Spending the Summer at The Lake   

I’ve been going through a love/hate phase with web series lately so I wasn’t too sure I’d even bother checking out TheWB.com‘s newest offering, The Lake. Then one day I was bored and I figured, why not?

Samantha Cope as Alexis, Devin Crittenden as Drew, director and executive producer Jason Priestley, Heather Ann Davis as Olivia, Drew Van Acker as Ryan, Erica Dasher as Madison and Nick Thurston as Luke star in THE LAKE. Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Mathieu Young
The cast of The Lake with director and executive producer Jason Priestley.
Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Television Entertainment/Mathieu Young

CUT TO: Today, me with a spoonful of Spaghetti-O’s and tears running down my face as the final episode fades to black.

Lord, I’m a sap. But they got me. I cared about the characters and I wanted to see them all get happy endings. (Get your minds outta the gutter, people!) And, overall, I was pretty happy with the way it ended. Plus, I totally called one of the storylines right away. Always like finding out I’m right. Of course, I’ve kind of realized it sucks that in true “summer at the lake” fashion, people always realize the right thing to do right when everyone’s about to go back to their regular lives.

Anyway, enough of that, I don’t want to spoil the series for anyone who might be tempted to check it out. Instead, I’ll talk about a few of the things I liked about this particular web series. One, of course, is that it’s just the type of teen story I love. Not to mention it’s very reminiscent of the old days at the WB. Good clean soapy teen drama. I never had summers away at the Lake myself but, if I had, I could have been one of these kids.

On the web series front, I liked the length of the episodes. I’ve grown impatient with the shorter web series out there. Five minutes of a story is not enough to last me a month. Now, the WB has always released multiple episodes of their series at once so that’s not really a fair representation. And, in this case, I actually thought having each episode run about 10 minutes long meant they could have released two episodes at a time instead of their usual four.

Nonetheless, I loved that it meant I had forty minutes of the series to watch each week. It was much more effective at drawing me into the story and making me want more. I tend to watch the beginning of a series and then forget about it for weeks at a time. This time, I eagerly waited for the new episodes to show up each week. And it helped that they released them on Hulu as well so I was able to stick that in my Hulu Queue and they automatically popped up on my Hulu Desktop.

So, if you too like your teen dramas with a little less melodrama and you prefer your web series to have a bit more length to them, check out The Lake on TheWB.com. And, hey, now that the whole series is available you won’t have to wait week to week for the rest of the story like I did!

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    WCL says:

    Based on your suggestion, I watched this today. SO CUTE! And so well done for being a little webisode series.