Picture of the Day: Spies Like Us   

BURN NOTICE returns tonight, kicking off Season 3, at an all-new time: 9PM on  USA.

Hey, guess what… Yeah, yeah, I know you know. Burn Notice returns tonight at an all-new time: 9PM on USA! And this episode opens with a scene we’ve all thoguht about at one time while watching this show… Michael Westen all WET. Heh.

Seriously, though, this episode is great and you should watch. Then you should stick around and check out the premiere of the new USA show Royal Pains at 10PM. Absolute truth? I didn’t love it. The beginning drags but you should wait until, as Amrie would say, Hank’s brother appears. From there it picks up speed and gets better. Not entirely convinced it’s my kind of show yet but I’ll be sticking around for a few more episodes to see how things shake out.

While you’re waiting for tonight’s episodes, don’t forget to get your entry in for our Burn Notice Tote Bag and Royal Pains Summer Tote giveaways!

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