Top 5 Glee Songs   

glee-songsI know we’ve just had a Glee related Top 5 a few weeks ago, but after EW’s recent tweet asking fans to name their favorite Glee performance, I couldn’t stop trying to decide which Glee song was my favorite. Due to the impossibility of selecting just one of the many great songs they’ve performed on Glee, I thought I’d cheat a little and pick my Top 5 instead.

My Top 5 Glee Songs

1. Halo/Walkin’ on Sunshine mash-up
2. Bust a Move
3. Ride Wit Me
4. Don’t Stop Believin’
5. Maybe This Time

    What are your favorite Glee songs?

    11 Responses to “Top 5 Glee Songs”

    1. 1
      Kelly says:

      1. Keep Holding On
      2. Somebody to Love
      3. Take a Bow
      4. Don’t Stop Believing
      5. Maybe This Time

    2. 2
      Eolivet says:

      I also love “Hate on Me” — even though it’s not the “complete” cast. :)

      But “Don’t Stop Believing” is probably my favorite. :D

    3. 3
      LB says:

      I must go with:
      1. Don’t Stop Believing
      2. Somebody to Love
      3. Keep Holding On (can’t believe something made me like an Avril song!)
      4. Sweet Caroline (love Puck so much!)
      5. It’s My Life/Confessions

    4. 4
      Jenn says:

      My top 5 (right now) are:
      1. Halo/Walking on Sunshine
      2. Maybe This Time
      3. Golddigger
      4. Somebody to Love
      5.Don’t Stop Believing

    5. 5
      CB says:

      I also love “Hate on Me” — even though it’s not the “complete” cast. :)

      But “Don’t Stop Believing” is probably my favorite. :D

    6. 6
      Anita says:

      I still have a hard time answering this because I can’t decide…

      I’d have to say the ones I listen to (even more so than the rest) would be

      1)Defying Gravity
      2)Bust a Move
      3)Holding On
      4)Dancing With Myself
      5)Sweet Caroline

      Keep in mind though, I’ve been listening to the entire album on repeat for weeks, but those probably slightly more so than the others. I literally enjoy every song on the album, which is unusual for most soundtracks, at least for me.

    7. 7
      jin says:

      1) Keep Holding On –I hate Avril, but they made me love the song (but only their version).
      2) Defying Gravity
      3) Take a Bow
      4) It’s My Life/Confessions
      5) Don’t Stop Believing

    8. 8
      Diego says:

      1.- Dream on

      2.- Jesses girl

      3.- Beth

      4.- Its my life/confessions

      5.- I cant fight this feeling

    9. 9
      Sarah says:

      1. Dont Stop Believing
      2.Jessie’s Girl
      3. Safety Dance
      4.Its My Life/COnfessions
      5.Walking on Sunshine/Halo

    10. 10
      Emily-Rose says:

      i think the top ten should be:
      1- Don’t stop bieliving
      2- Jesse’s girl
      3- Don’t rain on my parade
      4- bad romance
      5- sweet Caroline
      6- Any way you want it
      7- Diefying gravity
      8- Run Joey run
      9- Somebody to love
      10- hello, Gooldbye

    11. 11
      JLarge says:

      1-Safety Dance
      2-Poison (by the Acafellas, who should have been ‘ManCapella’)
      3-The entire Britney episode, too hard to pick a fave
      4-Push It
      5-Dream on head to head with Doogie Howser