Primeval 3×03: “This Matters.”   

Helen and Cutter talk on episode 3x03 of PRIMEVAL.

Can we take a minute and talk about Primeval? I actually saw this episode weeks ago but, despite my burning desire to discuss it, I wanted to wait until it had aired in the US. Didn’t want to tempt anyone into reading something that would spoil it.

BBC America lists the name of this episode as “Medical Mayhem” on their website but everywhere else it’s just referred to as “Episode 3.” Either way, it’s the third episode of the third season and, if you haven’t seen it yet, you should stop reading now. Trust me.

“Death means nothing to you, does it? You’re lucky.”

They freaking killed CUTTER! Between Cutter’s death this season and Stephen’s death last season, the urge to search out spoilers has been pretty strong. I don’t want Cutter to be gone, gone. Damn that Helen. She’s evil, that one.

I suspected she could clone people based on her cryptic reaction to Stephen’s death but I wasn’t expecting her to show up with a Fake!Cutter. I mean, I was but not so soon. I did like that the idea of clones didn’t even occur to Lester. Naturally the three of them back at the ARC suspected something was off about the clone but Lester’s first thought is that Nick is starting to lose it. Haha.

And, damn, that “you’re so fired” should have made me suspicious about how things would turn out. Or the Fake!Cutter dying. Or what Helen said (the bold quote from above) to her clone right before she had him jump off the roof. But Nick has always been the main character, I was sure they wouldn’t off him! Guess no one is safe of these shows, huh? (Though, writers, if you kill off Abby or Connor, there really will be mayhem!)

What is Cutter running from on episode 3x03 of PRIMEVAL?

Sigh. Weeks later and I’m still in shock. I really don’t want Cutter to be dead. (In fact, I kept hoping it was actually the clone who had died in Connor’s arms and Cutter managed to pull a switch-a-roo at the last minute. Hell, I’m still kind of hoping that’s the case.) I hope that artifact was worth dying over. And I sure hope Helen finally gets her comeuppance this season.

Abby and Connor play with diictodons from the other side of the anomaly on episode 3x03 of PRIMEVAL.On to the happier parts of this episode… How freaking cute were those diictodons?! I love Rex but those little creatures were so adorable, I want one of my own. Who can blame Connor for wanting to keep two for himself, eh?

I loved how Cutter and Abby kept getting distracted from delivering a baby because they couldn’t take their eyes off the diictodons. And how even Becker couldn’t resist them. Heh.

They’re a poor substitute for Cutter but, as long as we get to see them during the rest of the season, they may help me get over his death. RIP, Nick. I’ll miss you.

5 Responses to “Primeval 3×03: “This Matters.””

  1. 1
    Amrie says:

    I just can’t imagine him really being dead! How can they do that? He’s totally the main character! They have to go back in time somehow and find him alive or something! Cutter is Primeval for me (now that I’ve watched all of 3 episodes and I’m hooked)!

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    I know! Well, the good thing with this show is that anything really is possible. Every time they do something in the past, I’m afraid it’ll change something in the future. You need to go back and watch the first 13 episodes so you can fully understand why… Except I’ve kind of already spoiled you about one thing related to the back episodes.

  3. 3
    bryan says:

    Hey Rae…I am ashamed to admit but I just started watching this show. I actually wrote about this show recently and I love it. I am shocked about Cutter too. That can’t be right. He has to pop up sooner or later…something’s amiss. I was not expecting that even though I just started watching it.

  4. 4
    Rae says:

    Well, don’t be ashamed of that Bryan! At least you’re watching now. And, besides, I just started myself… I’m just the insane girl who had to do an entire marathon of the first and second seasons first. Glad to hear you love it though!

    They were smart to wait until the third episode in to do it. That way it really was unexpected even to anyone who might just be starting to watch (like you and Amrie). I am keeping hope alive that he will pop up again. Fingers crossed and everything.

  5. 5
    emma says:

    Omg, yuor so RIGHT! im in england right now, there would be serious trouble if they killed abby~x~connor, i love them both. ^.^ well, theres no hope Cutter will come back coz idk if u have heard in America, but they axed primeval!!! *sob sob* so yeah really, tey left danny stuck in the past and abby n connor up in a tree. D*=> i ahte this world for doing that!- no i take that back, i jsut hate ITV1 for axing it!!!