The C What?   

CW LogoBefore I get into The CW’s new schedule, let me point you towards TV Week’s Season Preview Player. Bunch of clips of the new shows we’ve been talking about all gathered in one place. Handy.

You know what the CW’s new schedule tells me? I am no longer their desired demographic. I know, I know, perhaps my age should have told me that. Still… the roots of my obsession with TV lie within this network. Kinda makes me sad to realize just how much it’s changed. Here’s a look at what’s coming next Fall:

  8 PM: Gossip Girl
  9 PM: One Tree Hill

  8 PM: 90210

  8 PM: America’s Next Top Model

  9 PM: Supernatural

  8 PM: Smallville
  9 PM: America’s Next Top Model Encores

MID-SEASON SHOWS: Parental Discretion Advised

NOT RETURNING: Privileged, Reaper, Everybody Hates Chris, & The Game

Even though I knew they were turning Sunday nights over to their syndicates, it’s still a little jarring to see such a small schedule. I feel like this network, rather than crashing and burning like people keep predicting, is just starting to fade away slowly. A reason to be grateful I only watch one of their shows, I suppose?

The cast of the new CW show VAMPIRE DIARIES coming this Fall.Not one of their three new shows is likely to change that. I love Kevin Williamson so I will definitely give Vampire Diaries a shot, despite not liking anything in the clips I’ve seen. Putting it with Supernatural is kind of genius but I think I’m over the vampire craze. Two vamps fighting over one girl just seems so tired to me. Surely there’s a better story to be told out there?

And Melrose Place? Shoulda been called Soapville. I’ll watch the pilot but, honestly, the clips are so far over the top that I’m not holding my breath. Although I do enjoy Michael Rady (aka Max from Greek) so maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge?

Speaking of casting choices that should sway me, The Beautiful Life has Corbin Bleu. I like him. And Mischa Barton. (Oh, yeah, I’m one of the few who actually does like her.) And yet taking a look into the secret life of models does nothing for me. Still, it truly is a perfect fit for America’s Next Top Model. Smart move, Ashton and Co. It was going to be hard for the The CW to ignore that golden opportunity.

Smallville can’t be happy about their show ending up on Friday nights but, to be honest, I can’t blame the CW for the move. Not only doesn’t it fit anywhere else in the schedule, at this point it’s not looking to gain new fans and isn’t likely to lose the die-hard fans who have stuck with it all these years. If everything else about a show is stable, then it’s not much of a risk to attempt moving it. Logic, really.

What else? Oh, does the decision to keep Parental Discretion Advised (the name of this one keeps changing but you might know it by it’s most recent former title, Life Unexpected) as a mid-season show mean that The Body Politic is dead? I’m not going to lie, that decision doesn’t bother me much. I probably would have preferred The Body Politic based on its cast but having watched clips from both shows on TV Week I must admit neither of them are doing much for me. (Sorry, Anita!) I do want Jason Dohring on my TV again but right now I’d say The Body Politic was much better in script form. As for Parental Discretion Advised, eh, Shiri Appleby and Kerr Smith are both favorites of mine but both seem to be trying way too hard here. Also, the idea that Shiri Appleby could have a kid that age? Don’t get me wrong, it’s not impossible. Far from it. Which is the problem. This network is now actually making me feel old while watching it!

And we’ve come full circle to where I started this post and the reason for my subject line. How long before my response to shows on this network is, “The C what?”

8 Responses to “The C What?”

  1. 1
    Patty says:

    Ouch! My cat is telling you need a SYTYCD summer boyfriend to cheer you up. I refuse to be brought down by crappy fall TV. It seems like all the good stuff comes mid season these days.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    lol!! Oh, I *am* looking forward to SYTYCD but I’m not all that down about TV. I like that I’m going to have a lighter Fall than usual. Plus, cable seems to be filling up the holes nicely these days.

  3. 3
    Rae says:

    RE: a Twitter from Anita about how CW is filling one of their open timeslots with a REPEAT — oh, I’m sorry — ENCORE of America’s Next Top Model.

    It is kind of sad that they gave up two days of the week and are still scheduling a repeat in there. What does that say about the finances of this Network? I’m guessing nothing good.

    Also, I forgot to comment on the lack of comedies. But I guess that’s because they’ve kind of killed them off so slowly that I didn’t even realize it was happening.

  4. 4
    Ducky says:

    Rae, you know… I was thinking the exact same thing. When did we get too old for the CW demo? Hilarious.

  5. 5
    afrocurl says:

    I think BP has more of an appeal for me than PDA (that’s one horrible way to shorten that show’s name), but the bit in the presentation didn’t sing to me either.

  6. 6
    Rae says:

    I dunno, Dan, but I don’t like it!

  7. 7
    Rae says:

    Roz: Oh, definitely. Story-wise, BP is definitely more interesting to me than PDA (ACK!! tho, I suppose, strangely appropriate given the subject). But I never loved the casting of Minka in the lead role and those clips didn’t prove me wrong.

  8. 8
    Anita says:

    I don’t think it’s a question of us getting ‘too old’ for the CW, when most of us can ‘fan girl’ or ‘fan boy’ with the rest of them. I think it’s just indicative of the quality of CW programming deteriorating and the availability of other options, now that the quality of cable programming has increased. Honestly, it says a lot when the CW has a hard time breaking the 2.5 million mark and shows like Psych, Burn Notice, The Closer and Saving Grace average any where from 4 million to 7 million viewers. Back in the day, it was the cable channels that used to cheer when they hit 2 million, because not everyone had cable and the quality of the programs they showed wasn’t great. Now they’d doing better and getting more critical acclaim and praise than The CW, which is great for USA & TNT, but is kind of lame if you’re The CW!

    As for Minka, while I liked her, I thought Jenny Wade’s character stole her scenes a little with her energy.