Friday Fun: The Comic-Con Scramble   

Friday Fun!Since so many of our online friends & bloggers are away in San Diego doing the Comic-Con scramble in real life (including our very own TV Whore!), I thought we’d try a little home version for this special Comic-con edition of Friday Fun!

And lucky us, there’s no super-long lines, overheated rooms with lack of ventilation, or swarms and swarms of people to get through in order for us to have our fun. (OK, granted we miss out on all the awesome panels, pretty celebs, and big scoops… but we’ll just have to take what we can get!) All you have to do is sit back in the comfort of your trusty computer chair, and unscramble the names of some of our favorite Comic-Con panels listed below.

In order to help you out, we’ve included the spaces (in their correct location), and left in the capital letters so you already know which letter(s) to start with!

Easy right? So all of you left behind… get Scramblin’!

1.   r.D  Woh
2.   paaCirc
3.   lahFs  rwrFdoa
4.   eTh  liemnddMa
5.  heT  gBi  ngBa  reTyoh
6.   aPts  feLi
7.   ulslhoDoe
8.   kuhCc
9.   skitawEc
10.  ehT  iGldu
11.  sLto
12.  pralertuSanu

    3 Responses to “Friday Fun: The Comic-Con Scramble”

    1. 1
      Anita says:

      1. Dr. Who
      2. Caprica
      3. Flash Forward
      4. The Middleman
      5. The Big Bang Theory
      6. Past Life ?
      7. Dollhouse
      8. Chuck (I didn’t think there was a Chuck panel? Why is ZL just playing Xbox then??)
      9. E – no idea..
      10. The Guild
      11. Lost
      12. Supernatural

    2. 2
      Just Jody says:

      Impressive. You got all those right Anita!

      There was indeed a Chuck panel, check out Rae’s pics over to the right!

      #9 was Eastwick.

    3. 3
      Rae says:

      Anita: They also played RockBand at the WB booth downstairs after their panel and signing.