RTVW Giveaway: Psych Premiere Prize Pack   

Cary Elwes as Pierre Despereaux, Dule Hill as Gus Guster, James Roday as Shawn Spencer on the season four premiere of PSYCH. © USA Network, Photo: Alan ZenukDon’t miss the season 4 premiere of PSYCH on USA NETWORK, Friday at 10/9c! While vacationing in Canada, Shawn and Gus track Despereux, an elusive international art thief who has alluded Lassiter for years. Cary Elwes (The Princess Bride) guest-stars in “Extradition: British Columbia.” Become a fan on Facebook, Follow Psych on Twitter, and play Psych games on USA’s Character Arcade.

In celebration of the premiere, we’ve got two great prize packs!

Grand Prize Winner will receive:
Enter to win these awesome PSYCH prizes!

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Runner Up will receive:

  • Psych Season 3 DVD
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To enter, tell me about your favorite Psych episode/moment in the comments below by next Thursday, August 13th! Winners will be chosen at random and notified August 14th.

ETA: Thanks for entering everyone! Congratulations to Peter and Whitney who won the random draw!

170 Responses to “RTVW Giveaway: Psych Premiere Prize Pack”

  1. 1
    Dana says:

    My favorite moment is really moments. The happy, “we’re so smart and figured it out” dance moments are my favorites. =)

  2. 2
    Maggie says:

    I can’t pick just one!!!

    I did just see a rerun of the Scary Sherry episode, and remembered how great Juliet was undercover in the sorority house. Love that one!

  3. 3
    Kyle says:

    I love the Psych-Outs at the end of each episode–and any obscure pop culture references.

  4. 4
    Blogette says:

    “American Duos.” Re-watchability, quotability, and Tears for Fears/Michael Jackson.

    “That’s Nigel St. Nigel!”

  5. 5
    John says:

    I love when Shawn, Gus and Juliet did the Peanuts Chrstmas pageant dance.

  6. 6
    Rebecca says:

    Too many wonderful moments! Too many! But… I think just for the moment, I will go with Shawn and Juliet rollerskating in the otherwise empty rink.

  7. 7
    Brett says:

    I love whenever Shawn throws in references to movies, tv shows or songs of the 80s. Sometimes they are very subtle, but they always get me laughing.

  8. 8
    Rebecca says:

    I LOVED when Gus was on a tiny motorbike, and Shawn said, “That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.”

  9. 9
    Dan says:

    I have to go with An Evening with Mr Yang as my current favorite episode. Talk Derby to Me is probably my second favorite.

  10. 10
    Alison says:

    I really love the break out singing moments. They always know the exact song that will make me laugh.

  11. 11
    Whitney says:

    My favorite moment is when Shawn writes the “note” to Lassie, and Jules says, “H & Ks stands for hugs and kisses.” Don’t know why, but I laugh every time.

  12. 12
    Erik Agard says:

    Probably “Disco Didn’t Die, It Was Murdered” when Shawn obsesses over a pawn shop box.

    Shawn: There’s stuff in there! All kinds of stuff. Old stuff, shiny stuff, secret stuff. How come you’re not as excited as I am?
    Gus: Because I’m not a raccoon!
    Shawn: You look like a raccoon.
    *they point at each other*

  13. 13
    tommy says:

    buh-nah-nuh. best episode ever. had myself a hearty laugh at that one.

  14. 14
    Sondra says:

    I love everything about Psych, the whole show makes me laugh the whole time.

  15. 15
    KatieK says:

    My favorite moment was the “very close talking” at the end of Bounty Hunters! You know Shawn and Jules will get that date someday!

  16. 16
    ZombieJoe says:

    It is a toss up between the Snoopy Dance scene and the Friday the 13th tribute episode. The Smooth Criminal reference in there made me laugh enough to frighten my wife.

  17. 17
    Bree says:

    I’m going to say “An Evening with Mr. Yang” has been my favourite episode so far. It was different. We saw a different side to Shawn, being serious and determined under pressure. Also, very well-written.

  18. 18
    Kevin says:

    First off. Truly a great domain name right there.

    Alright, so favorite Psych moment? Too many. The show as a whole. But, to get more specific I think it would have to be the any of the moments where Shawn and Gus either A: Scream and run like little girls or B: Act Natural

    In Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast, and in There’s Something About Mira, respectively.

  19. 19
    Amanda says:

    My favorite moment is at the end of An evening with mr yang and Juliet tells Shawn how see really feels. And the look on Shawn’s face when he realizes how bad how timing is. Also, the moment when Shawn realizes his mother was taken. it’s heartwrenching.

  20. 20
    MT says:

    Tie between the high-school reunion episode and the summer camp episode. Plus anytime they scream in terror and run away

  21. 21
    Caroline says:

    One of my favorite things is when Shawn tries to steal some of the food Gus is eating, and Gus slaps the hell out of him…and also when Gus says, “I will kill you, Shawn.” Cracks me up!

  22. 22
    Tiffany says:

    We love the spelling bee episode. We can’t get bananas at the store without going thru the lines from the Bee. Add in Gus’ reverent attitude about how important the Bee is and it’s just such a winning episode!

  23. 23
    Sammy says:

    Whenever Shawn makes fun of Lassiter.

  24. 24
    Eric says:

    My favorite Episode is the Rollergirls epiosde, love that episode…but then again, the Psychout moments from the Baseball episode are great…I love how someone (was that Jules?) comes out of a door dressed as an ice cream cone, and they both start singing, Let me lick you up and down….classic.

  25. 25
    Emily says:

    My favorite psych episode is American Duos. I loved the audition and it was such a great spoof of the real show. The names of the judges made this episode even funnier. I think this was the episode that pretty much determined that psych is my absolute favorite show.

  26. 26
    Fiirvoen says:

    My favorite moment was the whole bit with George Tekei on the Comic Book Convention episode. That was priceless!

  27. 27
    Bethany says:

    I think my favorite moment is in “Gus’s Dad…” when Henry and Shawn are exchanging gifts, and they hug and it’s awkward and yet kind of smushy at the same time.

    That, or the part in “9 Lives” when Buzz and Shawn are talking about Lassie’s coffee, and then Buzz turns around and has this HUGE, adorable grin on his face.

  28. 28
    Nettie Brock says:

    I loved it in the last season finale when Gus was trying to help Shawn concentrate by lighting the mood and he picks up the model plane and pretends to be godzilla. its hilarious!

  29. 29
    Amber B says:

    probably my favorite Psych moment is American Duos when Shawn and Gus sing Shout by Tears For Fears! That’s awesome!!!!!!!

  30. 30
    Michele says:

    Shawn doing all the 80s dances during the HS Reunion episode. That just killed me.

  31. 31
    Brian says:

    “Tuesday the 17th” hands down! So much depth to the comedy in that episode.

  32. 32
    Jaime says:

    The moment that came to mind was the first episode of Season 3 called Ghosts. There is a part in the episode where Shawn and Gus are looking out in the yard because they hear sounds and the dog jumps up and scares them and Shawn says ‘that dog is an a$$hole’… I swear I’ve never laughed harder!!

  33. 33
    Vickie says:

    Little Shawn and Gus! Great episodes!

  34. 34
    Erin says:

    My favorite moment is when they are trying to come up with the name to the movie “Holes.” Because the name of the movies is blatantly obvious and because Dule Hill played Sam the Onion Man in that movie.

  35. 35
    meaghan says:

    i really liked the american duos episode , or the Spanish soap Oprah one .

    either that or Shawn’s dazzle and stretch song .

  36. 36
    Dah says:

    I loved when Shawn pretended to be Wilting Flower.

  37. 37
    Timothy W. says:

    My favorite Psych moment: When people kept asking Gus if he was Bud from the Cosby show in Scary Sherry. Loved it!

  38. 38
    David says:

    Despite it hurting, I love right near the end of the season 3 finale when Shawn tells Abagail that they’re out of butter. That’s cardinal.

  39. 39
    Aubrey says:

    I LOVED it when they did the Charlie brown/Peanuts dance. That made me laugh rly hard! I also just love it when Shawn comes up with the most hilarious fake names.

  40. 40
    Samantha says:

    My favorite moment is in “The Old and the Restless”, when Shawn and Gus work in tandem to age Henry by 15-20 years. They both have the same plan, and Henry (although unwilling) ends up “aging” so very well.

  41. 41
    epynephrin says:

    Really love the episode with the Comic-con, where Shawn and Gus become George Takei’s assistants, and Gus–who is a bigger fan of Takei’s work–ends up being the one he dislikes.

  42. 42
    Courtney L says:

    How can I possibly choose just one moment?? But, the first thing that comes to mind is when Gus asks Shawn to flip the jackal switch, Shawn sighs, flips the switch, and Gus makes the most hilarious face while he’s doing the “jackal”! awesomeness!

  43. 43
    Joshua says:

    Loved zero to murder in sixty seconds, so many great scenes. That part in the prison between Shawn, Gus, and Wally (Malcolm Barrett) is like crazy funny.

  44. 44
    Hannah says:

    Most definitely in the Scar Sherry episode when Shawn and Gus are in the sorority house and the lights go out. Cue in the freaky voice and scary Sherry lighting up at the window. Lights come back on, and where are Shawn and Gus? Running out of the house, screaming at the top of their lungs of course. While they were standing outside the car, screeching and jumping up and down, I was holding my sides laughing. Literally. I think I even got a cramp…

    Hands down, best moment ever.

  45. 45
    Heather says:

    My favorite moment from “Psych” is the “very close talking” scene between Shawn and Jules. It’s great because it’s original and romantic, and allows for the audience to indulge in this couple without ruining the tension that makes their pairing so great.

  46. 46
    Melissa says:

    My favorite episode is – Meat is Murder but Murder is also Murder. Mainly for the title but some hilarious scenes in the taco place.

  47. 47
    Rose says:

    I love “An Evening With Mr. Yang”. It was the perfect tv episode, like ever. There was love (Shawn has TWO girls, how did that happen?) There was mystery, there was guest stars. It was perfect. If anyone hasn’t realized that Psych is the most awesomist TV show ever, they should really watch this episode. But then, they might just be plain stupid if they haven’t realized it by now.

  48. 48
    Luna says:

    Favorite moment… Impossible to choose just one! My favorite episode was Thursday the 17th though… LOVED IT!

  49. 49
    James says:

    I loved all Friday the 13th references in the “Tuesday the 17th” episode. I also love it when they play the extended theme song… SOOOOOOOO CATCHY!!!

  50. 50
    Kerri says:

    My favorite moment would have to be the duet at the end of American Duos. Seeing Shawn and Gus dressed up in that 80s gear was just way too funny!

  51. 51
    Theresa W. says:

    I would have to say that my favorite moment ever from the entire series so far is when Juliet is making that long speech towards the end of the episode “An Evening With Mr. Yang.” It just made me be so interested to see what will happen in the future and it was also so heartwarming <3.

  52. 52
    Ian says:

    My favorite episode is probably ‘Earth, Wind, and.. Wait for it…’ especially when Gus talks about seeing Dalmatians in their natural habitat. All the shows are great though.

  53. 53
    Min says:

    My favorite moment was when Juliet had to go undercover as Shawn’s wife and mother of his child. I loved how she talked incessantly and made up these long, detailed stories.

  54. 54
    holly says:

    i love it whenever they get shot at or see a ‘ghost’ or find a dead body, and they make that high-pitched girly scream. it cracks me up every time!

  55. 55
    Adam Woodard says:

    My favorite moment in all the episodes is when they uncover the dinosaur buried on the farm. The excitement that they had about that was insane.

  56. 56
    Christy says:

    I love all of the nicknames Shawn serves up for Gus, knowing that Gus just has to go with it, no matter how embarrassing. Like in Shawn vs. The Red Phantom, where he uses “Magic Head” to find the 2 boys in the audience he is looking for. ;-)

  57. 57
    Cody Richardson says:

    my favorite moment hands down, is the end of season 3 when juliet asks shawn out on a date. it was destined to happen and some point and just to make sure they didn’t date for even longer she asked at the exact wrong time. i have watched that episode too many times but still not enough and i still have to see the ending every time! i love it!!!

  58. 58
    Vic says:

    I loved when they ran out of the sorority house and all you saw was the tea cup and then Shawn and Gus jumping up and down by the car trying to get in and the windows were down.

  59. 59
    Heather says:

    My favorite Psych episode would have to be the Pilot episode. Why? Because it’s where we were introduced to the show and the characters. Psych rocks!

  60. 60
    Debbie says:

    Every moment throughout the series that has made me laugh so hard my sides begin to ache and my eyes start to tear up. (Which is pretty much every episode.) I love this show!

  61. 61
    Jared says:

    I loved the episode in Season 1 when Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and O’Hara are speed dating as part of a case. Lassiter interrogating potential dates was hilarious!

  62. 62
    Casey says:

    I love it whenever Shawn tells Gus to calm down whenever he gets worried about stuff by calling him weird names like “Gus, don’t be a gooey chocolate chip cookie” or “Gus, don’t be this crevice in my arm”. LOVE those!

  63. 63
    Jared says:

    I loved the episode in Season 1 when Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and O’Hara are speed dating as part of a case. Lassiter interrogating potential dates was hilarious!

  64. 64
    Dave says:

    My favorite is in the episode with the killer at camp walks in on Shawn and shawn screams like a sissy girl!

  65. 65
    Valerie says:

    Favorite moment would be in the “Disco didn’t die. It was murdered episode” when the car pulls to a stop outside the club and we see Gus walking in. That has my cracking up every time I see it.

  66. 66
    Rob says:

    My favorite moment is in Any Given Friday Night when Shawn is in snorkel gear in the hot tub while waiting for the other football players to arrive. The whole way he went about it so smoothly even while in ridiculous gear and fins was absolutely perfect.

  67. 67
    Luke says:

    My favorite moment was the Shawn and Gus performances in the American Duos episode. They were, simply put, hilarious.

  68. 68
    Susan says:

    My favorite moment is in Lights, Camera … Homicidio when Shawn and Gus are in the hospital, and Shawn keeps pausing after his big dramatic statements expecting to go to commercial just like in real soaps. Except they never do, so Gus just keeps looking at Shawn like he’s crazy.

  69. 69
    Whitney says:

    One of my favorite Psych moments (of which there are so so so many) is from season one from the episode Weekend Warriors. The whole episode is magical, what with the Civil War re-enactment and Lassie’s face-wig, but you just can’t beat Gus describing their plan to Juliet as “Shawn’s going to put on that dress and wait for someone to shoot him.” Classic.

  70. 70
    Libby says:

    I love when Shawn and Gus sings a song when Gus is Michael Jackson (the judge gives them a bad score).

  71. 71
    Chris says:

    There are so many amazing moments and great episodes to choose from, but if I had to pick one it would be the scene between Shawn and his mother where she reveals that *she* was the one who ended the marriage and not Henry. (I think it was at the end of “Murder?…Anyone?…Anyone?…Bueller?”)

    The emotions were so high and tension so thick you could cut it with a knife. Both Roday and Sheppard did outstanding jobs!

  72. 72
    Melissa says:

    Fav moment? Black & Tan: the guys doing the model slow motion walk while Pet Shop Boys is playing. The guys never looked so handsome!

  73. 73

    One of my favorite episodes has to be the Americon Duos one. It has singing and dancing Shawn and Gus and a guest appearance by TIM CURRY! It’s awesome.


  74. 74
    Kelly Holman says:

    My favorite episode without a doubt is Sppeellinngg Beee. We get a great glimpse into Gus’s past that is a first for season 1. And the definition for banana? Priceless.

  75. 75
    Sarah says:

    I loved in the Scary Sherry episode when Shawn and Gus are freaking out trying to open the car and the alarm is going off. classic.

  76. 76
    Kelly Holman says:

    My favorite episode is Spppeeelllliiinnngg Beeeee. We get a great glimpse into Gus’s past that’s a first for the season. And the definition of banana? Priceless!

  77. 77
    Cody says:

    My favorite Psych episode/moment is in the episode “American Duos” when shawn and gus are on stage singing “Shout” and dancing, the was one of the funniest moments i have seen on television.

  78. 78
    Heidi says:

    My ALL TIME favorite Shawn and Gus moment is in “Scary Sherry” when they run out of the sorority house screaming “We’re gonna die” and Gus can’t get his car doors unlocked/open, Shawn is jumping up and down by the passenger side door screaming “Open the door”, Juliet comes out of the house and yells for them, Shawn stops and then Gus realizes the car window is open. HILARIOUS!!!! I could watch that part of the show over and over again, plus “Scary Sherry” is the funniest/best episode yet.

  79. 79
    The Blot says:

    My favorite Psych episode is Bounty Hunters! because Hercules (a.k.a. Kevin Sorbo) guest starred!

  80. 80
    BlackTsChica says:

    Hard to pick “favorite” so I’ll go with the moment that cracked me up the most…it’s when Shawn sniffed the phone on Tuesday the 17th. The most random thing EVER! LOL!!! It still makes me laugh to this day.

  81. 81
    Dale says:

    My favorite moment was when lassie replied to shawn’s comment by saying “We have no balls !!”

  82. 82
    Kyle says:

    My favorite Psych moment was when Shawn and Abigail kisses at the end of Murder?… Anyone?… Anyone?… Bueller?.

  83. 83
    Chelsea Kiser says:

    I love when they are in a more intense situation, and you can tell how concerned Gus and Shawn are about eachother and how much they care for eachother.

  84. 84
    Lizziebeth says:

    I love it when Shawn and/or Gus run screaming from things. My fav example is in Scary Sherry!

  85. 85
    Samantha says:

    My favorite moment is in “Scary Sherry Bianca’s Toaste” when Shawn and Gus go running from the house when the lights go out and the “ghost” pops up by the window

  86. 86

    I’d have to say my favorite moment is at the end of the bounty hunter episode when Shawn and Jules are ‘talking very closely’. It’s so Shawn! Either that or the end of “Evening with Mr. Yang” from the moment Shawn finds out his mother’s been taken, til the end. It’s so revealing of who Shawn can be and is becoming, Juliet’s speech, and Shawn’s reactions to it and her kiss on the cheek. Just…fantabulous!

  87. 87
    Nick Young says:

    My favorite moment is near the beginning of the Pilot when Shawn convinces everyone (except Lassider of course) thats he’s a psychic.

  88. 88
    Dana says:

    One of my favorite Psych episodes of all time is “Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing”! I must have watched that episode a gazillion times, it’s so amazing! And I could go on and on and on about my favorite moments from the past three seasons, because there are so many! I love this show!!! :D

  89. 89
    Priscilla says:

    “Spellingg Bee” was definitely the best/most memorable episode for me. It was the second episode so I just started watching and wasn’t sure if I was going to continue, but “Spellingg Bee” sealed the deal.

  90. 90
    Melanie Petruzzi says:

    My fav moment is at the spelling bee,when shawn has the contestants spell banana, and onion. Every time I watch I cant stop laughing.

  91. 91
    Veritasema says:

    Favorite moment? Season 3, premiere episode, Gus is trying to get Shawn to leave his office building, they wrestle and eventually Shawn goes limp and Gus has to try to drag him out. It was simple, wordless, and TOTALLY showed their relationship.

  92. 92
    Lauren says:

    It’s hard to pick a favorite but I love that scene in “Shawn and Gus of the Dead” when they see the bad guy’s truck next to their car, Gus’ “cry face” was FANTASTIC

  93. 93
    brittany says:

    My favorite moment is from ‘shawn and gus of the dead’ when they go to check out the car and when gus looks in, the look of terror on his face gets me everytime, especially when you see shawn running for his life in the distance

  94. 94
    Laney says:

    I still love the spelling bee episode….

    The word is Bah-NA-Na!

    It seems like everyone loves that one.
    My other fave moment was when Gus and Shawn sing on American Duos.

  95. 95
    Maddie says:

    There are SOOO many good moments in this show — it’s impossible to choose one! One of my favorites though is in Shawn Vs. The Red Phantom when Shawn calls George Takei Chekov and Gus whispers in his ear, “Sulu, jackass.” As a bit of a Trekkie and with the way that Dule delivers that line, it’s just pure GENIUS!

  96. 96
    Amy says:

    My favourite moment is at the end of the second episode (Spelling Bee) when Shawn reveals to Gus that he intentionally gave him the wrong letter when they were kids. Gus starts chasing Shawn around the trees. Just a great classic Shawn/Gus moment.

  97. 97
    Vanessa says:

    My favorite moment has to be the “close talking” moment from the “bounty hunters” episode. It was so funny and so sweet at the same time, especially to see Shawn finally make a move on Jules.

  98. 98
    jena says:

    favorite moment: from Poker? But I Barely Know Her. Shawn tells Gus to “present spuds”. He then says “Potato…chips…Ponch…John…Stryker…Poker. Poker? But I barely know her!”

  99. 99
    Jose says:

    My favorite episode has to be An Evening With Mr. Yang. It’s a little darker, a little more serious, but it was great to see Gus being the ridiculous one haha.

  100. 100
    LA Little says:

    There are so many great lines and moments with Psych! ONE of my recent favorites is “Earth, Wind, and …Wait for it”. Gus wanting to see a dalmation in it’s natural habitat (a fire station)! Shawn talking to the kids about not smoking, and Gus following with a bit about smoking a pipe. Gus carrying the large guy from the burning building acting like he can go no further. Just all around great episode, with great lines. Psych writers are just plain Awesome!

  101. 101
    Amanda Fochs says:

    I’ll go with: “From the Earth to the Starbucks”
    I love the development of the characters – Lassiter was finally seen in a weaker light and Shawn in a more sympathetic one. It was the first time Lassiter really looked at Juliet and saw her as his partner and not just as someone he was training. It also allowed Gus to have a love interest (something he doesn’t get too often) and he got to jump up and down at the end when he solved the case (or rather … didn’t solve it – because of course, that was Lassiter).
    Also – fist-bump genius in this one. Sweet!

  102. 102
    CandyMaize says:

    One of my favorites was when Shawn got everyone to help Lassiter solve a case (after getting info from a drunk Lassiter) .. but making sure that he didn’t know he was getting the help, to help rebuild his confidence. For all the funniness and ‘hi-jinks’ on the show .. it was one of those heartfelt things

  103. 103
    Shana says:

    My favorite episode is Lights, Camera … Homicidio because it was hilarious how everyone was getting so exasperated by Shawn showing up everywhere, and then he was in the soap that everyone watched (and their faces when seeing him on TV were priceless). There were so many great moments in that episode that I literally laughed out loud half of the time.

  104. 104
    Peter Freeman says:

    My favorite Psych moment is definitely the scene between Shawn and Mr. Yang at the end of the third season finale. It reminded me of the relationship Batman and the Joker have. It was very thrilling and interesting.

  105. 105
    Nancy says:

    Favorite episode or moment? I love it any time Shawn and Gus scream like little girls and freak out. So, that would be, like… every episode, basically.

    Which pretty much sums it up, I’d say.

  106. 106
    Megan says:

    My Favorite episode is the spelling bee. I love how passionate Gus is about the importance of spelling bee. My favorite part is when Shawn starts calling words for the contestants to spell: “Baw-nana.”

  107. 107
    Bruce says:

    My favorite moment is from “Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast” when the sorority girls ask Gus if he played Kenny on The Cosby Show. I was screaming at the TV, “I knew it!” My wife disagreed, so the next day I checked on IMDb. Much to my embarrassment, I was proven wrong. (Of course, being married, it wasn’t the first or last time.)

  108. 108
    Shrew says:

    In the episode called “MURDER? … ANYONE? … ANYONE? … BUELLER?,” I love the scene where Shawn and Gus are carrying a dead body through the hallway, trying not to be seen. However, Shawn suddenly decided he has to say hi to a hot girl he’s just seen. So they have to go back, dead body and all, so he can say hi to her. Hilarious!

  109. 109
    entwashian says:

    I am pretty fond of the slo-mo shot of Lassiter catching the bullet casing at the end of Lassie Did a Bad, Bad Thing.

  110. 110
    ShaLinda says:

    There’s so many to choose from that it’s hard to pick. Each episode has something great about it, that puts it over another but to settle on just one is brutal but I decided to go with: “Scary Sherry Bianca’s Toast”.

    This is the episode that got me started as a Psych fan. It was so hilariously written. I loved the dark side of the episode lightened with comedy. I think my favorite moments from that episode would be:

    1) The camera cuts to Gus and all you see is his teacup. The camera cuts to Juliet and Shawn is gone. Cut outside and Shawn and Gus are screaming leaving the Sorority. Shawn’s jumping at the car and Gus trying to find the key was so classic and I LOVE when Gus runs his hand through the window. Then he takes off and leaves Shawn. Great stuff.

    2) When Gus, Shawn & Lassie go to save Juliet. Gus gets stuck in the floor.

    Shawn: “Wiggle your big toe”

    Gus: “I can’t wiggle my big toe”

    Shawn: “I know… work the laces.”

    And Shawn takes off. freaking classic. lol I still mimic the “Work the laces” line from the end of the show randomly out of nowhere.

  111. 111
    marissa says:

    my favorite psych moments are from the episode, Black and Tan:A Crime of Fashion. i love when shawn and gus are trying to get into the club and the guard calls gus ‘black”, and shawn says, “My name is Black, his name is Tan. I can’t believe you just made that assumption. You should be ashamed of yourself and your family.” then there’s the part where shawn and gus are walking down the street with the other models in a straight line whhich is hilarious. also, it has one of the best psych-outs at the end, where james and dule are singing come on eileen and then james goes, “we look good” “that haaah stuff is hot” it was incredibly funny

  112. 112
    Melinda says:

    It’s so hard to pick just one! But I guess my most favorite moment would be in ‘Six Feet Under The Sea’. The “Oh my god, I killed him!” line is just hilarious, especially when Shawn runs from the room. And then when Gus gets up and follows him… LOL! Best Plan B ever…

  113. 113
    Victoria says:

    My favorite moment in Black & Tan: A Crime of Fashion (love the episode name, too) came when the models and Shawn & Gus were all walking to go to a club, only to have Shawn’s model cred destroyed when his dad pops out of nowhere and asks him what’s going on.

  114. 114
    Kim says:

    My favorite Psych moment ever was in “Daredevils!” when Gus rides up to shawn on a motorscooter wearing a helmet and Shawn says to him, “That is the sexiest thing I have ever seen.” OH OH, and in “Gus Walks Into A Bank” when Shawn realizes he’s had too much Orange Julius. And another time from the back of Gus’s car when Shawn taps Lassie, I believe, on the shoulder and says, “I have to peepee.” And I love all the fake middle names! Okay, that is all.

  115. 115
    Jenni says:

    There are a lot of favorite moments since it’s such an awesome series, but the one that comes to mind is from Spelling Bee when Shawn reads the grocery list – Ba-na-na.

  116. 116
    Simi says:

    My favorite episode from Psych is “Lights, Camera, Homicidio.” My family watches it together ALL the time! Every time I show someone just one episode of Psych to get them hooked, this is the one I choose.

  117. 117
    Heather says:

    I always remember American Duos, you just can’t beat seeing Shawn & Gus dressed up mega-80′s, dancing and lip syncing.

  118. 118
    Dan Talvi says:

    “An Evening with Mr. Yang” is my fav because it’s the first episode I watched that got me so into Psych. My favorite part… well not really part, but really character of the episode is the Mr. Yang specialist detective, Mary. He made me laugh so much, despite his slight creepiness…. idk maybe that was just me.

  119. 119
    Dawn says:

    Just one? I think it was in the one with the wedding ring, where Shawn takes over Lassiter’s (unused) room in the hotel and throws the bachelor party.

  120. 120
    Geraldine says:

    Favorite moments because I can’t pick just one: The ‘Banana’ scene in the Spellmaster’s booth in Spellingg Bee and the way the guys run to Gus’s car screaming hysterically in Scary Sherry.

  121. 121
    Erin says:

    I loved Murder?… Anyone?… Anyone?… Bueller? when Gus and Shawn have to solve a crime at their high school reunion.

  122. 122
    Sarah says:

    Right now, I think my favorite moment is in “Christmas Joy” when Shawn is trying to sneak into Joy’s room, and Joy is trying to sneak into Shawn’s room but they keep missing each other. Then Gus goes to the bathroom and hears things but never sees them. The way it’s played is just absolutely hilarious.

  123. 123
    Elle Storey says:

    My favorite is in the “Black and Tan: A Crime of Fashion” episode. I love when Gus looks in to the closet and says to Shawn, “You thought I was going to have a hard time fitting in here? I have these same shoes, and this same shirt, and this photo of my mom…” I love the way these guys have fun with each other! Now, that’s friendship!

    P.S. I apologize for the license I’ve taken with the above quote…I don’t have the greatest memory and I know my quote isn’t exact, but, for those of us who love the show, you know the scene I’m talking about.

  124. 124
    Kara says:

    I just love 65 Million Years Off. Who else besides Shawn would use a papier mache dino head to prove a dinosaur killed the man. Also, the end where Gus and Shawn fight over the discovery/naming of the T-Rex? Classic. “Zippy. Zippy the dinosaur!”

  125. 125
    sarah says:

    Love the random case solved dancing in The Old and the Restless. Thee dance that shawn is doing apparently means tree in sign language. Unless someone lied. Then their pants shall burn and I will make them eat pumpkins

  126. 126
    Maria says:

    Off the top of my head… I’d have to say “Tuesday the 17th.” The comedy was brilliant, and my heart just utterly broke for Lassiter. He was so hopeful about meeting with Victoria, then she went and broke his heart. But he took defeat well, and I just wanted to hug him.

  127. 127
    Amy S says:

    Black and Tan is my favorite episode. I love seeing Shawn and Gus pretend to be models. The whole episode is just hilarious.

  128. 128
    Dave says:

    I’m going to have to go with when Shawn and Gus pretend to be Dr. Hans Jorgensen and Dr. McTock, with the clicking language, in “Forget Me Not”.

    “My colleague only speaks the English at a very pre-school level, and he is very forgiving of others. For instance, yesterday I poured hot cocoa all over his genitals, and I say, ‘I’m sorry’, and it’s fine!”

  129. 129
    Evan says:

    American Duos. I love it because they think they’re so so good!

  130. 130
    Stephanie P. says:

    “Poker? I Barely Know Her” is one of my favorite episodes. I find the whole thing funny every time I watch it, but I especially enjoy the scene where Shawn asks Gus what is the one thing you don’t have if you live in an apartment and Gus answers, “I don’t know? A horse?”

  131. 131
    Polter-Cow says:

    One of my very favorite moments is in the much-loved “Lights, Camera…Homicidio!” And it is this line: “You should have a degree in being wrong all of the time!”

  132. 132
    Debbi says:

    My favorite Psych episode is Black & Tan because, for once, Shawn had to play the sidekick. No one believed he could be a model but they did believe that Gus was, which put Shawn in unfamiliar territory of not feeling like the Alpha Male. Plus he had to deal with Henry’s sharing of too much intimate date info, though I loved the part about treating a woman like a person, then a princess, then a goddess, then a woman again. Great advice!

  133. 133
    Ryan says:

    When they flipped roles of who was psychic

  134. 134
    jess says:

    My fave episode was An evening with Mr. Yang. The moment that i liked the best is when Shawn astonished Gus by asking Abigail out. It was great seeing Shawn comitting. Especially heartwarming was the part where Shawn’s dad and mom hug.

  135. 135
    Kali says:

    My favorite episode and favorite clip are actually from different episodes. My favorite overall episode is Zero to Murder in 60 Seconds because it’s filled with wit and funny relationship moments. My favorite scene is when Gus’ Uncle Burton is in town and Shawn and Gus have to both pretend to be psychic when revealing the murderer at the end of the episode.

  136. 136
    Joyce says:

    In the episode Spellingg Bee, when Shawn is acting as the Spellmaster. XD

  137. 137
    Sara says:

    One of the great moments of the show was from the Pilot when Lassiter is lifting Shawn up off the ground at the end, trying to get him in the squad car as Shawn does the ‘reveal.’

    Set the tone for the show and such a wonderful moment!

  138. 138
    Kristin says:

    When Shawn meets Juliet in the Spellingg Bee episode and does the talking for the both of them. I can’t help at crack up at his “Juliet” voice every time I watch it. Plus, the interaction with those two is genius and wonderful all at the same time.

  139. 139
    Natasha says:

    Absolutely, the dazzle and stretch scene in Nine Lives. Shawn’s combination of prancing and stretching like a cat channeling an actress and singing… all from the play’s title haha… it was just AWESOME.

  140. 140
    swidge18 says:

    I’m usually a sucker for the emotional side of a story so some of my favorite moments take place when Gus is proclaiming his love of Shawn. Or the season three finale when Juliet came clean with Shawn (and he was on a date-it broke my heart…)

    Having said that, my favorite moment/episode was Tuesday the 17th from season three. It was altoether a fun episode and entertaining, and shed a different light on the show. There were many moments from this episode I enjoyed like when Juliet realized she was stuck there, or when Gus ran around screaming like a little girl…

  141. 141
    Tristan Hoare says:

    Shawn showing his dad the gold coin at Red Robin. Because it was real gold and they got it.

  142. 142
    Tristan Hoare says:

    When Shawn shows his dad the gold coin at red robin, since it was real gold, it was there, and they got it.

  143. 143
    BadtzMaroo says:

    Gus never fails to make me laugh every time he runs away screaming like a girl. His impromptu Michael Jackson impersonations also give me the giggles. Although, those moments might be creepy now considering the state of MJ :)

  144. 144
    Gillian Fischer says:

    I love the John Woo style slow motion shooting sequence with Lassiter

  145. 145
    linadarkly says:

    My favorite episode is Shawn (and Gus) of the Dead. I just love how scared Gus is as it makes him even more endearing.

  146. 146
    Beth says:

    Favorite moment from a favorite episode: At the end of ‘An Evening with Mr. Yang:’ Shawn has had the day from hell, and is going through with his date with Abigail, when Gus pops up from the back seat of the car.

  147. 147
    sr says:

    Favourite moment?
    Gus walks into a bank: Free Hugs!

  148. 148
    Nicole says:

    My favorite thing is the titles of show! How can you not laugh when you read it’s going to be “Poker? I Barely Know Her” with those 2.

  149. 149
    Stefanie says:

    It’s a three way tie between Spelling Bee in the Spell Master’s booth where Shawn is reading the Shopping List as the Spell Master’s words


    when Shawn and Gus try to hide on the bare white wall


    when they are trying, pathetically, hilariously to hide in Dislodged.


  150. 150
    Beth says:

    I have to agree with Nancy and say it’s whenever they scream like little girls and run away. Or whenever Shawn never introduces Gus as Gus. Or Lassie.

    Do I really have to pick one moment?

  151. 151

    My favorite moment is when they are playing supermodels and Shawn takes the bouncer to task for assuming Shawn is “Tan” and Gus is “Black”.

  152. 152
    Min says:

    Favorite moment? Gus dragging Shawn out of his office. First he goes boneless and Gus pretends it hurts his back in order to catch Shawn by surprise. Then he finally drags him out by the arm. BEST thing ever!

  153. 153
    lindsey says:

    I love From the Earth to the Starbucks. I could watch the episode a thousand times & it will never not be laugh-out-loud funny. To this day, I still quote Gus when he says, “I’m stealth…like a jackal.”

  154. 154
    Blogette says:

    ‘American Duos’ is a perfect episode.

    Gus T.T. Showbiz — the extra “T” is for extra talent.

  155. 155
    c says:

    Favorite moment: When Shawn calls Gus’s work and tells them that his cat is in the hospital… Gus (who doesn’t really have a cat) shrugs the news off, and all the women at his work are appalled at his lack of caring! haha too funny!

  156. 156
    Amy says:

    There are sooooo many funny and great moments on Psych! One of my favorites is in the episode Shawn (and Gus) of the dead. Shawn and Gus are in there little compact car in a parking area next to the museum with plenty of room to turn around. They’re in a hurry but Gus is taking forever to turn the car around and Shawn says, “Really? The eleven point turn? Dude?”. That was definitely a funny scene to watch.

  157. 157
    Julie says:

    I’d have to say “An Evening with Mr. Yang” is one of my favorite episodes.

  158. 158
    Debbie E says:

    My fave Psych moment might be the modified jingle for the 1st Xmas episode. It was an unexpected treat within a treat. I’m especially pleased they’ve made it a trend. Looking forward to the ***** version.

  159. 159
    Sara says:

    My favorite Psych moment:

    Gus: I make $48,000 dollars a year.
    Shawn: That’s ridiculous, noone needs $48,000 dollars a year.
    Gus: I NEED $32,000 dollar a year…the other 16 thousand goes to you…
    Shawn: I don’t think that’s true…
    Gus: (exasperated): I claim you on my taxes!!!!

    Hilarious! Cracks me up every time! :)

  160. 160
    Joanna says:

    There are a lot of funny ones… but I love the one where they run screaming from the sorority house and try to unlock the car. The jumping up and down, the fumbling, and (of course) when Gus realizes the window is down. Classic!

  161. 161
    Alicia Luszczyk says:

    My favorite moments is the allusion to the movie Holes which Dule was in. It’s a perfect example of the add-ins that make Psych what it is.

  162. 162
    David Torrisi says:

    My favorite episode was from season 3 called “Tuesday the 17th” I like that episode because both James Roday and Steve Franks wrote that episode. Also James Roday made his director debut for psych on that episode. The show was acted beautifully. I liked to see Carlton Lassiter aka Timothy Omundson and Justine Bateman just the interaction between them was great. And to see a personal side of Carlton also.

  163. 163
    Margie P says:

    In the dinosaur ep, when Henry admitted he worried about Shawn. We already knew, of course, but Shawn needed to hear it.

  164. 164
    Blythe says:

    My favorite moment right now is actually a deleted scene on the S3 DVDs, Juliet getting in touch with her inner daredevil and jumping over the line of chairs at the police station. Proving once again that Juliet is a rock star.

  165. 165
    Sierra says:

    Oh man, this is a tough question! But I would have to say one of my favorite moments in Psych is from the episode Scary Sherry: Bianca’s Toast. When (spoiler alert!) Alice Bundy is scaring the sorority girls, it goes all dark and everyone screams. Then suddenly the lights come back on and there is Gus’ tea cup, sitting neatly on the couch. And then it shows Shawn and Gus, screaming for their lives, racing to the car. And I just love how Shawn is jumping up and down!! And then afterwords when Juliet calls Shawn over, Gus runs his hand through the window, realizing the car had been open the entire time!! Oh man, that is one of the best moments!! It makes me die laughing every time!

  166. 166
    Dave H says:

    I love when Shawn and Gus tangled with the Mummy. Shawn crying out like a girl makes me laugh every time he does it. A great relationship between the two. I wish I had a best friend like that!

  167. 167
    Audrey E. says:

    I can’t even think of any specific moments right now. But I do love and miss the Psych-outs, like the originals w/ the old school R&B hits. My favorite will always be when Shawn and Gus are singing Boyz II Men’s, “I’ll Make Love to You,” then they get mad when Jules comes in hitting w/ the range! Classic!

    Oh, now I remember an actual episode moment. The haunted sorority house episode is incredible. Gus giving his list of what he won’t do as he and Shawn are about to rush the house- “I will not go into a room first; I will not go into a room last”
    Smart rules and hi-larious, too.

  168. 168
    Barbara says:

    I have so many favorite Psych Moments, I guess right now I’d have to say the reveal at the newspaper in “Meat is Murder, but Murder is also Murder”, with all the deception going on in that very physical scene, I was laughing to the point of tears the first time I saw it.

  169. 169
    Jordyne says:

    My favorite moment is at the end of ‘Talk Derby to Me’ When Jules and Shawn are skating…it’s such a sweet moment…plus I’m a huge Shules fan! hehe!

  170. 170
    Laura DeLuca says:

    I like Bollywood Homicide