SDCC 2009 Updates On-the-Go for 2009-07-23   

  • In the @JetBlue terminal and gazing longingly at their planes. If I were flying them I'd get to watch #SYTYCD tonight enroute to #SDCC. #
  • @suzieqjenny How long is that registration line at this point? in reply to suzieqjenny #
  • @TomsNet Can I borrow them after you? I think I got a defective set, there's not one club that doesn't do those things. in reply to TomsNet #
  • Arrived in ATL to the happy news that my friends are having a baby! Have now walked a mile to my gate and the happy glow is fading. #
  • @psychwrites Are you getting a workout, going back and forth like this? in reply to psychwrites #
  • @theTVaholic Thanks! Slowly but surely making my way there. in reply to theTVaholic #
  • Woman beside me is awesome. Told me where to get this… Now I shall WiFi in the Sky #
  • @stayingin No, AirTran altho that would work on Virgin too. in reply to stayingin #
  • Ummm, girl boarding behind me just told me she brought underwear for David Tennant to sign… Pretty sure my face gave away my horror. #
  • @rural_juror I don't really need the power for writing purposes but I chose my seat wisely. ;) in reply to rural_juror #
  • She's also got undies signed by @mrosenbaum711. And! She's hoping to run into @NathanFillion because he's her bf's friend's friend's friend. #
  • In other news, Captain Kirk is flying my plane and I totally pimped to this dude who liked my "Do Not Cross" skin. #
  • @sinca Indeed. And all I could think was… what am I wearing that has you sharing this with me? in reply to sinca #
  • @DuckyDoesTV I didn't but I shoulda! But then she'd want to know how I knew someone who had gotten that close. in reply to DuckyDoesTV #
  • Little bumpy on this flight, getting seasick catching up on Twitter. #
  • @tapeworthy Thought of you earlier! There was a woman in Orlando who had a Wizards of Waverley bag next to me in line. in reply to tapeworthy #
  • @rowan_celeste Shut it! And, hey, I think I just figured out how Mega Shark managed to bite into that plane. ;) in reply to rowan_celeste #

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