Picture of the Day: Stick The Landing ABC Family   

Make It or Break It premieres tonight @9PM on ABC Family!

A Mini-Review: I loved it!

A Slightly-Less-Mini-Review: Sure, it’s like several high school/teen movies wrapped up in one TV show. But you know what? I love those freaking movies. It reminds me most of Stick It without actually trying to be the movie (yes, other new ABC Family show, I’m looking at you). The show is about a bunch of teen gymnasts who are all desperately trying to make it to the Olympics. But how do you have a life and still succeed at competitive gymnastics? Yeah. That’s what we’re about to find out. In the premiere, Emily joins the gym and immediately proves that she’s got what it takes to be there even with her lack of training. Unfortunately, there are already three top gymnasts and one of them isn’t too happy that Emily may knock her down a spot in the standings. How does the drama play out? You’ll just have to tune in and see!

Oh and a face from the past makes an appearance too. Candace Cameron Bure! Aww, I miss DJ and Full House. Check out Amrie’s interview with her and Peri Gilpin for more on what you can expect to see on the show.

2 Responses to “Picture of the Day: Stick The Landing ABC Family”

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    deathisyourart says:

    ABC had a blink and you’ll miss it show about medal hopefuls back in 1998 called PUSH with Jason Behr and Jaimie Pressly that I liked — for the whole 3 episodes that ended up airing. :P Too bad I don’t get the ABC Family channel; I would have liked to check this one out.

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    Just Jody says:

    Yay! So glad to hear you liked it. I was SO upset that we’re not getting it here in Canada, but I found *coughaplaceonlinecough* to watch it, and i can’t wait!!