Greek 3×07: “Have fun and good luck with your… crazy.”   

Rusty puts his foot in his mouth yet again when talking to a girl on GREEK.I loved last night’s Greek. So much in fact that, even though I had watched my screener of it twice earlier in the day, I still sat down and watched it live last night. It wasn’t a perfect hour, Rusty’s foot-in-mouth storyline was pretty lame. We all knew he was going to realize he was being stupid to break up with Jordan just because she was moving away. I wouldn’t have predicted she’d want to stay broken up once he finally wised up. Not that she was wrong, Rusty was definitely just as interested in being in a relationship as he was being in a relationship with her.

Of course, this brings up the one issue I continue to have with this show. They’re storylines are more like vignettes. With the exception of the ongoing Casey/Cappie/Evan storyline, there’s very little plot on this show. Don’t get me wrong, we get some great character moments out these throwaway stories and I do think college life does kind of lend itself to these kind of brief stories. And I do give the show credit for always remaining true to the characters. The stories may go nowhere but the characters continue to move forward. That’s a definite plus.

I can’t figure out if it’s somewhat due to the nature of the world they’ve set up and their need for a lot of recurring bit players to play various fraternity/sorority members but they can’t ever seem to keep new people around long enough for me to buy that something’s actually going to happen. A factor that may explain why so many people hated the recent Rusty/Jordan storyline. Personally I think she’d have been an interesting addition to the cast given that she wasn’t nearly as into being a sorority sister as the other girls and she was sporty and she, in a way, was more of a KT than Rusty himself. Her struggle to accept sorority life could have made for some unique stories. Alas, I (and pretty much everyone else) was fairly certain she was not permanent which meant it was awfully hard to buy into her relationship with Rusty. And, understandably, a reason to be annoyed said relationship was the focus of so many episodes this past season.

Ashleigh and Fisher talk about their relationship on GREEK.Not that I’ve minded. Like I said, I’d have been happy if they had actually made her a regular and I liked that we were actually getting an extended story for someone other than Casey for once. I actually this season has been one of the best of the series. Casey, while still pining for Cappie, is actually focusing on something other than her love life. Ashleigh is struggling with both personal and house problems. Rebecca has rebounded nicely from her screw-up with Fisher at the beginning of the season (though I still don’t quite understand if there’s a why other using her as a plot device to cause tension) and I love how she has become a character who I enjoy watching interact with everyone on the cast. Cappie and Evan are rediscovering their friendship and it’s making me wish it happened long ago! I mean, I don’t really wish that as the whole reason it works now is because we’ve seen them butting heads for so long. But, if there’s one thing I love on this show, it’s how they handle friendships and I really like what they’re doing with Cappie and Evan.

Which leads me to the very reason I loved this episode… Casey determined to figure out whether Cappie and Evan were rebuilding their friendship or not. And, if so, why they insisted on keeping it a secret. All of the scenes with Casey playing Nancy Drew cracked me up. I love how she tries to trick Cappie into revealing what’s going on and he’s with Evan when he gets the message. That fake fight, now that was some funny stuff. First with Evan doing a horrible job pretending to still hate Cappie and Cappie making fun of him for it even as he’s trying to convince Casey it’s true. And the looks on their faces as they’re pushing each other around?! Brilliant. Even more brilliant? The “oh shit” look on both of their faces when they realize the guys from their houses come rushing at them. Ha.

Cappie and Evan “Fight”

But, then, Cappie steals Evan’s joke and Casey knows. That moment was pretty great. I thought it was going to be the cleaning supplies that made her keep spying on them but, no, it’s the joke. Love that she sends Ashleigh into the KT house with a basket of fruit knowing the guys won’t ever open it to discover the baby monitor. There was a lot of comedy gold in that scene. And more in the moments that follow when she discovers their secret.

More importantly, it’s then we find out the answer to Ashleigh’s question at the beginning of the episode. Why is Casey so concerned about Cappie and Evan and what may or may not be going on with them? Because she’s always felt responsible for the end of their friendship. For a moment there she’s really excited at the idea of going back to what they used to be but I was glad the writers didn’t go for the cheap laughs or storylines. Having Casey in the secret society would open up some story doorways but it would have been the wrong way forward for her character. Instead, she realizes this is their place. (“We’ll always have down here.” — Goonies shoutout!) And, quite frankly, I’m happy about that decision because it renews my faith the show is not going back to the Cappie/Casey/Evan triangle. The only romantic overtones in those scenes were Casey’s jealousy over Cappie’s new girl. Nothing else. And that’s why I loved this episode.

Evan, Casey, and Cappie secretly raise their glasses to each other on GREEK.

As for the rest of it, they did a much better job of representing a Comic Con than other shows have in recent memory. Complete with lots of little surprises. Like the brief visual shoutout to another, dearly departed, ABC Family show… The Middleman! I grabbed the clip from Hulu, it’s literally just the first two seconds of this clip but I included a little of Dale being Dale too:

The Middleman Visual Shoutout!

Now that you know my thoughts, what are yours?

5 Responses to “Greek 3×07: “Have fun and good luck with your… crazy.””

  1. 1
    julia says:

    Evan/Casey/Cappie are the best thing on this show.
    The actors are just awesome together one word : chemistry
    It is maybe the first time i love a triangle.
    And of course is icing on the cake !
    Way to go Greek !! Smart guilty pleasure !

  2. 2
    julia says:

    i mean the icing on the cake is Dale of course !!! lol

  3. 3
    Harper47 says:

    It truly was a fantastic episode of Greek this week. I loved all the things you mentioned and except for the lame Rusty storyline, it truly was a great episode. I still want Casey and Cappie together but I love the friendship the two have developed. Just a great, great episode.

    Great review.

  4. 4
    Teri says:

    I agree with your issues WRT the central plotting of the show. The characters and their different relationships are so strong, they really deserve stronger storyarc support sometimes. The Greek system stuff is ok but it’s not something you can really invest in hardcore so far.

    ITA with your review though. This was a really strong episode and I like how they’ve been handling this season so far.

  5. 5
    LB says:

    Ahh, I love Greek! This show ALWAYS makes me smile.

    I really enjoyed the episode as well. I have to say that I was worried about the Casey/Cappie/Evan triangle, but I really like how it was handled last night. The storyline between the three of them was the definite highlight of the episode.

    Strangely, and against my better judgement, I find myself liking Evan. I tried to resist, but I can’t any longer!

    Loved the references to Clueless and The Goonies.

    Not too into Rusty’s storyline, and I find it a bit confusing re: if Jordan’s really gone. Is she going to be on random video chats for a few episodes and then disappear, or is she actually gone, I wonder?