A Web Series You Won’t Want to CTRL+Z   

I have a confession to make. I have upon occasion said, “Fuck. CTRL+Z, CTRL+Z, CTRL+Z.” It never works, mind you. Apparently I’m not Dorothy nor do I own any ruby slippers. Still. A geeky girl’s gotta try occasionally. Who doesn’t have moments when it’d be great to undo our stupid actions as easily as we can undo a stupid mistake on the computer? Alas, life does not come equipped with a CTRL+Z function.

Tony Hale as Stuart in the new NBC Original Web Series, CTRL. © 2009 NBC Photo: Chris HastonExcept in the case of Stuart (Tony Hale) in NBC’s new original online web series, CTRL. From Canadian filmmaker Rob Kirbyson, the series is based on Kirbyson’s own award winning Sundance short-film, Ctrl Z (yes, that’s Zach Levi in the original). The series, also written and directed by Kirbyson, is about an office nerd who discovers his keyboard suddenly has the power to manipulate time and reality after a freak accident involving a football and drink spillage.

Stuart, said office nerd, quickly realizes he can use his keyboard’s power to his advantage. No more taking insults from his immature boss, Ben (Steve Howey). And maybe now he can finally reveal his true feelings for fellow co-worker and Ben’s assistant, Elizabeth (Emy Coligado). Of course, for every problem Stuart solves with his magic keyboard, he seems to create several more.

NBC sent me a sneak peek at a few episodes of the web series and it kind of made me wish it was actually something we’d be seeing on our TVs in the Fall instead of just select online outlets (NBC.com, USANetwork.com, Hulu.com) and OnDemand. I think I laughed out loud during each episode included on my DVD. I mean, it definitely helps that we’re talking about Tony Hale here. Can the man do anything wrong when it comes to comedy? He’s fantastic here as an office nerd and he’s got a sweet chemistry with co-star Emy Coligado. And, though I kinda wish Zach Levi had been available to reprise his role from the film because I love him to pieces, Steve Howey is pitch perfect as the idiotic bully of a boss.

As is the norm with web series, the episodes are short. But where I’m happy about that, in this case I was thankful NBC had sent me multiple to watch at once. What can I say, each episode left me wanting more. I like my comedy fix! And I think many of you will too. The first episode will be available today with 9 more to come. Be sure to check it out along with the new CTRL web site for behind the scenes interviews and other extras.

Steve Howey, Tony Hale, and Emy Coligado star in the new NBC original web series, CTRL. © 2009 NBC Photo: Chris Haston

3 Responses to “A Web Series You Won’t Want to CTRL+Z”

  1. 1
    ColoradoKila says:

    You had me at Steve Howey!!!!


  2. 2
    Kimber says:

    Whoa! This looks cool!! I know all the main peeps – even Emy Coligado, who was on Crossing Jordan for the longest time. Thanks for the link to the YouTube bit … ZACH LEVI!! I even checked out the NBC site, and the vid actually played! (A bit thing for me, since usually NBC episodes won’t work as I’m a Canuck, and I’m “out of their region”). I’ll be sure to bookmark this, and follow it. Control-Zed! Control-Zed!!