Video of the Day: Killer Hair   

The new Lifetime movie, Killer Hair, premieres tonight at 8PM. I’m gonna check it out for two reasons. The first being that I read the Crime of Fashion book series last summer and I’m curious to see how the movie holds up to the book. I didn’t love the books but I wanted to see them on the screen because I wanted to see all of Lacey’s outfits. Now I’ve got my chance! Also, Maggie Lawson (aka Jules from Psych) plays Lacey and I love her!

Those who got a screener of the movie say it’s good. The jury is still out for me but I must admit the behind-the-scenes videos Lifetime posted are winning me over. Check them out: the costume designer talks about how she outfitted the characters, and the cast talks about their own crimes of fashion.

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