Eastwick Thoughts: “Does that same logic apply to you?”   

The cast of EASTWICK, ABC, Wednesdays at 10PM.The sixth episode of Eastwick airs tonight and I’ve yet to talk about the show. A shame, really, as I do like it. Yep, you read right, I like Eastwick. No one else seems to be talking about it so I have no idea if I’m alone in feeling that way. Certainly the lack of great ratings suggests it has failed to catch America’s eye. Still the small town setting has a certain charm to it and I’ve been enjoying the blossoming friendship between the three leading ladies. We see even more of that in tonight’s Halloween episode which I got a sneak peek at thanks to ABC.

However, there is one aspect of the show that bugs me. I already know what’s going on with Darryl Van Horne. I can’t unlearn it. It’s impossible to forget. Therefore, I find it more than frustrating that it’s taking these women so long to figure it out. And I wonder how many people who tuned into the show because they had read Updike’s book or seen the movie feel the same way?

Perhaps it’s not a fair complaint. After all, the writers are adapting previously covered material for the show but they assume everyone already knows what’s happening. But I do think they should give it some consideration. Take this week’s episode, for instance, which keeps the Darryl mystery as a B or C story rather than the focus of the episode. Knowing the outcome of a B story isn’t nearly as frustrating as knowing exactly where the A story is going before all of the characters do.

Again, I like the show and I’m on board with these renditions of the characters. Unlike others, I have no issues with the actresses playing our leading ladies and have warmed up nicely to Joanna, Kat, and Roxie. I could give or take most of the guys but, that’s ok, as they aren’t the focus of the show anyway. I still have some issues with Paul Gross and Darryl. I like him most of the time but occasionally feel like he’s playing two different characters. And, hell, maybe that’s what he’s going for? I could see the justification in that choice. Unfortunately it always manages to throw me off slightly since they haven’t done much develop Darryl as a character. We rarely get a scene with him alone or when he’s not trying to stop the women from finding out information about him. (I do think that is intentional.)

So my complaints stem less from any dissatisfaction on my part and more from trying to figure out why the show hasn’t caught on with more viewers. And I think it’s valid to wonder if a large number of people who tuned into the show in the first place did so because they liked the book or the movie. If so, how many of those people have decided they already know this story (and perhaps liked it better with a different cast) and therefore tuned right back out? The cast thing was an issue for me at first as well but I liked enough of what I saw to keep with it. The knowing the story part, though, continues to bug me and my attention wanders the most in episodes that spend a large amount of time trying uncover the mystery that is Darryl Van Horne. Been there, done that. And until the writers can find a way to make me care, I suspect I’ll continue to watch the show in spite of its central storyline.

But let’s move on to something much more important… do you think I can pull of Sara Rue’s hair color and cut? I’m madly in love with it:

A promotional shot of Sara Rue for her new show on ABC, Eastwick.

Don’t forget… New episode of Eastwick, tonight @10PM on ABC!

4 Responses to “Eastwick Thoughts: “Does that same logic apply to you?””

  1. 1
    Ana Maria says:

    …I watched the premiere of the show only because there was nothing else on, and now I’m so glad I did; I love the show, love the cast, and wish at least 3 million more people were watching…

  2. 2
    mommamiya says:

    Oh woe is me!!! I am so disappointed at the cancellation of ‘Eastwick’. We are on different wavelengths though. I love Daryl and the way he remains mysterious. I do think ‘Kat’ is miscast. She’s too young, too thin and has far too much time as a separated mother of ’5′ (??? really) running around town drinking martinis. I hope HBO or Showtime adopts ‘Eastwick’. Good bones. A bit of recasting (and putting the kabosh on the constant make-up retouches with every shot) plus a bit of heat and spice would bring it back to life. Great opposite season show (or competition) for ‘True Blood’!!

  3. 3
    momof4 says:

    So disappointed about the show going off!watched the first time
    because I was curious,then it became my favorite show,loved
    the writing,mystery,and characters of the show.Another mistake
    by the network for cancelling the show!I pray another network picks it up!