yet. I also think the scenes with Lucifer served to purposes 1. show how persuasive Lucifer can be (the guy did have a point) 2. to make Cas more conflicted (not that I think Cas is going to go bad, but I like the scenes, like the ones with Raphael, that test Cas’ faith)

    I didn’t think Crowley set up the boys if only because Lucifer asked where they got the colt and sounded maybe a little surprised? That and the way Lucifer so blithely killed the demons at the end it makes me think a wily guy like Crowley would see the situation for what it was. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, I’m thinking we’ll see him again.

    I agree that Sam seemed a little swayed by Lucifer and I’m not entirely sure why. Though maybe it’s a little Star Wars darkside of the force- anger and hatred warp you.

    Great episode, now we suffer through the 2 month hellauts.

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      Rae says:

      Well… I think the writers weren’t given a chance to tap into Jo’s potential due to the backlash from fans but saying that will probably earn me some hate mail so I’ll let it go. I’m glad to hear it was Alona’s favorite because she was awesome in it.

      You make a good point about Cas. I think you’re probably right about him serving to show us how Lucifer could be persuasive. This is actually something I assume because of my background in books. Most of the books I own that involve Lucifer as a character portray him as charming and likable… which is exactly why he’s so dangerous. Because that’s how he manages to draw you in. And I was thinking the acting in that scene with Lucifer and Sam wasn’t all that great because I wasn’t buying that he was being all that persuasive with Sam even though Jared acted like he was. (Ha! Was that confusing? I like Mark P but I didn’t quite buy him in that moment even though I did buy Jared playing Sam feel conflicted.)

      As for your second point about Cas, I’m feeling no connection to the Angel conflict side of things so, while I see what your saying and admit you’re probably right, I’m just not drawn into what’s going on with Cas so it seemed like a waste. (Note: I LIKE Castiel but the show has barely shown him this year so it’s hard to be caught up in what he’s going through.)

      Oh! You’re right about Lucifer sounding surprised… Except he would act surprised if he knew they were tricked into confronting him with the Colt, no? I don’t really think it was a setup at this point, I’m just not sure we can use Lucifer’s reactions as a tell since theoretically he a con man at heart.

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    Harper47 says:

    I think this episode just illustrated what an apocalypse should be. Pointless deaths, small moments of heroism stuck into terror, fleeing, failure, pain. In that way I think it worked and I liked the heroic exits the women got.

    But I do think your enjoyment or lack thereof is going to hinge on where you ship. Since I don’t ship Jo with Dean I found the kiss strange and think that was the moment that failed whereas the lil sis kiss on the forehead was the moment that worked.

    I like Castiel. I felt it was his involvement, his chemistry with Dean that elevated Season 4 so high. Yes, they have failed to use him since The End and I think the show is suffering for it but his moments were charged with electricity and he had chemistry with Jo and Ellen also.

    I don’t think Crowley was setting a trap. I honestly do think he is the “Spike” type of character and not a Lucifer minion. With that said, I am beginning to wonder if Kripke is leading up to something lame. If all this season is about is Dean and Sam wearing Michael and Lucifer meatsuits? Well then shame on you Kripke. Kind of boring, don’t you think?

    But I am sorry you had to lose two characters you cared about.