Top 5 Questions I’d Like to Ask Glee   

While I love Glee like I love my boyfriend, that doesn’t mean I am all forgiving (just ask my boyfriend!) and willing to let anything go by without question. So here are the Top 5 Things I’d like to ask the powers that be at Glee.

glee-cheerios1. Why do those cheerleaders not have other clothes?
I mean really. I went to not one, but THREE different high schools and at all those schools, the cheerleaders only ever wore their uniforms to class on game days.

2. Why are the committed men so stupid?
How long are we supposed to buy that Mr. Schue is unaware that his wife is faking her pregnancy? And are we really supposed to believe that a 17 yr old boy doesn’t know how babies are made?

glee-avril3. How do these kids know every song without rehearsal?
We’ve seen them do the Journey song twice but other than that, they just seem to know all the lyrics to every song (except Gold-digger?) complete with choreography. Impressive. Or unbelievable.

4. Why would anyone get married if they’re not going to live together?
I know we were shown that Emma didn’t want to be alone forever, but there’s just no possible reason I can buy this engagement as is.

5. When are we going to get to hear Sue sing?
C’mon, you know that’s the question everyone really wants an answer to!

What would you ask the folks at Glee if you could?

4 Responses to “Top 5 Questions I’d Like to Ask Glee”

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    Eolivet says:

    I’ve actually never had a problem with #1 (don’t get me started on #2 and #3 — I can buy that Finn is that dumb, but Will? Yeesh… :/ ) I figure Sue probably mandates her Cheerios eat, sleep and breathe cheerleading, and I wouldn’t be surprised if that was one of her directives. I also think it’s a great visual reminder of how much the cheerleaders “rule” the school — it’s like they’re cheerleaders first, and students second. ;p

  2. 2
    Anita says:

    My issue would be #2…I can get Finn, but I wouldn’t think Will would be so naively trusting…then again, I think he’s used to humoring his wife and wouldn’t be able to comprehend her lying about something so big and so important to him.

    As for #4…realistically Emma wants a gay companion, that doesn’t want to touch her and is a neat freak. She hasn’t even let what’s his name touch her hand yet without needing to scrub it, has she? I do think she doesn’t want to be alone, but between her hangups and the fact that whatshisname doesn’t distract her from her hangups like Will does, she thinks that the only solution and she can tell herself that she won’t be alone now, because she is married.

    The one you didn’t list that I have a hard time buying, is that Terri and her sister were able to coerce the ob/gyn to lie for her and be an accomplice in faking her pregnancy. He could have said he’s unable to treat her and referred her to the other ob/gyn, who then would have to deal with her. Sure, they could still threaten to sue him, but I just had a hard time buying that he’d cave that way…

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    Rae says:

    Re #5, I suspect never. Jane Lynch has said she can’t sing so it’s not likely. Altho it would be awesome. At least we got her dancing last night!

    I’m on board with you regarding #4, it’s just beyond ridiculous. And I think it bugged me the most because Emma has actually been the most down-to-earth character on the show until that moment. Yes, she’s got her hangups and quirks but I loved how practical she’s been about everything else. Even agreeing to date Ken can be seen as practical. The marriage sham? Not so much. It feels so over the top and there’s no need for it.

    #3 doesn’t bug me at all because I continue to feel like what we’re seeing is not fact. The numbers don’t actually happen like we’re seeing them and don’t sound like we’re hearing them so naturally I don’t really believe they know the songs so effortlessly. I continue to view all the musical numbers as fantastical rather than realistic. It is how they see themselves performing them, not how they are actually performing them… if that makes any sense?

    The fake preganancy doesn’t bother me nearly as much as it does others. Or, rather, the storyline bugs the shit out of me but the idea that he wouldn’t know doesn’t. Except maybe that the show put her in a fake stomach so soon. It’s totally something she would feel is necessary but, realistically, Terri wouldn’t even be showing any actual visible signs of pregnancy at this point anyway. Note how the show does NOT worry about Quinn looking pregnant. I just think they’ve been inconsistent because, while I don’t think Shue would know yet that Terri isn’t pregnant based on anything phsyical, the fact that Terri put on the stomach so soon means there is something that should give it away.

    As for Finn… yeah, that’s something I can’t quite get behind. I think they need to have him realize it pretty damn quickly or I’ll be further annoyed by it. I don’t mind him believing it for a little while but eventually he has to realize how stupid it is, right?

    As for my question, it would be why they can’t let a story play out over multiple episodes instead of always showing us the same back and forth each week. I’d be more likely to believe Finn was having a hard time leading the football team because he had to choose between football and Glee if he was actually gone from Glee from more than a few hours. Ya know? They could get more drama from the club trying to come up with something they can do at sectionals than constantly showing one Glee person leaving just to return by the end of the episode. At least Rachel was kind of gone for two episodes.

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