Forget Chuck Not: Chuck News & Decorations   

Ack! Hurrying to get this one up before the end of the day. So I apologize in advance for the suckiness of this particular Forget Chuck Not post. Life got in the way of my usual post prep. Damn you, Life.

CHUCK Buy More group photo from season two.

So, my fellow Chuckies (ok, that doesn’t sound right — Chuckites? Buy Morians? Whatever!), we got some interesting news this week. I’m torn. Naturally I want to see more of the crew above as soon as possible. That is, after all, why I post about the show each Monday. On the other hand, I don’t want the show to be the finger NBC is sticking in the dike, ya know? There aren’t a lot of empty slots on their schedule where Chuck would thrive at the moment. Not to mention there’s been no promotion for the show’s new season. If we thought we had a problem with viewers finding it before?! Ack. I do not want the show to come back just to tank.

Although… If it’ll get NBC and Warner Brothers to release the season two DVDs, I may reconsider my position on the matter. GIVE ME MY DVDS!!

Ahem. Yeah. This post. Sigh. Here, have a Chuck goodie (or two) to make up for my lack of real content?


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