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Top 20 finalists perform a routine choreographed by Wade Robson in the 'Meet The Top 20' episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on FOX. Pictured L-R: Legacy Perez, Kevin Hunte, Jakob Karr, Russell Ferguson and Billy Bell. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Becker/FOXI don’t talk about So You Think You Can Dance a lot here. Honestly, I don’t feel qualified to talk about it. Ridiculous I know since that certainly doesn’t stop me from sharing my opinions on America’s Best Dance Crew. Still, I listen to people who have actual dance training talk about the show (looking at you, Pixi!) and I know that my opinions are way off. Or is it that dance just moves all of us in different ways?

But I am posting about the show today because I want encourage anyone who is watching to consider joining John Cabrera’s So You Think You Can Dance Fantasy Dance League (SYTYCD-FDL). It was a lot of fun last season and looks to be even more so this season!

However, in order to join, you must submit your bonus picks for tonight’s Top 20 episode TODAY. By 1PM PST in fact. (So, 4PM here in the East.) Don’t worry, you still have a week to mull over your full card picks. Today’s picks are just for extra points. You pick two dancers you think will get eliminated in tonight’s competition round and, if you’re right, you’ll earn some bonus points that go towards your overall FDL score.

If you have no idea who will be going home, yeah, don’t feel bad. I think the rest of us are in that boat too. It’s really kind of a guessing game at this point. The bonus picks will get a little easier once we get back to the usual competition episodes.

Ok, a couple of quick comments about last night’s episode. I know we’re supposed to love the new stage but I kind of hate it. I don’t understand how they could have gone from a set where they had great camera angles to a set (I assume they built?!) with horrible camera angles. (L-R): Phillip Attmore, Bianca Revels and Peter Sabasino perform a Tap dance routine choreographed by Derick K. Grant in the 'Meet The Top 20' episode of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE on FOX. ©2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Michael Becker/FOXI hate having to watch the dances with hands and arms from the audience blocking the view. Not to mention the pieces of the actual stage blocking our view. What the hell?!

I really hope they were using this first episode to get an idea for what camera moves work and which don’t. More importantly, to figure out how to best use the background screen. Because the black background with the moving circles of light behind people wearing black and white? Like I said last night, the tap dancers literally disappeared into the background a few times. Ridiculous.

I did love giving us a showcase episode as a prelude to the competition. Not only did it give the dancers a chance to show off their dancing without the stress of getting cut, it gave us a chance to really just enjoy the dancers. Overall, the dancing was excellent. I didn’t love all the routines but that’d be asking the impossible, no? Of the smaller numbers, I enjoyed the tap dance routine and the first contemporary routine the most. I also really liked the hip hop. I was only so-so about the second contemporary and didn’t care for the ballroom at all. But that opening number? Holy cow. That was fantastic! I can’t stop watching it. In fact, I’m going to embed it so you can watch again too! (Well, for as long as it stays up on YT anyway.)

So good, right? It really gives me hope for this season. The FDL was the only thing that kept me going last season but I think this season is going to be great.

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    Ducky says:

    I’m going to risk it all and join you in the SYTYCD FDL. Ugh…

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    [...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by John Cabrera, Rae. Rae said: A post, in which I encourage you to join @johncabrera's SYTYCD-FDL: [...]

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    MzHokie says:

    I am in this time around too.

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    John Cabrera says:

    Thanks for the FDL love Rae!

    Been meaning to comment on this post. First off, couldn’t agree with you more about the stage. “Dislike it” would be putting it lightly. I can’t stand it. Loath it. I mean, it’s mostly a proscenium. That’s meant for straight-on viewing. For LIVE straight on viewing. This isn’t the opera. This is SYTYCMFD!

    I wasn’t a fan of the tap, but you probably know that from my post. And I have to be honest, I think it’s gonna be a hard sell this season. One of the main obstacles for the show is how they’re gonna treat the actual sound of the tapping. Too soft and it just looks like someone wiggling around on stage. Too loud (which is the direction they seem to be going) and it doesn’t feel musical at all. They should just watch the movie “Tap” and then say to their sound guy, “We NEED it to sound exactly like that.”

    Anyway, watching that YouTube clip gives me goosebumps like when I first saw it. This is gonna be a sick (pun utterly intended) season of dance, no question.

    And I have a crazy feeling about the FDL this time… a feeling that it’s gonna be off the chain.