CBS 2009/2010 Schedule, Procedurals As Usual   

CBS LogoNo mid-week surprises from CBS. Not that I can blame them. They’ve got something that works and, in this economy, that’s nothing to take for granted. Unforunately it means I’m also not at all excited about this schedule for next season.

  8 PM: How I Met Your Mother
  9 PM: Two and A Half Men
  9:30 PM: The Big Bang Theory
  10 PM: CSI: Miami

  8 PM: NCIS

  8 PM: The New Adventures of Old Christine
  8:30 PM: Gary Unmarried
  9 PM: Criminal Minds
  10 PM: CSI: NY

  8 PM: Survivor
  9 PM: CSI
  10 PM: The Mentalist

  8 PM: Ghost Whisperer
  9 PM: Medium
  10 PM: Numb3rs

  8 PM: Crimetime Saturday
  10 PM: 48 Hours Mystery

  7 PM: 60 Minutes
  8 PM: The Amazing Race
  10 PM: Cold Case

MID-SEASON SHOWS: The Bridge, Miami Trauma, Arranged Marriage, Undercover Boss, & Rules of Engagement

SUMMER 2010: Flashpoint

NOT RETURNING: The Unit, Without A Trace, & Eleventh Hour

Four new shows only two new scripted shows waiting in the wings for mid-season. Should I be counting Medium as a new show too? No one’s surprised they snatched it up the second NBC let it go but I hope it yields better results here than it did there. Of course, that Friday timeslot is probably a perfect fit.

Katherine Moennig and Alex O'Loughlin star in the new CBS drama THREE RIVERS.I’m feeling lazy so if you’d like to read more about the new CBS shows, check out Jace’s breakdown over at Televsionary. Plus, I’ve seen absolutely no video from any of these shows so I’m not nearly as excited to talk about them as I was ABC’s shows. On paper, none of them interest me. Casting-wise, I may have to watch Three Rivers for the hotness of Alex O’Loughlin and Katherine Moennig sharing the screen.

They did move some shows around, though, that will be bothersome. I don’t mind How I Met Your Mother at 8PM but I hate moving The Big Bang Theory into the later 9:30PM spot. For one, I liked the double dose of laughter I got from those two being paired. For another, this disturbs the new sleep schedule I’ve been trying to adopt. Damn them! And then they went and put The Mentalist on at 10PM on Thursdays!!! Are Thursdays the new Monday? Could we jam a few more shows into those few hours? (Jinx, right?)

Other than that I’m actually pleased that The Amazing Race is maintaining it’s Sunday night timeslot and will be followed by Three Rivers. Yet another reason to give the show a shot… I mean, I won’t even have to switch channels.

Only one more network to go. I wonder if Supernatural will end up being the only show I watch on The CW after their announcement tomorrow?

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