Picture of the Day: Pace Face   

Lee Pace and Kristin Chenoweth star in PUSHING DAISIES on ABC, May 30 @ 10PM. (© ABC/RANDY HOLMES)

How freaking adorable is Lee Pace’s face in this promo shot?! I can’t stand it. I hate that we won’t get a little slice of Pace in our lives every week next season. GRRRR.

Can you guess why this picture? Besides never passing up an excuse to post a picture of Lee, that is. The first of the last three Pushing Daisies episodes finally airs tomorrow night @ 10PM on ABC!! Not that they’ve done much to let you know that. Hmph.

In the episode, “Window Dressed to Kill,” Emerson and Chuck work to solve the murder of a window dresser while Ned tries to help Olive when a couple ghosts from her past show up at The Pie Hole. The whole thing is pretty great (surprise, surprise), so you should definitely watch.

2 Responses to “Picture of the Day: Pace Face”

  1. 1
    Stella says:

    Totally freaking adorable! Thanks for the heads up–I don’t want to miss it…

  2. 2
    GMMR says:

    Just came back to stare at that adorable mug again.