The Office: Waiting For His Wife   

Jim and Pam talk about their wedding on THE OFFICE.

You guys. I can not stop re-watching the wedding scene from last night’s The Office episode. It’s like a sickness. A sickness that makes me all squishy inside and never fails to leave me with tears streaming down my face. It was, without a doubt, one of the best executed TV weddings I’ve seen. The episode itself was not without flaws but, damn, they hit every character note perfectly in that one scene.

I’ve never been happier to have avoided all news, photos, videos, and spoilers about an episode in my life.

Like I said, I didn’t think the entire episode was great. While Jim and Pam’s wedding felt like it should deserve an hour-long episode, ultimately I think both halves would have been better served if they had split them apart. The first half felt like mostly filler for an incredible second half.

Of course, that’s partly because the first half included two scenes, while well done, I’d be perfectly happy to never watch again. I’m a sympathetic vomiter, though it’s more of an olfactory response than anything else. Still, my gag reflex almost kicked in with all the gratuitous vomit shots. And that’s all I’m going to say about it because I’m having a bit of a reaction just thinking about it again. Then there was the rehearsal dinner. My finger hovered over the fast forward button throughout that scene and I did actually zoom past Michael’s toast the first time. (But I did love Jim being the one to screw up and give away Pam’s pregnancy. His look of horror when he realizes what he’s done and then his attempt to backpedal? Amazing. Plus it was a great reference back to Michael making a similar mistake when he gave away Stanley’s secret a few episodes ago.)

But on to the stuff I really loved. Like Jim and Pam’s mental pictures. It was cheesy and had me laughing out loud in the car.

Pam: Hey my aunt told me something neat.
Jim: Yeah?
Pam: She said everything with the wedding goes by so fast we should try to take mental pictures of the high points.
Jim: Oh, wow, that’s cool.
Pam: Yeah.
Jim scrolls the mental pictures on his mental camera on THE OFFICE.Jim: (mimes taking a mental picture) Click! Oh, you blinked. Dammit, now that’s in my brain forever.
Pam: Oh.
Jim: (mimes scrolling through his mental camera looking at mental pictures) Lousy picture.
Pam: We should have hired a professional to take the mental pictures.

Then Pam’s teary mental camera at the wedding? TEARS! From cheesy to adorably sweet, just like that.

Pam takes a mental picture when Jim cuts his tie to make her feel better on THE OFFICE.

A couple of other non-wedding scene moments I loved:

  • “Why would they make the bad man your boss if you’re so much smarter?” Hahaha. I knew Dwight was going to end up at the kids table but I loved him telling the story about Jim the bad man stealing the job he wanted.
  • Oscar’s utter horror at Pam’s sister thinking Kevin is his partner. “You owe me an apology.”
  • Pam working so hard to keep the guys away from her sister only to have her mother pull Michael into her room in that last shot.
  • Michael’s hopeful “There’s going to be a free room?” when he hears Pam’s Meemaw is going to leave early. But then he convinces her to attend anyway. Of all the people at the wedding, besides Jim and Pam, Michael really was the person most invested in it being a great day for them.
  • Pam calling Jim to take Andy to the hospital and him being too wasted to do it and then him “pushing” her off the phone. (“No! Let’s talk for a long time.”) Although my enjoyment of that was slightly lessened when we then saw Jim and he didn’t appear to be as drunk as he seemed on the phone.
  • Pam in her glasses.
  • Pam swerving the car to get back at Andy. I kinda love Pam and Andy scenes.
  • Andy: “Who told you that?!” Jim: “I may have told some people that.”

Oh, and Jim’s entire speech at the dinner…

“Four years ago I was just a guy who had a crush on a girl who had a boyfriend. And I had to do the hardest thing I ever had to do, which was just to wait. Don’t get me wrong I flirted with her. Pam, I can now admit in front of friends and family that I do know how to make a photocopy. I didn’t need your help that many times. And do you remember how long it took you to teach me to drive stick? (Pam: Like a year). I’ve been driving stick since high school. For a really long time that’s all I had. Little moments with a girl who saw me as a friend. And a lot of people told me I was crazy to wait this long for a date with a girl who I worked with, but I think, even then I knew, I was waiting for my wife.”

But enough of that. Let’s move on to the big event. Or right before it, at least. Jim cutting his tie to make Pam feel better? I’m glad we get it on video because a mental picture isn’t enough for me. And them running off to have their own wedding might be a bit cliché (at least in tv/film) but it worked here because they don’t cheat anyone else of the wedding they wanted to attend. They just manage to create a perfect moment for themselves amidst the craziness. And, in doing so, they also gave us both the fun wedding and the touching sentimental wedding at the same time.

(Note: I teared up just writing that last sentence!)

What made the wedding most poignant for me? The looks Jim and Pam exchange as the others dance down the aisle. We’ve watched their relationship grow and change via looks exchanged across the office floor. It’s only right their wedding should have the same flavor. Overlaying the secret wedding at the Falls with their raised eyebrows and smiles to each other? It’s quintessential Jim and Pam. It’s what made me fall in love with these two and why I was so happy for this fictional wedding. Everyone involved delivered the perfect wedding this show (and its fans) deserved. I can’t wait to go watch it again (and again).

Jim and Pam get married on THE OFFICE.
Jim and Pam get married on THE OFFICE.

But wait! That last Jim talking head and the little smile he gives the camera on the boat? Melted my heart.

“I bought those boat tickets the day I saw that YouTube video. I knew we’d need a backup plan.
The boat was actually Plan C. The church was Plan B. And Plan A was…
Marrying her a long, long time ago. Pretty much the day I met her.”

Jim and Pam enjoying the view after they get married on THE OFFICE.

Jim shows the camera his happiness after marrying Pam on THE OFFICE.

PS: I’m not a fan of the song. It’s overplayed. But I did think it ended up being a perfect song for Jim and Pam. Just listen to the words as you re-watch the scene:

4 Responses to “The Office: Waiting For His Wife”

  1. 1
    Kyle says:

    This was an excellent episode! I didn’t realize it was going to be an hour-long episode until I was like 45 min into it.

    Loved Michael’s and Dwight’s wedding gifts–especially when the turtle escaped and Dwight is going to put it back in the box. :) Got to order Michael’s picture from the NBC store.

    The intermixed wedding sequences were great–I should have guessed the Chris Brown/YouTube thing would be there–but it hadn’t been years since it was popular–thought it would have been too recent for Michael.

    The cold opening was great when it turned into Stand By Me

    Only cringed once–when Michael was trying to “fix” things ;)

  2. 2
    Polter-Cow says:

    Overlaying the secret wedding at the Falls with their raised eyebrows and smiles to each other? It’s quintessential Jim and Pam.
    Eeeee! You’re so right!

    Got to order Michael’s picture from the NBC store.
    You can do that??? It was so adorable!

  3. 3
    stayingin says:

    That last shot of Jim looking at the camera was perfection! And I think Pam has her hand on her stomach. It’s just…wow, they’re a family now.

  4. 4
    GMMR says:

    I agree…with everything.