What’s the Story, Morning Glory?   

What’s the tale, nightingale?

Willow falls asleep at the computer in the S4 BUFFY episode, Hush.I sing that song (The Telephone Hour) a lot. I have no idea why. At least it’s an amusing earworm.

Anyway, so, um… I’ve kinda sucked as a blogger lately. (I was going to say for the last week or so but I’ve been slacking ever since I took my vacation back in April.) And it wasn’t from falling asleep at the keyboard like Willo here. No, the only excuse I’ve got that’s worth explaining is that I’m really busy at work trying to get a project done and out the door by the end of July. Mostly because that’s my deadline but also because I’m once again headed to Comic Con in San Diego and I don’t want the project hanging over my head while I’m gone. There’s just no time at Comic Con to be thinking about work!

I’d like to say the hiatus is over and things won’t be so quiet around here anymore but it’d be a lie. I’m mostly popping my head out of the hole to apologize and let you know the quiet is going to continue for a couple more weeks. Especially since my partner in crime, Jody, is off enjoying a vacation of her own. (Slacker.)

HOWEVER, I will be reporting from Comic Con and there’ll be plenty of updates for you during those four days. P-C’s also going to be there and hopefully he’ll have some reports as well. If there’s anything in particular you want us to check out in San Diego, drop us a note in the comments and we’ll do my best to make it happens. As it stands now, we’ll be involved with the press rooms for several of the WB shows as well as maybe getting a little face time with the Middleman folks. Plus more! We’ve only just begun to work out our schedules. The madness begins.

So, once again, sorry for the lack of updates recently. Once I get past the next two weeks, I promise to work a lot harder to keep my end of the bargain here. I mean, I’ve got lots I want to talk to you guys about. Like:

  • what I thought about the book Primeval: Fire and Water and why you should check it out (heh, get it??) (and maybe some wailing about the cancellation of Primeval);
  • why I’m not watching Weeds, except I totally mainlined the first five episodes this past week so I guess I am watching it now;
  • how I don’t get dance and therefore always feel slightly out of the loop when reading everyone else’s thoughts on So You Think You Can Dance;
  • why I don’t care for Nurse Jackie but I see why everyone else does;
  • how I’m loving my ideal TV Tuesdays and it’s making me nostalgic for TV of old;
  • why I could care less about all other late night TV but DVR Craig Ferguson religiously;
  • and my sudden realization that I hate flying.

Oh, wait, that last one’s not TV related and rather boring at that but you get the idea. I’ve been thinking about post. If only I had some kind of WordPress Plugin for my brain. Man, how awesome would that be?

Anyway, stick with me because I promise there’s more to come. Much more!

PS: Also not TV-related but can I do an impromptu poll? How many of you who are single and/or eat alone a lot actually fix yourself a full blown meal and sit down at a table to eat it? And how many of you only fix portions of a meal and eat it standing in the kitchen or on the sofa watching TV (look, I related it!) or wherever? I’m curious. I always feel so grownup when I fix myself a nice meal and eat it at my dining room table. And, yet, it’s a lot of work to do that every night for… me.

5 Responses to “What’s the Story, Morning Glory?”

  1. 1
    Anita says:

    I usually hit up something frozen or microwave..I rarely BBQ or cook a full blown meal unless I have other ppl over..too many dishes and too much like effort! I even skip the plate and put it in tupperware, so I can eat in bed, watching TV and then just throw it in the freeze and not have to wash a plate. Lazy, huh? C’est la vie!

  2. 2
    Mary says:

    Oh I just adore Craig Ferguson. I’m with you on the rest of late night TV.

  3. 3
    Stella says:

    I’m actually loving Nurse Jackie and although I never watched an episode of The Sopranos, I am now an Edie Falco fan.

    When I first saw promos I was like, a substance abusing health care professional? Oh yeah, THAT’S original…

    But I’m really hooked on the show. Plenty of dark, twisted humor–which is my favorite kind. I laugh out loud several times throughout each episode. I particularly like the young nursing student, Zoey. Merritt Wever does a fab job as the geeky, gawky girl. And getting to watch hottie Haaz Sleiman doesn’t hurt, either.

  4. 4
    Harper47 says:

    Does never qualify for your poll? I never cook a whole meal when by myself and always combine it with reading or the computer or TV.

  5. 5
    Kimber says:

    Ever since Leno left late night TV, I live for Craig Ferguson. He’s my “Late Night Boyfriend” … has been for quite a while. There’s just something about him, and the Scot accent…

    I’ll volunteer that I’m single, and I rarely eat at my kitchen table. Not sure why I even have one – maybe to collect junk?! I grew up eating meals in front of the TV, so now I just make myself something (microwave, frozen, popcorn…) and watch my 5 pm date – Rachael Ray! Feels a bit strange having crap meals, and watching her make full course meals, though…