RTVW Giveaway: White Collar Prize Packs   

ETA: This giveaway is now over! Congratulations to Patty A, our grand prize winner, and Tommy and Candy, our runners-up! And thanks to everyone else who participated!

Psych may be gone until later this winter but this Friday brings us a new USA show that I’m super excited about, White Collar. And, no, I’m not just saying that because I got to visit the set of the show last month. Quite the opposite. The only reason I was willing to fly myself up to NYC to talk with the stars was because I absolutely love this show. Granted, I’ve only seen the first episode so far but I’ve watched that episode at least six times now. That’s how much I love it. Look for my slightly more coherent and critical review tomorrow.

WHITE COLLAR - Pictured: (l-r) Matthew Bomer as Neal Caffrey, Tim DeKay as Peter Burke - USA Network Photo: David GiesbrechtTo solve the hardest crimes, hire the smartest criminal! USA Network’s new series, White Collar, premieres Friday, October 23 at 10pm/9c. White Collar, stars Matt Bomer (Chuck, Tru Calling), Tim DeKay (Tell Me You Love Me, Carnivàle), Tiffani Thiessen (What About Brian, Fastlane) and Willie Garson (Sex and the City, John from Cincinnati). White Collar is about the most unlikely of partnerships between a con artist and an FBI agent. The story unfolds after charming criminal mastermind Neal Caffrey (Bomer) is caught by his nemesis, G-Man extraordinaire Peter Burke (DeKay). Rather than returning to jail for this daring getaway, Neal suggests an alternate plan – providing his expertise to assist the Feds in putting away infamous and elusive criminals in return for his freedom. Follow White Collar online: Official Site, Facebook Fan Page, or Twitter.

What better way to celebrate the premiere than with some free stuff? Well, thanks to USA Network, we’ve got some awesome prizes to give away.

One Grand Prize winner will receive The White Collar Ultimate Gentlemen’s Bag!
Inspired by Neal Caffrey’s classic style and taste for luxury, the Ultimate Gentleman’s Bag features a collection of sophisticated essentials that will delight both male and female stylemakers alike. Neal himself will want to get his hands on this bag, the perfect accessory for fall, including:

    Enter to win this White Collar prize pack!

  • Portolano Cashmere Scarf
  • Links of London Leather Credit Card Case
  • Striped Pajama Pants
  • Kiehl’s Crème with Silk Groom
  • La Maison Du Chocolat Truffles
  • Two Cotton Pocket Squares
  • Thomas Pink Custom Collar Stays
  • Stainless Steel Flask
  • 4-Piece Manicure Set
  • Six-in-One Game Set
  • The Modern Gentleman
  • Neal’s Little Black Book
  • Set of Cufflinks
  • White Collar T-Shirt

Two additional winners will also recieve this White Collar gift bag.Two Additional winners will receive a White Collar Gift Bag including:

  • Six-in-One Game Set
  • The Modern Gentleman
  • Neal’s Little Black Book
  • White Collar T-Shirt

To enter, tell me if (and why) you plan to check out White Collar in the comments below by Thursday, November 5th! Winners will be chosen at random and notified the next day.

Eligibility Note: Open only to US residents (no P.O. Boxes), 18 years of age or older.

36 Responses to “RTVW Giveaway: White Collar Prize Packs”

  1. 1
    Kyle says:

    I’ll definitely be checking this out–I’ve enjoyed all of the USA Network “characters welcome” shows, and why should this be any different?! Plus, it’ll be nice to see “Brice Larkin” in another role.

  2. 2
    Dana says:

    I saw a promotion for this while watching Psych the other day, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to see Matt Bomer, aka Bryce Larkin, back on my television screen. I am definitely going to check out White Collar. It looks like a great mix of spy, cop, comedy, and drama. Love a snarky protagonist.

  3. 3
    Candy says:

    I’ll be checkin this out. I love almost all of USA network shows.

  4. 4
    Debbie E says:

    I don’t mean to kiss up, ok maybe a little, but something from TVx3 (spell it all out) struck me. You mentioned that White Collar was the 1st USA show since Burn Notice you’ve connected w/. I’ve also felt the magic lacking in their more recent offerings & I’m eager to recapture it.

  5. 5
    Irene says:

    If USA starts putting out a lot of stinkers I’ll have to be more circumspect, but meanwhile I’ll check out anything new they offer.

  6. 6
    Jonnie H says:

    I don’t get the USA network here in canada but if it gets shown on another network here, I would defonately check it out because I try to watch most new shows and see what I think.

  7. 7
    Stephanie P. says:

    I definitely plan on checking out this show! It looks to be another great USA character driven show, plus I’ve liked Matt Bomer in everything I’ve seen him in.

  8. 8
    strunkette says:

    I will definitely give this one a shot. I’m a huge fan of USA’s original programming (Psych and Burn Notice being my favorites.) I love their multiple airings :) I’m really excited to see Brice Larkin back on my tv screen. I would have wanted him back on Chuck, but that would be bad for Sarah and Chuck. I’ll take the next best thing with Matt Bomer on a new show!

  9. 9
    Jamie says:

    I’ve already set up my season pass. The promo looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing a fun show.

  10. 10
    BlackTsChica says:

    USA Network is THE network for me. I’m Mental for Psych and Hot for Burn Notice, so I know I’ll be Hooked on White Collar! Bring it! :)

  11. 11
    Sheryl says:

    USA always gives great tv and I can’t wait to see ‘White Collar’. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that Matt Bomer (can u believe I’ve never seen him in anything before)looks to be a great lead. Also, it will help me while waiting for my other USA favs to return.

  12. 12
    Patty A says:

    I have the DVR set and will most definitely plan on checking out this show! Matt Bomer is hot and I loved him in Chuck so it is cool to see more of him in his own show.

  13. 13
    Aislinn says:

    I will definitely be watching it live because I absolutely adore Matt Bomer – and give me a snarky hot protagonist and you’ve got me.

  14. 14
    Trevor says:

    Can’t wait to see this. We’re in a new era of crime, and this show will surely strike a cord with it’s audience who has been mesmerized by the likes of Madoff, insider trading, and other white collar crimes. Can’t wait to watch!

  15. 15
    Jeff Legg says:

    I definitely am going to check White Collar out! The previews kind of have the feel of how the tail end of the movie “Catch Me If You Can” was, and I loved the movie with Hanks and Decaprio. It looks like it is well done and am looking forward to it.

  16. 16
    Vic says:

    I loved Catch Me if you Can, and from the previews Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay have the same fun-yet-tense dynamics down to a tee. Really looking forward to their interactions on the small screen!

  17. 17
    big mak says:

    I always check out all the new usa shows, but this one seem like the best one yet. can’t wait

  18. 18
    Laura DeLuca says:

    I have heard alot of good reviews so I plan to watch it

  19. 19
    Erica says:

    I always loved “It Takes a Thief” and this seems like the modern update

  20. 20
    Margie P says:

    Since White Collar was announced, I intended to check it out. However, it became a must-see when Natalie Morales aka Dubbie made series regular. Art Crawl!

  21. 21
    Dave says:

    I am checking out White Collar because it is a USA program. Burn Notice is the best and they are saying if you like Burn Notice you will like White Collar. It will be great to paricipate in some of the cons that they pull off. Can’t wait!

  22. 22
    txcranberry says:

    I have been looking forward to this show since the first ad aired. Big fan of all USA programs and expect that this show too will become one of my favorites.

  23. 23
    leah douglas says:

    usa’s shows are usually good and matthew bomer is a cutie!

  24. 24
    sunny says:

    USA has a very good track record with shows that interest me.

  25. 25
    Tommy Cucchiara says:

    I’m definitely checking it out, because the concept has absolutely hooked me in!

  26. 26
    Spencer Barrett says:

    I’ll be checking this show out because the story sounds really interesting. I love Psych, so this show I’m sure will also be good. I’m also a Tiffani-Thiessen fan so I can’t wait to see her on the tv again. Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  27. 27
    Paul Park says:

    Obviously, I will be watching the newest episodes of the tv show again and again for the months to come because I was so blown away by the first episode!

    The only downside? I caught this show early on and I have to WAIT each week for more!!! This is going to be such a great season! I can’t wait!!!

  28. 28
    Spencer Pratt says:

    This is going to be such a great show because of all the twists and turns that you don’t expect! Not like the other tv crime dramas that are always so easily predicted! Can’t wait to watch all the new episodes to come!

  29. 29
    Shannon says:

    I tried really hard to get into Royal Pains but after sticking with it for the full first half of the season (full season?), I don’t think I’ll be watching it anymore – it just doesn’t interest me. White Collar tho? I’m already more interested in it – just from the commercials and previews. And I just watched the premiere last night – and I loved every minute – specifically the friendship between the two leads (they have great chemistry) – and the complete lack of a romantic triangle…that is so tired and I don’t want to see it – can’t wait til we get to meet Kate and learn more about Neal’s past – I’m all in!! :)

  30. 30
    Kaitlyn R says:

    The USA network consistently puts out quality television shows, and White Collar is no exception. I greatly enjoyed the pilot. It is probably my favorite new T.V. show this season. I’m definitely hooked, and I cannot wait for the next episode!

  31. 31
    Kim H says:

    Checked it out and loved it!!

  32. 32

    We don’t get USA, but I love crime shows and would love to watch this new one sometime. I’ll have to check out Amazon on Demand for TiVo :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  33. 33
    Sara says:

    2 episodes in and I am loving it! This show is really great – and I’m just going to say it – Matthew Bomer is hot!!

  34. 34
    Peter says:

    Yes, I have already watched the pilot (a few times too)! I happened onto White Collar through Hulu and am so glad I did. I’m not much of a fan of procedural type shows where cops solve cases episode by episode. White Collar kind of has that going on, but it does it EXTREMELY well. And I will tell you why!

    1. GREAT actors. They’re pretty awesome. Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay are quite talented and make the characters of Neal and Peter very likable. All of the subtle things that Peter portrays on screen make him a cop you want to root for. They could easily be a pair of guys who bumble and fumble through cases and grate on each others (as well as our) nerves, but they have fantastic chemistry which makes the show both interesting and fun. Even Tiffani Thiessen (formerly known as Kelly Kapowski) does a great job of being the loving wife.

    2. GREAT writing. The overall story is about Neal, a white collar criminal helping out FBI agent Peter solve cases in exchange for semi-freedom. Neal’s deal is trying to find out what happened to his girlfriend while he was in jail. Sounds boring? The writers make sure that it’s not. The week to week crime solving is also pretty good so far. As I said before, I don’t like procedurals but I have been really liking White Collar so far.

    If anything, everyone should give the pilot a watch. The characters could very easily be stereotypical and irritating and who knows what else, but fortunately they’re fresh and fun.

  35. 35
    Lily says:

    I finally got the chance to watch both episodes, and I have to say that I’m impressed! The pilot especially was neat and stylish, and the actors really gave it their all. At first I thought it would be one of those shows where you root for Neal and laugh at everyone he successfully one-ups, but Peter and Elizabeth have really won me over as a realistic, down-to-earth duo who are sweet and pragmatic at the same time. Can’t wait for episode 3!

  36. 36
    Naomi P says:

    I love detective shows so I’ll be checking this one out!