Greek 3×09: Interstate Booty Call   

Greek 3x09: The Wish Pretzel

Thanks to ABC Family, I was able to see this episode early. The downside? I have had to wait what feels like FOREVER to talk about it! And you know we are going to talk about it. How could we not?!

I literally watched those last five minutes of the episode over and over and over again. I might have a small problem with obsession. And then, even though I was exhausted and happy to make it into bed early last night (I had seen Castle early as well), I stayed up and watched it AGAIN. Really, just a tiny problem.

Casey and Cappie share a Thanksgiving meal on GREEK on ABC Family.I suspect long time fans of the show understand though. That last scene has been a long time coming. Casey and Cappie. (They have no shipper name! Or is it the PERFECT shipper name when both of your names are already your shipper name? You decide.) FINALLY. I really hope the show hasn’t brought them back together to rip them apart right away but, damn, if I’m not going to revel in them as much as I can.

As for the scene itself, I loved it. Him being nervous and not being able to get the words out. Her a little freaked out that he walked her home. Hoping that something would come of it but afraid of reading too much into it. Her wish on the Wish-Pretzel! And then she actually tells him he should have come after her at the End of the World party. And he admits that he should have! And he doesn’t try to excuse it! Honestly, that’s probably the best part of it for me. Because there is no excuse. She knows why he didn’t but she also knows it’s a pretty crappy excuse. And he knows too.

Casey and Cappie finally talk on GREEK.

Then, the kiss. Be still my heart. Just the way she’s standing above him on the stairs and he doesn’t let her go. Gah! Scott Michael Foster and his voice? Dreamy. When they both admit to wanting to be with each other? Honestly, you all know I’m fine when my preferred couple aren’t together but, man, when they get their moment? It’s all kinds of lovely.

Casey and Cappie kiss on GREEK.

So, yeah, I’d say I enjoyed the episode. The other parts too! Using Thanksgiving as an excuse to pare down the cast a bit was perfect and gave us some fun pairings that we rarely get. Or, rather, that we haven’t gotten a lot of this season. Cappie and Evan got to spend a little more time in each other’s company. Casey and Becks? We hardly EVER get that and I love it when they’re together. I like where they’re at right now. They aren’t exactly friends but they’re past hating each other guts. Now it’s just about poking fun at the other person than wanting to poke her eyes out. I also liked adding Evan to that mix. I enjoy him with the girls when he’s not trying to hook up with them.

Casey tells Evan she is not interested in him on GREEK.Oh, but that brings me to the one part of the episode that left me shaking my head. I guess I was wrong about the show going down the Cappie/Casey/Evan path, eh? I mean, they aren’t in that they didn’t let it stop Casey and Cappie this time but I’m still disappointed to find out Evan kind of wanted it. Don’t get me wrong, I actually understand Evan still having a thing for Casey. But until this episode he seemed like he wasn’t going to go there again. Him leaning in for a kiss? Sigh. Even more so because I do not wanting him to hurt Becks. Though at this point it seems inevitable since she’s showing some definite interest in him. I’m not seeing any in return from him. (Though, to be fair, he made that move already and got cockblocked by her so maybe he’s just abiding by the rules she set for them?) Anyway, I was glad that Casey wasn’t even tempted by Evan and let him down easy.

What else? I loved the turkey hunt and how dumb the KTs are at figuring out the clues. Loved Cappie realizing he hasn’t really been present at the house since he and Evan re-discovered their friendship. Not sure how much I care about the Rusty and Dale storyline. I mean, I care but I have yet to see one of those storylines take long to be resolved so I’m not sure how much to invest in it at this point. I love their friendship so I hope they can work it out but I’d care more if I knew there was a possibility we’re seeing a fight that could cause a serious break between them. I’m not sure of Dale’s place if he’s not Rusty’s friend but he has become close with Cappie and Calvin so it could work.

Overall, I’m happy that we finally got a “holiday” episode from the show. It’s rare that we do since it makes sense they all leave school for the holidays. Plus! It was actually a pretty quiptastic episode. I laughed out loud at a lot of the little lines and jokes. Some of which I’ve collected for you below:

  • Dale is happy Casey is coming to Thanksgiving dinner on GREEK.“Are you going home or back in time to return that suitcase to its rightful owner?” Zing!
  • “Not the most enthusiastic response but I’ll take it. And I promise you, anything you could have got at home, you’ll get right here!” “I doubt that.” Heh. Becks’ theory about why Casey desires* to see her old boyfriend? Confirmed!
  • “How about you? You going to the Chambers’ Estate to discuss extramarital affairs, fueding families, oil, and murrrder?” ” “You been watching Dynasty on DVD?” “Dynasty? Never heard of it.” “Never mind.” Oh, Evan. It’s ok, you’re allowed to like Dynasty.
  • “And I’ll drive… get it?” “Yeah, that’d be funny if you still had your car.” “Yeah, you should drive.” “I will.” Evan’s attempts to make jokes and Cappie not being impressed will never not make me laugh.
  • “Hello? Anybody home? Regan? Beth? Freddy Krueger?” It’s like we got a Halloween and Thanksgiving episode in one!
  • “I care about old people, I watch Desperate Housewives!” I laughed way too much at that.
  • “I’ve always wondered, with all those giant balloons, there’s not one mischievous guy with a pellet gun?” Haven’t we all wondered that, Cappie?
  • “Golf is slow, I’ll just play fast and catch up.” Yeah, I’m a golfer so it’s funny.
  • “We were just feeling really charitable today.” Love the way the volunteer coordinator looks at her after this line.
  • “I think it’s meant to be ironical.”
  • “You didn’t know, Cap? I thought you knew everything. I’m so disillusioned right now.”
  • “Something about an unruly gopher and explosives.” Again, I’m a golfer. Caddyshack shoutouts make me happy.
  • Casey realizes the double entendre on what she just said on GREEK.“Yeah, I saw you coming. I mean, I said, ‘Hey, here comes Evan.’” The look on Casey’s face? Spencer nailed it.*
  • “You’re stirring that way too fast. If we wanted a stuffing smoothie, I’d just throw it in the blender.”
  • “You guys have any eggs on you? A rancid trout? Anyone need to pee?” A rancid trout? Love those KTs and the random things they say.
  • It’s a small continuity moment but I love that Evan says Cappie is probably skateboarding off the roof with the KTs and then, when Cappie’s giving the speech about how there’s a rule about being nice to fellow houses on Thanksgiving, that’s one of the activities he suggests they invite the Omega Chis over to do.
  • Speaking of continuity, I almost choked on my laughter when the kid came down wearing Ashleigh’s hideous rainbow and cloud shirt. Personally I think he should have taken a lot more than just that one shirt out of her wardrobe. Poor Ash, now we’re all making fun of what she wears!
  • “No Omega Chi is stepping foot inside this house without getting pounded. By my fist. In his face. I don’t know…” Heh. Heath makes me laugh. I’m kind of sad he’s graduating early. I mean, we hardly ever get to see him but I’ll miss his delivery of lines like that.
  • “You know what, if the Cowboys and Indians can do it, so can we!” HA.
  • “I think you’d look gorgeous with any color.” Oh, come on! I had to get one swoon-worthy quote in there!

So, yeah… I kind of loved this episode. What about you?

PS: Here’s a little Greek rap to help you get you through to next week’s fall finale.

* All puns in this post? Intentional.

6 Responses to “Greek 3×09: Interstate Booty Call”

  1. 1
    strunkette says:

    Is it just me or does his face look gigantic compared to hers??? It was totally distracting. No more full screen shots of just their faces please!! I LOVE Cappie and really want Cappie and Casey to be together and happy, but I’ve never noticed how big his head is and I’m afraid it might ruin every kissing scene they have! UGH! Oh and sorry if I’ve now pointed it out and you didn’t know. I could see nothing else!

  2. 2
    LB says:

    Love your review! I’m pretty jealous you got to see this weeks ago but I’ll admit, it was worth the wait.

    LOVED this episode! I sincerely hope that the writers aren’t going to break Casey/Cappie up right away (Casepie? Capsey? I don’t know if there is an appropriate shipper name!)

    The Evan thing bugged me a bit too, it didn’t seem natural at all!

    I enjoyed the KT Turkey Hunt but was thrown off by how dim they made Heath seem, since I was kind of under the impression he was one of the smarter KTs. Ah well, I loved it anyways. Beaver is one of my favourite characters so it was nice for him to have more screentime.

    Glad to see that dumb rainbow shirt of Ashleigh’s go, that was great!

    All in all, great episode. This show is seriously underrated! Ugh it drives me insane. Love it!

  3. 3
    Harper47 says:

    I adored the show. For all the reasons you said but especially for Cappie and Casey. This moment did not disappoint. I was just reeling with the romanticism and awwwww and gorgeous and dear sweet God Cappie is one fantastic guy.

    I’m a little sad Evan went there too. Sigh.

    The Desperate Housewives line cracked me up.

    Heath. Don’t leave us.

    Back to swooning over Cappie and Casey.

  4. 4
    Nicole says:

    I LOVED this episode! Of course the kiss was fantabulous and squee-worthy, but it was just all-around great (except I did miss Cal and Ashley). I love Evan’s character so much, especially when he’s funny, which he got to be here (even if sometimes we were laughing *at* him, hee).

    1st runner up for best line was totally the Desperate Housewives zinger – I would pay to see Terri Hatcher or Eva Longoria see that for the first time.

    Top line by far was Heath’s progressively more hilarious cover-up for his unintentional innuendo. Trailing off with “…I don’t know” at the end was great. I am so going to miss Heath when he’s gone.

  5. 5
    julia says:

    Oh Cappie and Casey together : FINALLY !!!
    But i love Evan and he is so cute with Casey so i understand him making a move to Casey !
    The Evan and Cappie friendship stays my favorite part of this show !
    The three actors have just the right would be cool if Casey had a twin for Evan..sigh..
    I like Rebecca but i don’t want her with Evan, they doesn’t click for me (Casey is definitly more Evan’s type than Reb, c’est la vie)..friends ok but the writers should find them other love interests. My opinion of course.
    Flove Dale !
    Great episode with the star crossed lovers reunion.