Best Dance Crew 4 Worship Promo   

Got this trailer from one of my PR buds last week on my way to Comic-Con. Literally. On the plane. And the guy next to me and girls across the aisle leaned over to watch with me once I finally got it downloaded. Ha!

Unfortunately, I had my new netbook with me instead of my usual laptop and didn’t have any encoding software available so I couldn’t get it up right away. But now that I’m back, I’ve finally got it re-uploaded for you. Enjoy Quest Crew in a new America’s Best Dance Crew 4 promo:

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I wonder if anyone will find the worship theme offensive? Doesn’t bother me but I’m not really known for my religious devotion either. Either way, don’t forget to tune into an all new season of America’s Best Dance Crew, August 9th @9PM on MTV!

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