Thursday TV: Impossible Choices   

We’ve slowly been easing into the new Fall TV season. Until today. Why do Thursday nights feel like a slap in the face? Is it really necessary to shove so many shows into one night of the week? Seems like the networks would be better off, overall, if they found a way to spread the love around.

Especially vexing for me tonight is the lack of a second TV. It’s tiny so it’s good for checking the weather and watching the last five minutes of something from bed but not exactly conducive to enjoying an entire episode of television. Granted, I’m totally to blame. I sold my other two TVs last month with the intention of replacing them with a new, relatively small, flat screen. I need my TV to take up a lot less space in my bedroom. Space is a serious commodity, people! Even for a TV whore like me.

ANYWAY. I still have my second DVR so it’s not like I can’t record the shows but I know it’ll take me forever to watch anything on the second DVR. So I’m faced with an impossible choice tonight. I like to watch The Office and then Supernatural on Thursday nights. It’s my usual routine. BUT. BUT. I also like to watch Fringe in HD because the visuals on that show definitely enhance the experience.

Factoring into my decision is the fact that The Office is always available online the next day. Of course, so is Fringe. And last year I did watch Fringe online more than I watched it any other way. Do I just continue with that course of action? Decisions, decisions.

Season 5 of IASIP returns tonight on FX at 10PM. CR: Patrick McElhenney / FXI know you guys don’t care about my DVR woes. And we all know this ramble-y post is just an excuse to remind that… It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia is back tonight!!

I think it’s pretty funny. Next week is hilarious but tonight’s got several good laughs. Dee comes up with a scheme that, quite frankly, I’m surprised it’s taken her this long to hit upon. Don’t miss it!

Oh and these shows are back/premiere too:

  • Bones
  • The Office
  • Community
  • Fringe

Then there the new episodes of Supernatural and Project Runway. At 11PM tonight I’m going to be woefully behind schedule again. Oy.

2 Responses to “Thursday TV: Impossible Choices”

  1. 1
    Harper47 says:

    Supernatural first ALWAYS for me. DVRing Fringe. And anything else online.

  2. 2
    Just Jody says:

    So far I’ve been watching The Vampire Diaries and Supernatural. SN used to be my Saturday morning show, but it’s been so good that I seem to be watching it live lately.

    But next week Grey’s comes back and the BF likes that one too, so we’ll have to see how I handle the pile up then.