The Lost Season 5 Finale, Incidentally   

Wow. Been a long time since I’ve written about an episode immediately after it aired. But the thoughts are floating around in my head and I want to get them out before I start reading everyone else’s thoughts and forgetting where I started. I’ll go ahead and apologize now because this isn’t likely to be well organized. A little Lost flavored brain vomit, if you will.

Jorge Garcia as Hurley in the Lost Season 5 Finale on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/MARIO PEREZ)

My initial reaction to this episode is somewhat tempered by how much the rest of my viewing party seemed to hate it. The four of us probably make up a good cross section of the different types of TV viewers out there. Which tells me all but the most TV/Lost obsessed fans were probably disappointed by this episode to some degree. I think it was risky to have almost the entire episode revolve around a guy we’ve heard a lot about but are just now meeting for the first time. People don’t want to spend two hours seeing what Jacob’s been up to without actually finding out who he is, especially when that means all the other characters kind of get pushed to the background and that two hours is the last we’re going to see of these folks until next YEAR. So, yeah, I get why my friends were let down.

And, yet, I liked it. I’m intrigued. It’s left us with plenty to speculate about for the next 9 months and I love that. Almost enough to forgive them for the predictable… bomb blows up and SCENE. Seriously. That’s bullshit right there. But expected “of course that’s what they’re going to do” bullshit so I can’t be that angry about. In fact my anger about it can probably be delivered with the same blasé tone the No Name Dude Who Later Becomes Locke (and probably Christian and Claire for that matter) tells Jacob he wants to kill him on the beach.

Jacob: I take it you’re here ‘cuz of the ship?
No Name Dude: I am. How’d they find the island?
Jacob: You’ll have to ask them when they get here.
No Name Dude: I don’t have to ask. You brought them here. Still trying to prove me wrong, aren’t you?
Jacob: You are wrong.
No Name Dude: Am I? They come. They fight. They destroy. They corrupt. It always ends the same.
Jacob: It only ends once. Anything that happens before that is just progress.
No Name Dude: Do you have any idea how badly I want to kill you?
Jacob: Yes.
No Name Dude: One of these days, sooner or later, I’m going to find a loophole my friend.
Jacob: Well, when you do, I’ll be right here.
No Name Dude: Always nice talking to you, Jacob.
Jacob: Nice talking to you too.

Greg and I were disagreeing about what was being said in this convo and I see where the confusion lies now. To me it seems as though Jacob is trying to change what keeps happening and No Name Dude thinks it can’t be changed. But at the very end No Name Dude does mention a loophole, so it leaves us with the impression he’s the one trying to change things. I still think Jacob’s the one actively trying to find a way to change things… or perhaps ensure that the variables keep being put into play so that one of them will change things. No Name Dude, however, doesn’t believe it’s possible. His mention of a loophole is just because he wants to find a way to kill Jacob. Even as he says it, it’s as though he doesn’t really believe it’s possible.

So who are these guys? Clearly they are not normal human beings. I don’t even think they are human at all. There’s been a lot of speculation having to do with Egyptian Gods and I suspect that’s exactly what they are… well, Gods at least. Jacob heals with his touch (and seems to do something else with it as well, is it a method of controlling the actions of others??) and he does seem to be living or inhabiting what could be a temple. The other dude can possess dead people (and it certainly seems like his link there is if the person’s body is actually on the island). Yes, I think it’s obvious at this point that they have to be some form of greater being.

If they can bend time and affect life and death, why can’t they change things? In almost every Greek god story I’ve ever read, Gods are constantly trying to trick the Fates. Because our fate is the one thing that is foretold and can not be changed. Certainly seems to fit here too. Though Jacob’s comment fit the idea of us all having one string in the loom of life. (Oh, yes, I did. You know it’s no coincidence that Jacob’s working on that loom in our very first shot of this episode.) Of course, does that mean that our Losties really can’t change the future?

Greg kept insisting that the bomb was going to be the Incident. (Yes, Miles finally bring it up did make him very happy.) I disagreed. After all, Daniel specially points out that a pocket of energy existed in that spot and that’s what he thinks is the Incident…. but, the more I thought about it, the more it makes sense that it is the bomb. After all, it’s only after the Incident that people have trouble with pregnancies on the island. And all of the people that we know exist later look like they are going to be far enough away from that site to have survived enough that we see them later (and Chang has an arm injury that tracks with his lost arm in the videos). Nothing about what we saw makes the future as we know it different. If anything, it makes even more sense. The hole over the energy source is going to be so huge now that the bomb has been detonated there that they’ll definitely have to find a way to cover it and, while the bomb may dispel the energy at that moment, I doubt it’s actually going to keep it away for any length of time. Even the state of Jacob/Rose/Bernard’s cabin makes sense… it always looks like a burned out shell. (Actually, ok, that part doesn’t make total sense since Chang isn’t that far away when the bomb goes off so if it has the power to blow out Rose/Bernard’s cabin, it should also get those fleeing from the site.)

Anyway, point is, maybe they really did just ensure that the Incident happens.

BUT. In the future, No Name Dude finds the loophole that kills Jacob. Does that mean he’s changed things? Or does that always happen too? Could explain the “been there, done this several times over” feel to their earlier exchange on the beach. Or why Jacob never talks to Ben himself. I dunno. This train of thought is making my head hurt!

I guess what I’m wondering is… when will our Losties end up? I wondered briefly, based on the non-preview we saw of next season, if we’ll be back at the beginning with the plane crashing. But if they flash to that time will they retain the knowledge of what just happened? Because that’d be interesting. How they decide to try and change things at that point. Or will they flash to the present time? If they don’t, what happens to those future folks? Somehow I don’t think we’re done with them yet.

Honestly I want this whole time traveling thing to be done next season. I don’t mind if they use it every now and again just like they do flashbacks and flashforwards now that we’ve established that they’re a part of the narrative. But I don’t want to see it used like it has been this season.

Ok, other things…

  • I fucking hate spoilers. Especially when they’re disguised as “rumors.” I should have known I couldn’t get to the finale without running into at least one of them. But it makes me made that Juliet’s last moment was somewhat undercut by me knowing that a “much loved character” was going to die. I love Juliet people. Despite that, I don’t really want what happens next season to bring her back to life. I dunno, it’d cheapen that last moment with Sawyer. And I don’t even like those two as a couple!!
  • What’s the significance to Jacob having to touch our Losties? And the timing. Because that wasn’t consistent. It doesn’t seem to have been about getting them to the island in the first place. Or back to the island. What was the common thread? Was it because the moments when he stepped in were moments that could have changed them if he hadn’t? Obviously he does change Locke’s future but what about the rest of them? If Kate’s mother had to do confront her about her stealing at that moment in her life, would she have gone down the same path? If he hadn’t distracted Sayid, would he have ended up working for Ben? But then his moment with Jack and Sun and Jin doesn’t seem to fit into that theory. I dunno. It was weird. As was his always having to touch them. That’s why I wondered if it was his way of establishing a connection to them in some way. (Seeing dead people, etc.)
  • Wait! That “rumor” could have been about Sayid! Except he was still kind of alive when Jack went off with the bomb.
  • Let’s just agree not talk about the bomb, ok? Because it really was all kinds of ridiculous. From Sayid being able to dismantled it to it getting bumped all over the place, etc. Of course, it doesn’t go off when Jack throws it down that hole either… maybe it was just a crappy bomb to start with?
  • Who else had flashbacks to Smokey when that chain wrapped itself around Juliet and pulled her into the hole?!?!
  • Vincent! Rose! Bernard! Hee. The in-jokes there were cute and a nice little shout out to all of us who kept asking about them all season. “We’re retired.” Love that they’re sick of all the shooting at each other, etc. I guess 3 years was enough time for them to get sick of all the other Losties? Actually their attitude there was a little much for me but whatever. I still think they’re going to end up being our Adam and Eve. I don’t know if that makes any sense with what we know of Adam and Eve but I was even more sure of it when Bernard said all that matters in the end is being together.
  • Of course not long after he says that, we find out that Juliet and Jack both want to try and change what happened not because they’ve decided they’d rather not live with the pain of not getting to be with the person they love. Hmmm. I’m not sure how I feel about that. At this point I don’t think I want any of these people to end up together… wonder if they’ll be able to change my mind about that by the end of the series?
  • Ricardos! Oh Richard. What did Jacob do to you? It’s pretty obvious he’s one of the lost crew members of The Black Rock now, right? Is that who the rest of the Others are too? None of them don’t age though so are they just descendants or other people they recruited?
  • You know what disappoints me? That we never got to see that moment from the future when the two boats are shooting at each other. I suppose it’s not really all that important in the grand scheme of things but I wanted to see it. Mostly because I wanted to know who Juliet managed to shoot and who was in that other boat.
  • The casting of Young Katie? SPOT ON. That little girl was adorable and I totally bought her as a young Evangeline Lilly. Except her smile there at the end with the cut to Kate’s frown made me wish we got to see Kate smile more.
  • My favorite moment of the night had nothing to do with the episode itself… When Locke is talking to Ben about the Hatch and he says, “Where we first met.” Greg started singing “Memories.” Pretty hilarious.

In conclusion, 2010? Fuck.

7 Responses to “The Lost Season 5 Finale, Incidentally”

  1. 1
    Carol says:

    omg omg omg. You may not have like Juliet and Sawyer, but I actually cried when she let go. I liked the whole episode, but I wish Radisdky or whatever his name is, had died. He’s irritating.
    Lock vs lock. That was a shocker.
    On a side note, I want to thank everybody that posts here for all the explanation of the mythology that has happened on this series. I tend to just watch each episode (no scholar here), but I love being able to come here and get information that I just didn’t even know was there. Makes the show that much better.

  2. 2
    Rae says:

    Oh I cried too, Carol. That’s kind of why I don’t want her to come back, I don’t want to cheapen that moment. (And why I think she was the person in the rumor vs Sayid who I can’t believe they’d let die off-screen.)

    Haha, I feel the same way about Radisdky but, if he died, they would have succeeded in changing the past since he has to be there later. As soon as he drove off I realized he was going to be fine.

    Aww, thanks! We haven’t been doing much explaining lately but I’m glad you’ve gotten some use out of our Lost posts! :)

  3. 3
    Harper47 says:

    I hated that they killed Juliet. Juliet and Sawyer have been the Desmond and Penny of this season for me.

    Other than that, I kind of enjoyed the Jacob/otherness of the beginning of the show and the way they weaved it throughout. And I think your guess re gods – with a little g – is correct.

    Just Juliet – noooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

  4. 4
    Rae says:

    See, now, I can’t agree with the Desmond/Penny thing. ;) But I do love Juliet and hate that they killed her. Damn them! She was my favorite character!

  5. 5
    denise says:

    See, I don’t believe Juliet’s dead. I think it will be a “reset” and they’ll end up back in 2004. At least, I hope Juliet is not dead, I love Juliet! I just don’t see how they are going to finish this up in 18 episodes. I fear a bad ending or a cop out.

  6. 6
    Rae says:

    It’s possible she isn’t, Denise. But that’s last scene she got kinda makes me wish she is… because can anything else ever live up to that?

    I think they can pull it out… I don’t think we’ll complain about filler episodes next season at all. Every episode will be packed with info and I’m actually excited about that.

  7. 7
    ed says:

    I cried to lol, i didt expected to cry but when she let go and the seeing sawyer face, it was imposible to hold, damn and my girlfriend saw me