Forget Chuck Not: “How could you not know Bryce Larkin?”   

I’m headed to New York tomorrow to visit the set of the new USA show, White Collar. I’m super excited about it. Know why? I get to meet freaking Bryce Larkin!! Sure, he’ll be masquerading as Matthew Bomer but I’m pretty sure that’s just Bryce’s latest cover. Because if the man can “die” once and come back to life, I’m pretty sure he can do it again. In honor of my trip, I figured it’d be a good time to take a look back at Bryce Larkin and just what we know about the man.

Girl at Party: So Ellie said you went to Stanford?
Chuck: Yes, that’s technically correct.
Girl at Party: I graduated in ’02. What was your major?
C: Engineering.
Girl at Party: Oh my God, I knew this great guy. He was an engineer. Um, he ran track. And I think he was a gymnast too.
Chuck: Bryce Larkin, he was my roommate.
Girl at Party: Oh, yes, what’s he doing now?
Chuck: I think he’s an accountant.

How we first meet Bryce Larkin on CHUCK.

Or not.

Sarah: How well do you know Bryce Larkin?
Chuck: What? How do you—How do you know Bryce?
Sarah: We worked together at the CIA.
Chuck: The what?! The CIA? Bryce is a spy? Bryce Larkin for Connecticut is a spy?
Sarah: A rouge spy.

Bryce runs after blowing up The Intersect.

Oh, yeah he is. Poor Chuck. The guy who got him kicked out of Stanford and stole the love of his life is something as mundane as an accountant. He’s a honest to goodness spy, a regular 007. And he’s once again the driving force of change in Chuck’s life. “Larkin over Bartowski. Again.”

Of course, as we find out in 1×07, “Chuck Versus the Alma Mater,” there was more to the story than Chuck knew. Both times. As Chuck discovers, “Bryce framed me for cheating to save me.” To stop the CIA from recruiting Chuck whether he wanted it or not.

Chuck saves this picture with Bryce from the trash after he learns the truth.

That doesn’t smooth everything over, though, as Chuck then finds out that Bryce is Sarah’s old boyfriend and it stirs up all those old feelings of competing with Bryce when he shows up alive again. But when you see the guy kissing your girl in your bedroom, can you blame him?

Chuck sees Sarah and Bryce kissing in his room.

In the end, Bryce is sent off on a top secret mission to infiltrate Fulcrum leaving Chuck and Sarah to pick up the pieces of their… “fake” relationship. Just when they seem to get things back on track in salsas Agent Larkin. Literally.

Chuck: See this is what I’m talking about, General, finally a mission I can sink my teeth into. Dust off the tux, polish off the dancing shoes.
General Beckman: No, Chuck, this is mission is going to require a real spy.

Bryce and Sarah go undercover on CHUCK.

Oh, snap. And their Lambada is scandalous! No wonder it’s forbidden!

Once the mission is over, Bryce blows back out of town but not before warning Chuck that Sarah’s feelings for him puts her in danger. Well that and leaving Chuck a little present. Can’t have the Intersect being out-of-date, can we?

Of course that’s not the last time we see of Bryce. When Chuck finally has the Intersect removed from his head, Sarah is reassigned to work the Intersect project with Bryce. When Roark attempts to threaten Ellie, Bryce offers himself up as the Human Intersect. Unfortunately this leads to him getting taken at the end of the episode with Chuck and Sarah rushing to save him. Alas, they are too late. In his final moments, Bryce warns Chuck the Intersect is too powerful now and begs him to destroy it. But Chuck, fearing he won’t be able to keep Sarah safe any other way, ignores him and downloads the new system into his head anyway. Methinks he should have listened to Bryce…

Bryce dies warning Chuck against using the new Intersect.

R.I.P. Bryce Larkin. We thought you were a dick but turns out you were pretty damn decent.

4 Responses to “Forget Chuck Not: “How could you not know Bryce Larkin?””

  1. 1
    Annie C. says:

    aw that’s a really great entry, good ol Bryce- RIP indeed!

  2. 2
    Just Jody says:

    Yes, awesome tribute to Bryce.

    That top image will always make me think of Comic-Con 07 when I leaned over to you and said: “Wow. That guy’s really hot!”
    And you said: “Don’t get too attached.”

  3. 3
    Maggie says:

    I definitely won’t forget Chuck with great posts like this! I’m looking forward to White Collar, it looks good.

  4. 4
    Cynder says:

    Bryce death depressed me so much.I think they could have brought him back to life if Matthew bomer hadn’t gotton the role in white collar,after all they’ve done it before.