ABDC S4 Premiere: 9 Crews Enter, Only 8 Survive   

America’s Best Dance Crew is back! Finally! Ok, it hasn’t really been gone that long but it is my favorite dance show so I’m happy to have it back. I jotted down some quick thoughts as I watching so check out my first impressions of the crews for this season…

Beat Your Feet Kings
Yikes, way too much going on there! I can hardly keep up with what’s going on up there. Hate to say it but I totally agree with Shane. Sloppy is a good word for how it looked.

Hosting Aside: Mario and his comments about Lil’ Mama looking good drive me crazy. Also, I know it makes me a bitch but I hate the behind the scene sob stories.

We Are Heroes perform on ABDC.We Are Heroes
See, now, these girls are awesome. I think they are gonna be huge contenders this season… as long as they are flexible enough to pull together entertaining routines week to week.

I like their energy and their dance is fun but, uh, I’d say they were sloppy too. They weren’t quite in step with each other throughout the entire dance and, if you are gonna dance so closely and do the same moves, then you gotta be in sync. Ya know?

First Trio: Beat Your Feet Kings, is that any surprise? Especially after all three of the judges told them they need to step it up?

Massive Monkeys
Ok. They were awesome. They deserve that standing O. First crew of the night to really live up to ABDC of seasons past. Also, first crew who only got praise from the judges. Altho how is that JC always sounds like he’s got a “but” in there when he’s telling crews he liked what they did? A bit of hesitancy in his praise. Am I the only one who hears that?

Camera Work Aside: Grr. I hate the shots from above. How is that helpful? No one else can see that and we can not a feel for what the audience is seeing that way. Annoying.

Artistry in Motion
I can’t really stand each of these crews screaming their names at the camera. It’s too scripted for me. (Not a comment about this crew specifically.) There are a lot of these girls. I see that the producers really want an all girl team to pull through this year since this is the second one already. I dunno if these girls have what it takes, though, I didn’t love that dance. So naturally the judges loved it. We’ll see if that continues. You can respect what people are doing but that shouldn’t overshadow their actual dancing.

Southern Movement
Ok, I like them. Haha, loved that finger gun and jump at the end. It was great. It annoys me when Shane picks on the music. It shouldn’t be about picking music that he likes best, especially tonight were it was all about picking a song they felt represented their crew.

The judges must pick one team to send to the bottom three on ABDC.

Second Trio: Tough trio to judge. They were all great. Now I know who I would have put in the bottom here but I knew the judges wouldn’t agree with me. (And, yes, the cynic in me thinks a small bit of that has to do with them being an all female crew. I’m sure the girl from SYTYCD doesn’t hurt either. Whatever, biases.) On the other hand, I have faith Southern Movement can beat out Beat Your Feet Kings in a dance off so I’m not worried.

Rhythm City
Why am I having such difficulty with crews having so many people this year? It’s no more than in past years and yet it’s annoying me tonight. Is it the camera work? Anyway, despite my issues, these guys were very good. Loved the phone dialing moment. Not at all surprised Shane loved them. He loved anyone who does his style of dance. Lil’
Mama always loves people from NYC. But they’re all right, they were great. (Though I don’t know if I agree about them being the cleanest… of course, what the hell do I know? Because dance has been such a huge part of my life.)

Haha, ok, I love these kids just for the fun they have together. Their dance was… good. It was a bit all over the place for me. The judges kinda stumbled around with their praise. It was like they couldn’t really point at much that was wrong but they still weren’t feeling it. Was that my imagination? Anyway, I like these guys but I’d like them to step up their dancing a bit. (Ha!)

Vogue Evolution
Vogue Evolution takes the stage on the season four premiere of ABDC.Damn camera work. I have no idea what they were doing at the beginning but it looked crazy from a distance. (Or spinning around them anyway.) Ok, that weird spinning and falling to the ground at the end didn’t really work for me but I liked them and I think they showed they can do a lot. I would have liked a little more choreography because I had no idea what was happening up there on the stage. It was like they just threw everything they knew into the mix and did it all as fast as they could. BUT! It was crazy and fun and I do like that. Basically I’m with Shane here. I didn’t know what to think but they are so passionate about what they do that it’s hard not to like it.

Final Trio: Hmmm. I’m gonna guess Fr3sh. I like them (personality- wise, not necessarily dance-wise) but they got the most vague praise from the judges.

Battling It Out: Aww. I liked how Beat Your Feet Kings did that “hide” someone thing. Still think Southern Movement looked cleaner and more impressive overall. Also, did Fr3sh not listen to what JC said? With the smiles during this song? I did like the thing they did at the end though.

Fr3sh perform on the fourth season premiere of ABDC on MTV.I love the battles like this… they always step it up. Love that. And these crews didn’t make it easy for the judges to kick one of them off the show. I’m going to guess Fr3sh, though, based on the earlier vague comments from the judges and the lack of anything in particular that stood out about them in that final dance. And I’m right… Sadly. They would have been a fun addition to the competition. Hopefully Leslie will find another way to keep her dream of dancing alive.

A good season opener. I have no clear favorite yet. We’ll see how they handle the challenges, that’s usually where I start to warm to specific crews. And next week is a tribute to Beyonc√©. Does that mean one of these crews is gonna be dancing to “Single Ladies”? If so, I vote for Vogue Evolution to get that song. They’d make it fun. Of course, whoever gets it is going to have to bring it to beat the way the JabbbaWockeeZ perform to it.

Another season of ABDC gets started on MTV.

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