SDCC 09, In Digest Form   

I’m about to turn what should have been four days of posts into one quick digest. I suck that way. Also, this post is long overdue and, if I don’t get it out soon, it’s going to be trapped forever in my head. We can’t have that. So, yeah, here’s a little summary of my San Diego Comic Con 2009 experience.

SDCC 09 Tech: I bought a Lenovo Ideapad in July. Number one justification for the purchase? It’d make blogging from Comic-Con so much easier… Yeah, we can all see how well that worked. Now I gotta make good on my number two justification for buying it. (Actually writing the script ideas I have instead of letting them take up valuable storage space in my brain.)

Me stalking Joss in the line for the Glee panel at SDCC 09.Biggest Regret of SDCC 09? Not getting a picture with Joss Whedon during our time spent in the line for Glee. He was super nice about signing autographs and taking pictures but I just. Could. Not. Do. It. And it might not be the way I’d like to meet him but I really do regret not getting over my fangirl shyness to tell him how much I appreciate his work and the characters he’s shared with me over the years. Sigh. Also, I blame the Hilton Bayside for not having free WiFi for Con attendees. With no service, I had no way to Twitter about my indecision and therefore no moral support (aka friends) telling me to get over it and ask for a damn picture already. Nor could I Twitter several great quotes from the Glee cast. Fail, Hilton Bayside, fail.

#1 SDCC 09 Highlight: JEFFSTER. LIVE. Aaaaamazing! (No video can do it justice.) I loved a lot of things about this year’s Con but this was, by far, my favorite moment. Kudos to the folks behind Chuck for coming up with the idea, to Scott and Vik for being willing to do it, and to everyone involved doing such a good job at keeping it a secret. The surprise was a huge part of what made it so great.


The rest of the Chuck cast joins Jeffster on stage at SDCC 09.

Other SDCC 09 Highlights:

  • Executive Producers Chris Henze and Steve Franks in the PSYCH press room at SDCC09.The Psych press room. In a year that constantly had me questioning my decision(s) to forgo panels for press rooms, this was one of the few press rooms that lived up to my expectations. Perhaps because it was on Thursday, a slower day for press, or because it was the first time Psych was at the Con and therefore they were kind of a not-yet-discovered hit. Or maybe the USA people just did a great job at managing their rooms. Either way, I didn’t regret skipping the Burn Notice panel for this press room. For one, I finally met Steve Franks. And I love him. Predictable perhaps but that doesn’t make any less true. For another, I discussed strategically placed pineapples as an option for hiding nudity on the show with Dule Hill and James Roday. Because that happens every day. The Psych folks are my kind of people.
  • And then there’s the Psych panel. The video they put together was great and the panel itself was fun. More fun, perhaps, was sitting behind the folks from the show and watching their reactions to the cheering crowd. I think they were a little overwhelmed by how well they were received. I love it when the people behind a TV show really get to see their impact and realize just how much people love what they’re doing.
  • The Middleman cast table read of the never filmed finale episode. Much love to P-C who saved seats for us right up front and to Roz who let us grab the seats near her too so that our entire group had a great view of the panelists. If only I had realized Javi was going to start IMMEDIATELY or I would have had the entire table-read on video instead of just clips of it. It was both hilarious and bittersweet at the same time. A great way to say goodbye to a fantastic show and, yes, I totally cried at the very end. They’re that good. Sadly, I didn’t get my DVD signed by the cast despite P-C going out of his way to make sure I had a copy ready to go. Once I realized I lost my phone, I kind of lost my mind. Gave up my place in the autograph line to try and find my sanity phone. Bless the Comic-Con worker who walked me into the room and the nice lady who was keeping it safe for me.

    Javi opens up The Middleman panel at SDCC 09.

    Natalie Morales, Matt Keeslar, and Mary Pat Gleason read from a scene at Middleman HQ at SDCC 09.

    Mark Sheppard gets into his role at SDCC 09.

    Brendan Hines acts out a scene at The Middleman table read at SDCC 09.

    The cast of The Middleman have one last group hug after their SDCC 09 panel.

  • Meeting Zachary Levi. Amrie and I were making our way out of the WB Cocktail Party when Holly convinced us to have another drink… and guess who else was getting one last drink at the bar? Ha! As is often the case, the name of the blog got a laugh out of him. He complimented me on the choice. So, you know, there’s that. Every time I think about changing the name, I remember moments like these and the way it works as an icebreaker. Anyway, he won’t remember me (I say this mostly because he didn’t, when we met the next morning in the press room) but it was still nice to exchange non-press room type words with him.
  • New Glee episode!! Seeing as I watched it three seats away from Joss Whedon this one should probably rate higher on the list but I refer you back to my biggest regret of the Con for why it doesn’t. Seriously, though, this episode has converted me. I am finally a GLEEK! And I’ve heard that the third episode is even better than the second. I’m not convinced that’s possible. I can’t wait for this episode to air next month so I can finally talk about all the hilarious moments in it. It’s killing me not to be able to quote it left and right!
  • Supernatural Sunday: Sunday was all about Supernatural for me. Not only was this the best run press room, it was also the room where we actually got lots of a great information. In this way, writers are definitely more interesting to interview than the talent. Although I think it helps that this show is back in production already so everyone involved had a lot more to give than most of the other shows at the Con. And the clips they gave us at the start of the panel? Awesome. Can’t wait for the fifth season to start!

    Ben Edlund talks SUPERNATURAL in the press room at SDCC09. Sera Gamble in the SUPERNATURAL press room at SDCC 09.

    The SUPERNATURAL panelists at SDCC 09.

    Eric Kripke answers a question from moderator Maureen Ryan at the SUPERNATURAL panel at SDCC09.

    Misha Collins and Jim Beaver on the SUPERNATURAL panel at SDCC09.

  • Seanan The Author: I’ve talked about Seanan here before and a lot of you know her too. So I think you can understand my happiness at seeing her at Comic Con and on a panel as a professional. And signing at Borders! Actual books. Her book is real, people! I can testify. And I’ve got photographic proof. (Not to mention my very own signed copy.) I love seeing my friends succeed and this is just the beginning for Seanan. Thinking about it brings a smile to my face. (And if you think I’m being obnoxious about Rosemary and Rue, just you wait until Feed comes out.)

The People You Meet: Technically this is a highlight too but it deserves its own section. No, it deserves its own post! Seriously, though, I started to write this one out and it got ridiculously long so I will do my shout-outs in a separate post. So here I’ll just say that Comic-Con is only as fun as the people with whom you share the experience and, especially because I was missing Jody, Dan, and Kath this year, I have to thank all of those who were there and who made it fun for me. I had a blast sharing those four days with y’all!

Ok, ENOUGH. If I don’t stop and post this, it’ll never get posted and that’ll defeat the purpose of making it a quick summary instead of multiple posts. If there’s something you know I saw but I didn’t mention it here, hit me up in the comments and I’ll be happy to expound on it. I do have lots of audio from press room interviews. No idea how I’m going to share that but I will find a way, even if I have to just post the audio for you.

Oh, also, I never made a post for these but I do have a gallery page set up for all the (crappy) pictures I took at Comic Con 2009. Enjoy!

4 Responses to “SDCC 09, In Digest Form”

  1. 1
    afrocurl says:

    I’m sad I had to miss out on Glee, but I think the Fringe press room and Doctor Who/Torchwood press made up for that.

    Great to see you again, as well.

  2. 2
    Polter-Cow says:

    Rae! I heart you. And I am jealous of your random Zachary Levi and Joss Whedon experiences. Also, Jeffster live was so awesome, and I didn’t even think about the fact that they kept it a surprise, but I suppose that is deserving of kudos. They could have put it in the description, after all.

    It was so great to hang with you! Let’s do it again.

  3. 3
    Just Jody says:

    I heart this post! I wish I was there. Chuck & Glee sound like they were fab.

  4. 4

    [...] If I had made it into the Joss Whedon Experience, I guarantee you it’d be at the top of my list of panels. Every year the lines get exponentially worse and that felt especially true this year. Joss always draws a crowd and his panel was smack dab in the middle of a day packed with highly anticipated panels. Had I not decided to check out the Scott Pilgrim Experience with P-C, I probably would have made it into the line before they shut it down completely. But I didn’t. And, although P-C later offered me the chance to get into Ballroom 20, I had already committed to something else. So no Joss for me! (Also, no Joss for me anywhere else either despite my hopes that I’d finally win the Joss signing lottery or run into him on the floor. I will be forever haunted by my decision not to speak to him while in that damn Glee line in ’09!) [...]