Friday Fun: Love It / Loathe It / Looking Again   

Friday Fun!It’s been a little while since we’ve had any Friday Fun around here, but this being a Friday before a long weekend (in Canada) has me wanting to play instead of work! So, in honour of the Fall 2009 TV season being one-month-old today, let’s talk about the new shows we’re watching.

Today’s game is simple – you have three categories:  Love It, Loathe It, & Looking Again – and all you have to do is tell us which one of the new shows you are loving, loathing and still trying to decide on.

Here are my choices:

Love It: Cougar Town – I really, really love this show. It not only makes me laugh out loud, it really speaks to me. Jules actually makes me feel more normal! A big YAY! to ABC for the full-season pick-up!

Loathe It: Mercy – After three attempts to watch the premiere, I finally gave up on this one about half-way through.

Looking Again: The Vampire Diaries – One week I’m over it (cheerleading & football?) and the next week I love it (witches and imprisonment!). Still trying to decide on this one.

Alright, now please tell us your choices in the comments below. You never know… you might just tip someone else off to the great show that they’re missing!

2 Responses to “Friday Fun: Love It / Loathe It / Looking Again”

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    Rae says:

    Love It: Modern Family – I’m not finding it nearly as funny as everyone else but it’s got a heart I enjoy. Three episodes in and I’m already in love with this family.

    Loathe It: The Vampire Diaries – That seems unfair. I don’t think I loathe any show out there but, if there’s a show I’m not willing to give a second shot, it’s this one. That’s the only reason I put it here. But I think that same criteria applies to Melrose Place, The Good Wife, the forgotten, Trauma, and Mercy. I watched one episode and I’m not interested in watching any more. (Actually, I watched 2 episodes of TVD.)

    Looking Again: Flash Forward – I have a post in me about this one. I keep trying to like it but I’m not connecting with the characters and I think it lacks the kind of story I need week to week at this point. / The Middle – I think I’m missing what everyone else sees but I want to love it. If only because I love the youngest son’s whispering.

  2. 2

    Love It: Modern Family – The show is at its best when the family interacts so hopefully they don’t keep them seperate like the second episode because that is where the funny is.

    Loathe It: The Cleveland Show – Family Guy should have stayed canceled and that it was resurected and produced two spin-offs is really making me loose faith in humanity.

    Looking Again: Trauma: I keep telling myself it is from the same guy that brought us Friday Night Lights so it has to get better. Right?Since they are out of jobs, hopefully the show recuites Lyla Garrity, Smash Williams and Jason Street.