Friday Fun: Rediscovery   

Friday Fun!We all have shows that we love so much that we’ll watch them any chance we get. We buy the DVDs, we talk about the episodes with anyone who will listen, and we anxiously await new episodes just jonesing for the next moment that will wrench our hearts and wrack our brains or leave our jaws hanging. **Warning: The rest of this post contains major spoilers for Lost seasons 1-3.

Inspired by a co-worker who I have recently hooked on Lost, today’s Friday Fun asks: What show would you most love to “rediscover” all over again? As my co-worker makes his way through season 1, I find that I’m rather jealous when he comes in gushing and exclaiming about Lost every morning… “The Korean woman can speak English!” “Is that Ethan guy really dead? I can’t believe he hung Charlie from a tree!!” “Oh my god! What is this hatch thing they’ve found in the jungle floor?” “Can there really be other people on the island??”

It’s just so great to watch someone fall for a show that you really love, but it also has me thinking about how lucky he is to be able to experience the joy, wonder, shock and awe that comes with some of Lost‘s greatest moments.  While there are so many brilliant moments all the way along (like these for example):


I think the Lost moment I’m most deeply jealous over him getting to discover for the first time is the end of season 3, when I was absolutely FLOORED by the Flash Forward!  It still stands out as one of the biggest TV shockers I’ve had to date! I honestly can’t wait to hear his reaction.


So, folks in this TV light time of year, what TV show would you most love to rediscover all over again? Why? And if you’re up for it, please share which moment is the one you most wish you could experience again!

3 Responses to “Friday Fun: Rediscovery”

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    Rae says:

    I’m going to say Veronica Mars and I can hear everyone else out there thinking, “Of course!” But the thing is, I thought it would be Buffy or Dawson’s because those shows are part of the foundation of my love for TV. There was certainly a lot of TV I loved before them but the characters in those shows remain some of the first that I became deeply attached to… and I’m sure it has something to do with living on my own for the first time in a new city. Those characters were who I came home to every night, etc., etc.

    HOWEVER, I can still remember the way my love for Veronica Mars unfurled and, damn, I wish I could do it all over again. It’s partly because the on-going storyline was a mystery and it’s always fun to think back to when you were trying to figure things out and how the writers managed to flip things just when you thought you had them figured out. It’s also because the show’s universe was so well constructed that it felt so real and the characters were constantly surprising you. That first season was just so magical to me. I’m always jealous when I hear about people discovering it for the first time.

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    Polter-Cow says:

    Buffy. Although I will admit my first instinct was to say Veronica Mars. But Buffy was…Buffy.

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    Just Jody says:

    While the post was indeed inspired by my jealousy over my coworker getting to experience Lost for the first time, I think if I had to pick just one show to do all over again, it would be Buffy for me too. And in order. I watched Buffy out of order and I would LOVE to be able to experience it the right way.